lol.... ran thru the winners of the bloggies award, and found most of those i expected to win, to win. what is funny though is that i actually havent put most down as favourites, tho i did like a few of those i believed would have won. i mean ANYWAYS, i couldn't figure out not fall asleep at some of the most BORING technical stuff some of them says. i know i know, they can be awesome technical tools, but man, reading about articles like that, it just retards me more than i already am.

so saying, wth am i doing up in like 4 hours after i fell asleep? oh, the garage door woke me up. that's the only problem i have with this apartment, this room, because basically i live right above the entrance of the garage where 498210498132491 of these apartments uses. which basically means, EVERYONE. and GOD do i HAVE to wake up to that sound everyday!i could soften the effect by running music thru the night while i sleep, but i be DAMNED if i have to wake up to that shet again! (then again i say that everyday and i still wake up to that shet.)

aside from that, i had a nightmare. oh yer, in the truest sense of the word, i had a bad nightmare. as everyone knows, linxy stays with me. i was beginning to feel like his bitch sometimes when i ended up washing his stuff with mine coz he didnt bother to wash his stuff, and now just goes "ok panda, u can wash this too." and makes it sounds like, damn, it should be my responsibility too despite HEY, i just washed all my stuff here. anyways, in this nightmare, i had this HUGE pile of stuff that i had to wash, which i hadn't used, according to the dream, which meant, it was all his!!! T_T then after that i was carrying it all somewhere, i have no idea what the dream was doing, the cupboard where we store clean stuff was right behind me when i face the sink. but anyways, i started walking thru this FOREST of boxes and stuff that belongs to linxy... which in real life is true too, that causes me to trip and all those plates and stuff starts flying around and turning into aliens and beaming lights, with this voice echo-ing "you have made master linxy mad.... ur going to planet of doom......"

suffice to say, i woke up at that point, swearing like the retard that i was. "what the fuck!!" and then i found myself in my room, waking up coz all that birrrrrrrr-ing from the "flying discs" in my dreams was that stupid stupid garage door.

i have a huge mind to start throwing his dishes at his door at this point, just to prove that he ain't my master and those dishes can go fuck themselves.

of course at this point, i know the dishes arent all that offensive, and i did realise... that we only have this many dishes, and they are all his, and unless i am willing to fork out 30 bux to replace them or get some of my own, ruining them coz of my dream would actually have disastrous results for me. so saying, i might just go terrify him later with my various renditions of elmo song just for revenge.

it is his fault after all that i have the nightmare.

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