remember my post about my retarded palm? i shall call it the T from now on. well after that post, i decided to recharge it and ready for one last go at it before finally calling it quits and decide to either throw it in for repair or just go buy something else or just ignore it. repairing it meant i could resell, buying a new one would have been a go a trying technology again, for i saw something on it that i wouldn't mind so much. so i was surfing ebay, just looking out as normal... then i went to bed.

when i woke, i swear i thought i had a huge nightmare and was still in it. screaming kids everywhere, 2 in front, 1 upstairs and possibly 3 around the estate's park to my right. needless to say i was upset. i was trying for a short nap before class but looks like it wasn't going to work.

then i went to fiddle with T. i tried the usuals of soft reset which involves clicking on the on off button and the reset button, and then hard reset. in my eagerness to get it over and done with, while i was trying to do the hard reset, i broke the stylus at the tip. then i heard a beep. that retarded T has sprung to life!!! at the expense of a broken stylus!!! what an exchange.... wow -.- i swear all my stuff have a life of their own. they think it's funny to walk out on me and come back at the very moment i have this feeling of chucking them out... like my retarded laptop that wont let me play games during exams period and actually work slightly better after exams! wth!

so i have a working pda now with no stylus. i spent the whole day trying to fiddle with it with my pen, fingers, whatever is useful. meanwhile, i went off to school in search of the stylus at the school techie shop, as well as to learn more about my laptop which i sent in for repair with them too.

it's been almost a week or more i think, since i sent it in for repairs. when i walked in, the response i got was:
"we've been very busy sorry!"
"i forgot to call!!"
"i am calling now"
"i was doing it just before you came!"
"i will call tomorrow!"
"yours is an old model, i will call again and check! it's going to be a problem though!"
and it was all from the same person! with all that convo running thru from her, i gathered that she totally forgot about my laptop till i walked in thru the door. how wonderful. i am giving her till tuesday the latest. then i am taking it out to civic for a try.

with that bad news in order, i realised that my T is too old a model too to have it's stylus out on sale for me to actually find easily. after about 4 shops in civic, i gave up. i guess i can't avoid ebaying one then. for the first time i am gunna purchase something where the shipping and handling is going to be higher than the product itself, by about 600 times or something (it's worth only 0.01 usd on ebay). how sad -.-

so i went for classes, now, i have a weird way of being ssoooo lost every semester. i had turn up for the wrong class at the right time at the right place, EVERY SINGLE SEMESTER at least once, no matter how long i have been in that course. so it was with tradition, i ended up in a macro economics class instead of my socio class, and in some seminar of sorts instead of my biz class. i was at wits end. wth is going on -.- what an abnormal day, screaming kids, laptop not done, now wrong classes. i was raving mad by then. in the end, i was late for both classes. how charming.

amidst all that happening, our normal weekly thursdays bazaar was running out under the hot sun in union court. it had lotsa random stuff, ranging from naruto's head gear, to the cos play wrist guards that you see on sasuke i believe, some emily the strange collection of wallets and bags, books, antiques, fake antiques (swords and stuff that are obviously made in this era) hats and lots more. but i couldn't hang around long since i was obviously late for the right classes.

and then i turned up for socio class. now i am going to talk about this class more than the biz class for obvious reasons: the woman in biz has NO idea how to teach. and it's a dry subject at times. i COULD make it interesting, but today is just one of those days i want it to just pass quickly.

the topic for today was common sense, time and society. now i dont have much to say, for one i didn't read much on both readings today, albeit i do have an idea what they are. for another, i just ain't the type to talk much during the first few classes. it takes me a while to warm up. it's just something i grew up with, you know, students listen, teacher talks. even if teachers and us hits a debate, it's never really about what we learnt but about something outside of syllabus. so all these are still a little harsh to over come despite being here for 3 years. but when i do start discussing damn i talk alot. :(

anyways, i still had to do my contribution or we had be rated low anyways. they contribute to our final results at the end of the course. but i didn't know what to say, seems like either others have said it or she had started the discussion with exactly what i wanted to say. then i got annoyed, and decided to doodle abit, resulting in this:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
which is just one of the 2 pages that i drew up on my notes -.-""

then in the last 5 minutes, she hit on the topic that at least i knew something about: the internet and how time seems to have no effect on it. so i was like "games where people meet, blogs which are up for 24 hours a day from most sites, they don't have a certain time frame in terms of meeting so you can choose to read, chat, play whenever you want to.." and she lit up and went "yer! that's a good point!" score!!!!!

LOL!!!!! damn what a great way to end the class :o we actually went into slight over time because of my 1 liner of sorts. lol...

i went back to the bazaar and got myself a pair of earrings. coz.. it's one of those times where, u re pierce your ears to find that all the earrings u ever bought, from the great ones to the simple "hell no" ones has just decided to take off from you.. having only 1 pair of earrings, which was meant more for prettying up with, i decided to get this particular ones.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
charming ain't it?

to end off this retarded day, which has the ups as my pda suddenly working, it decided not to communicate with my pc for a very long time, i.e, 3 hours. then i had to delete some stuff before it would work again. my fault really.

and now, it's time for bed, before anything else goes wrong. on a side note though, i found this GORGEOUS plant. i want to get another one to replace the one that died due to the erratic canberra weather... have a look http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=42218&item=4352347001

good night :D

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