the things people say -.-"

taking a bus have many interesting things to keep me occupied, that is not my ipod. it's just the people in the bus alone that amuses me so much. not that i am above the stuff that they do or say, but that they seem so cutely delusional it's funny..

overheard conversation #1

woman: you know i dont like to bitch you know...

man: yes i know, ur a great person, really nice..

woman: it's not that i want to bitch, but she makes me want to bitch you know (laughter)

i don't know if i should cry or laugh at that particular conversation!!! in the next few minutes, she continue to bitch about someone else altogether, about how that person has no sense of fashion, how he's late to work and how he can't cook.

and the sad part was, she repeated the same ending to the last conversation into this conversation.

moral: if you're bitching, face the sad truth, you're bitching. and if you enjoy it, stop lying to yourself and admit that u like it, letting it go is better than pretending that "oh i am holier than thou..". everyone we encounter in life, be it friends or total strangers, are likely to piss us off at one stage or another. we are likely to bitch about them and it's not a terrible thing.

admitting that u have a flaw is the 1st step to being a better person.

conversation #2

time: 14:51

heard upon a man cutting a queue with his friend...

man #1: isn't it disgusting how when u have a 3p.m meeting there's never a taxi to be seen

man #2: yer. and look at the length of this queue. how ridiculous!

you, my dear sirs, are total retards. at 2:51 ur starting to leave for a meeting that's obviously not in the city, therefore you deserve to be late, and hopefully you were embarassed.

add that to the fact that you jumped queue, you're also the ridiculous one.

moral: do not be a tool and start leaving for a meeting 9 minutes before you're due. you need more time to gather urself together and actually look presentable (man #1 in this case had mustard stretched across his tie after talking..)..

all in all, businessmen in suits have a funny idea of keeping time.

but talking about time, remind me again, never to blog-hop when i am half concussed, wishing to pass out but having insomnia. the comments i posted in other people's blogs are fairly.... dumb.

basically repeating whatever they said in their blog. i have NO idea why i did that, don't ask. i ended up rambling on my blog too about sleep and so on. next thing i know, i slept for 12 hours, woke up to pvp in lineage, and then promptly fell back to sleep again after about 6 hrs of doing that pvp and dinner... slept for 6 hours, woke to do some stuff, and went back to sleep ANOTHER SIX HOURS!!!!

my body must have felt the need to let me sleep enough or something before tomorrow's class.

oh no, does that mean more beard woman?!?!!? =X save me!!!

meanwhile, saying that, i should stop rambling for now. i am still half groggy from the excess of sleeping. it's a good thing to "catch up" with my sleep i guess, but it made me all woozy from all that sleep and now all i wana do is....



surprising? i doubt it. :D so... GOOD NIGHT!!

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