WiLd LaUgHtEr aNd PuRe InSaNiTy

sometimes, the things u say to friends just comes out of your mouth, and you're not likely to think about what you're saying. not even once.

welcome to this particular convo i had while catching up with a friend...

*names have been changed to protect the innocent parties.. who aren't all that innocent but oh well

zare: fish u
panda: what what?
panda: u miss me?
panda: aww i know that
zare: of cos
zare: ....
panda: lol
zare: shit u la
panda: and hor
panda: i miss u too!!! but not as much as u miss me!!!
zare: shuddup la
zare: eh
zare: I may be going to Melbourne
panda: :O
zare: i grad le
panda: why?
panda: graduation present?
panda: bring me tampons
zare: ...
zare: shit u la
panda: LOL
zare: tampons very ex meh?
panda: no ah
panda: those in singapore can flush down toilet
panda: here they dont have that kind of technology yet
zare: ....
zare: shit u la
zare: ok
panda: X-D thank you ah ty :D :D
zare: when u all plan to come back?
zare: i saw Min that time when she came back
panda: maybe hor
panda: just maybe la
panda: a kangaroo will kill me tomorrow
panda: :(
panda: wont be coming back
zare: ....
zare: why?
zare: u ate his kid?
panda: :o how u know?
zare: well...
zare: common sense
panda: :o
panda: really?
panda: i tell you what la
panda: i send u a joey too
panda: then hor the kangaroo will take a special flight to singapore to kill u too!!
panda: then i will meet u in singapore heaven... coz australia heaven still quite far away from singapore heaven
zare: thanks ar...
panda: but this time i can float to singapore heaven
zare: ...
zare: no
zare: u'll go to hell
panda: eh
panda: all pandas go to heaven... dont u know?
panda: i mean, look at me man, so cute, so loveable...
panda: ni she de send me to hell? no heart to also right?
zare: pls
zare: not all pandas
zare: there're evil pandas too
panda: eh eh
panda: we not evil ok
panda: the entire world is against us!!! look at them!!! eating our bamboo shoots!!!
panda: what kind of wedding dinner is that?
panda: we already almost extinct still kena food stolen
panda: we are fat but hor.. from eating air
zare: ...
panda: ^.^
zare: i'm planning to study abroad
zare: hahaha
panda: :o
panda: come here
panda: i pretend to fail
zare: there's the melbourne plan
panda: so we can both hunt kangaroos
zare: -_-
zare: i bring Rusty along lor
panda: then u me can study and stay same place
panda: and download porn
panda: eeww
zare: we don't even need to hunt!!!
panda: :O
zare: kangaroos migrate
panda: ...
panda: eh btw
panda: i got a bf in us
panda: >.>
panda: <.<
zare: ....
zare: that's something new
panda: ya it is
zare: u crawled to US to find him ar?
panda: 3 mths
panda: ya something like that
panda: i crawl using optic cables that is under the sea
panda: and flew there
zare: ohh....
zare: smart
zare: hahahahahaha
panda: ...
panda: wats so funny?
zare: eh
panda: wot
zare: i go smoke
zare: brb
panda: ...
panda: ur mum dont mind meh?
panda: watch ur lungs ah
zare: what??
panda: dont lose it
zare: well..
zare: my lungs are getting used to it already
panda: i will donate my lung to u!!!!!!1
zare: no thanks
panda: :o
zare: yours is probably almost gone too
panda: ...
panda: from what?
panda: mdm pamala?
zare: hahahahaha
panda: sad right
panda: my life
panda: T_T
panda: all ruined by pamala
zare: ...
zare: well..
zare: u're living well now
panda: lol
panda: doesnt heal the scars
panda: T_T
panda: kns
panda: hahahaha
panda: ^.^
panda: i miss our laughter
zare: hahahahahaha
panda: ahahaaha
panda: those hospital days
zare: my classmates said the same thing too
panda: AHAHAHA
panda: my house mate that i stay with now
zare: appearantly only i laugh like that in the entire poly
panda: he says he cant believe he chose to stay with my laughter
panda: LOL
panda: can i join u? XD~
zare: hahahaha
panda: together we can rule melbourne!! with our laughter!!!
zare: ........
zare: i'm hungry
panda: send me food
panda: i got steak burger :o
zare: ...
zare: shit u la
zare: i go find food
panda: lol
panda: :(
panda: i miss hor fun
zare: i'm sick of it already
panda: lol
panda: send some to me
panda: then u wont be sick
zare: ya ya
zare: by the time reach there
zare: YUCKS
zare: :S
panda: ..
panda: i tot u like green moldy stuff
panda: T_T
panda: :o
zare: :
zare: i'm eating now
zare: don't make me sick
panda: *stares at food*
panda: *steals food*
panda: :o
panda: welcome to world wildlife fund!!!
zare: now i remembered
zare: their mascot is that panda

end of transmission

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Anonymous said...

I'm still not on the credits list! Why! U are like a sister to me :P