dad, students and money....

being a student can result in numerous types of changes in a person.

sometimes it can be raw insanity, sometimes it can be just you finally maturing because you actually have to adap to the insanity around you (which is of course the rest of the world of students who have gone crazy over the workload in uni, having a job and having to handle a social life...) and then there are the geeks...

i have discovered that, sadly, i fell in line with those who actually form the insanity bunch. :( other than madly dancing around in my room this morning, before i slept, i actually decided to get that radio.blog thing and managed to figure it out, slowly, steadily, how to put it up and set it on my blog. that's not, unlike what you people might think, a sign of geek hood. rather a sheer sign of insanity, about to break loose. considering how few people have actually pounce on this site (dont trust that counter, at least 10 of the hits are mine adjusting the site, and 10 hits caused by jake refreshing happily...), putting a music of any sort in this blog seems... off.

anyways. what can possibly turn a student mad? OH PLENTY!!!!!!!

first off, let me rant about this couple of stupid people in my class (not really intellectually stupid but if u want to take it that way, by all means.) who turns up for presentation eager as hell, but because they want to finish off with their presentation. that would have been a normal behaviour of most students who are nervous about their presentation because they have done alot of research and, "god, pls let me make a good impression..." kinda remarks running thru their heads.

however, there are also those classic few who turns up for presentations because they HAVEN'T done research at all (basically sat thru lecture and expounded on it). they would rush thru the entire presentation, mumbling LOUDLY but at the speed of light, hoping that they either confuse everyone so much that during question time no one had ask anything, or the teacher had go, "ok, that's good." and let it drop.

sadly, there were a few good ones who managed to pick up some sentences and asked them some questions during question time.

they fumbled.

then the tutor asked them a few more questions, to which they had no answer and instead, tried to change the topic, and referred him to the QUESTION!!!! how ridiculous!!! and then he dropped the bomb, "..because, that (pointing to the offending comment they made) is wrong."

they just looked at each other (2 girls, one in goth and one in some work clothes), giggled stupidly and gaped back at the teacher.

for a moment i thought i was going to lose it right there and throw my pens at them. oh, believe me, i have a barrel of pens to fulfil all the ammunition i need to hack them out of the class.

so come today, i had the unfortunate luck of sitting next to them in class. one was busy writing, the other was busy staring cluelessly into the sky. then the giggling started. and she pretended to write some stuff.

and then more giggling, and writing.

i started growing a little mad. and then i turned towards her, about to say something when i saw what she wrote, "damn xxxxxx is cute, i hope he was impressed with my presentation.." there were some replies to it from the goth girl, but that made me threw up. at break time, i moved to the other side of the room. T_T

xxxxxx being OUR TUTOR... who commented that she was wrong, is fairly all right.

but... honestly. uhm. i am not sure about being impressed with her, or the 2 of them at any point in the last presentation.

came home, had my ugly fish dinner, which was probably good but i am not the sort to appreciate fish in any form except for those that are uber fresh..

then i called dad.

now, one of the many other perils of being a student is that you're constantly poor. not by choice, but by the sheer fact that your full time work is actually being a student. which means money goes out and not into your bank. however, being the young adult that we are, we have a social life to upkeep as much as adults do, probably more, because at this age we are also hyperactive too, and trying to impress, get a gf/bf and so on. which means way more money output than input ratio, as compared to working adults who are married.

and i am no different, minus the fact that i actually have work because its slightly harder for me to find work and sometimes i just get too dejected to look for work anymore because it just sucks that you send out so many resumes and you get no replies, when previously, you just had to apply for one and, hey, you have a job.

so anyways, my income, therefore, is purely from dad. which resulted in my calling him...

me: dad, what you doing?

dad: oh nothing. what you calling for?

me: nar, just to remind you i am alive...

dad: oh, that's a good idea too... so what you doing?

me: nar just had dinner, then decided to call you. the fish was sucky.

dad: eh, australia should have fresh fish?

me: yer but i kinda am staying far inland.

dad: oh. how's school anyways?

me: good, the teachers are great except one. i think i am having war with him or something from his reaction.

dad: teachers are like that. if he hates you and you hate him even more, just don't go for class.

me: yer yer, then u be burning your money here.

dad: another reason to command you to be my slave.

me: whaaa???? what kind of reasoning is that?

dad: ^.^ a good one

me: .... anyways... just wondering, have you sent my money yet for my allowance?

dad: whaaa?? i can't hear you?

me: (louder) have you sent my allowance yet?!?!!

dad: whhhaaaa?? i am old you gotta speak up!!!!


dad: whaaa?? there's static here... can't hear you...

me: ah... i heard that ur bike was stolen..

dad: no it wasn't..


dad: of coz... (snickering behind to mum... omg parents!!!)

me: wow dad.. just wow... you actually think you're funny -.-

dad: hehehe, so what were you saying?

wow... just wow dad...

you know, it's cool when you have a dad you can talk to, who understands you perfectly fine most of the time, speaks on the same wavelength, jokes, buys you games to play and cheers beside you while you're playing, instead of telling you to stop being a bum.

but at times like these, when you're obviously the butt of his humour, and you're too far away to do anything about it, ooo i so wana reach out and strangle him a little -.-" ooooo i just wana call up and go arrrghhhhh DADDDDDDDDD WHAT THE HELLL!!!?!!?!!

of course, at the end of a long expensive international phonecall, i still didn't know if he had sent the allowance or anything.

sad huh. -.- and i spend my money on such things too just to talk to dad. wow >.>

and i am freezing to death in my room. T_T someone clear the canberra weather up!!!!!

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