What is life?

i am not quite sure i have an answer to that. i don't think anyone does. all of us have a theory, an idea what it is, all based on our own personal experience, our own beliefs, religious or otherwise.

however, i believe few will disagree with me if i say it is fragile, too long to have nothing done within it's span over time, too short to take for granted.

today, i lost a friend.

in modern times, with technology as it is, certain barriers dissolves, what constitutes as space, time and distance are abolished and thus new friendships form in the most bizarre of places. this is how i found this friend of mine. we didn't know each other very well, nor have talked much lately, if at all.

time apart, distance and space doesn't stop friends from being friends, people from caring, emotions and comments from being appreciated. the being that was there, will always be there, because the person behind the screen is a person with a soul, a feeling, a mind, a heart.

so, with his departure from this world, i feel a loss. this car accident that took him away, in a perhaps twisted sense, i hope she hasn't survived to wake from unconsciousness to know her son was gone, for his mum was in the same car with him. yet, he has a brother, who also needs a mother. but a mother's pain... can you feel it? the saddest thing in the world, is when u as a parent have to bury your son.

i don't happen to like departures, because i may never see so and so again. but when deaths occur.. i don't like it more, though i find that feeling to explain to everyone. this person, regardless of who he is, i can never tell him "thanks for knowing me, for letting me know you, because you brought another dimension of knowledge into my life."

i lost a closer friend last year. one whom, i guess, i kinda took for granted. before he drove out, i told him i had brb. but i wasn't back soon enough, and off he already went to party. drunk driving, he crashed into a house and died. no matter who's fault it was that he crashed.. the car, him for being an idiot.. etc, i wish my last words wasnt "brb". i wish it was more towards "hey, thanks for being a friend, i love u too.." but we all, as time goes by, we always always take for granted that the people beside us are guna be there forever.

to all my friends out there, i love you all. i don't wana lose you, in one way or another. but sometimes things happen... and you gotta go. then, all i have to say is, farewell my dear friend.. thanks for being there whenever i needed you, thanks for being just you.

rest in peace, j and wiser...

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