scary friends

at this time of the day.. sigh...

strange people think i am some kind of love/make out counselor. they had come to me, wringing their hands, tearing their hair apart, or type in this kind of colours to make me mad.

see, they do strange things in their relationships, such as cheat on their bf/gfs or got cheated but still stick to their respective "my soul mate!!!" despite my constant reminder to them that if they can do it once, hell they can do it many times. or, as i have discovered, make out in the strangest places (hrm ok, classrooms... are meant for lessons...) and then something happens and now they worry that their relationship is going to be on the rocks.

because they farted while making out.

in a quiet classroom at night.

in the school.

i mean, ok i don't need to know what goes on in your relationship with regards to THAT ASPECT. u just have to say "i fucked up. how am i guna keep my bf...?" instead of giving me the gory details of how good he was.... till you farted.

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i mean... firstly, it's normal for people to pass out gas. secondly, if he hasn't got round to understanding that, oh god, please tell him to go back to elementary school. thirdly, uhm, u got excited, even if you hadn't farted, you might have pee-ed, and i guess.. that's all right... well maybe not, i am not going to discuss about the possibilities of ah... positions.

anyways. that wasn't my point.

the point is. if this fart breaks up your relationship, boys and girls, you have a shithead for a mate. time to find a new one coz the present one obviously doesn't regard people who fart as human beings.

so again, at this time of the night, please, PLEASE do not msn me about your sexual encounters.

it terrifies me to know the wild fantasies of yours, and how you actually PERFORM IT!


Anonymous said...

aren't you glad i don't have a bf to scare you with tales? LOL... i do however, have sponge and bob... ROTFLMAO

pAnDaR~ said...

well i am not so worried if it's you!!! you won't scare me with such stuff ^.^ i am sureeee, and sponger and bob arent scary X-D they are just... guna eat me when they see me =X *runs*

Anonymous said...

I need your help.

How do I get the shmogurt stains outta my gf sheets?