i started a new game yesterday, it was pretty cute and meant to be something to occupy me when i can't find parties in l2, taking break from studying or just something to last me some minutes which doesnt need as much attention as being a healer in l2. for those interested, l2 is lineage 2, where i am a lvl 63 elven elder, which is basically a healer. the new game is called rose online, where i am ALSO a healer, but not as.. high lvlled :o so not as stressful, besides as a healer in rose on, i personally think i can solo better than those fighters :P

for more info on either games u can look at www.lineage2.com and www.roseon.com for rose online.

they are both fairly different game tho, lineage 2 has a very hardcore aspect to it, hard grinding, pvp is a bitch if people dont react back and then the likelihood of dropping stuff if ur red and so on. but i love the grind, and basically the game and the gamers in it, so i have nothing to complain.

roseon has no pvp to it whatsoever, fairly carebear, and very dressy and cartoony, but because it's so cute and "safe" in that aspect, i guess more people like it for those who dont like pvp.. and goes for looks and such. much like ragnarok, but no pvp... :D

and u get to drive cars!!! have wings and etc etc etc...

anyways, here's a look at my toon from roseon:

Free Image Hosting at <a href=

i would have posted pictures of my elf if image shack havent decided not to work. so for now :( my poor elf is guna stay sidelined. she's my pride and joy though, don't get me wrong, one of my favourite characters ever played.

on the cs side, i am getting back into the game, albeit very slowly XD~

^.^ anyways that's all for now while i figure this iq question out. i hate math, and everything about it smells of maths and thus i have no patience after like the 5th question -.-" so sue me, but math isn't a very interesting thing to mule over at 3 am in the morning

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