i was reading through some random stuff that i found online. and of course some magazines and my stupid school readings i was supposed to do ages ago. some of them truly dont catch my attention because they are fairly repetitive, but thats not what i am about to say for now.

someone commented on some stuff he didn't like. sure it's his opinion and so on, i should lay it rest after all it is his brains we are talking about. however it was the way he said it, the stuff that he said that infuriated me. this is not something that's solely asian or from conservative societies. it's something a narrow minded ass would say, like it's any of their business what we all as perfectly normal human beings should do with our own lives.

first off, he insinuated that girls who uses the words such as fuck (and i am going to presume cunt and so forth..) are sad because we are really destroying ourselves. this is retarded because, hey, guys uses it too. i bet you all use it at some point in the time of your life, just that u either forgot about it, or you feign innocence that, oo! you have used one of the words in oxford dictionary that is classfied as: !obscene!.

so how does that make it all right for guys to say obscene stuff, show obscene signs, and makes it wrong for girls to do the same? we are humans too, we deal with the same kind of people, we grow up with the same kind of nurturing, environment and education. if we get frustrated, we might yell out whatever comes to our mind, blogs inclusive, because a blog is OUR place to vent, OUR void to rant in, if you don't like it, piss off. if we're upset, it's like when you, as a guy, are upset. therefore, we ARE entitled to scream whatever words that first come to our mind, including FUCK and CUNT and PENIS.

while all these words are obscene, they do happen to SHOW up in DICTIONARIES, legitimate words for us to use. if you can use it, so can we. so stfu u chauvinist losers and go stick ur head up someone's anus.

and if we want to bitch about someone on our blogs, in our conversations, no matter how long it is, it is our wish, our place to do, nothing to do with you, your mum or anything related to you. you chose to, for example, come to read my blog, stop whining about having to read my bitchings coz i didnt force you to do it. notice that? good.

secondly, what we achieve in our life, results, jobs, certifications, are all our works. we put our heart and soul into it, or not, that is all our choice. if we choose to go towards what YOU think is not the right choice, thats your opinion, we wana live our lives our way, not yours. because at the end of the day, we are the ones going into the coffin, saying to ourselves "oh dang, i had my life!"

constructive comments are not these. these are what YOU want done in your life. if u didn't manage to live it out the way you want it as a guy, too bad for you. stop trying to live your life through others by laying comments to them like that. you didn't make it, too bad, stop moping over it and telling others what to do, what not to do, what is wrong and what's not.

you are you, we are we.

we can do what we want, so can you, now go get a life.

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