it seems like i havent posted in 2 days. these 2 days or so i have been.. trying to study... trying to play games and reading various other articles related to my studies. one thing i have realised though from my readings, is how much the world have changed in these 23 yrs that i have lived.it's really just 23 years though, but can u imagine how short a time frame it is compared to the centuries that we started having recorded history?

some of the similarities that we have are still there, albeit in a different form, but still barbaric in it's approah and ideals. such as "we *#&@! race are the best" due to genocide study, i been a news troll on certain websites, starting with cnn, msn, bbc, what gives. the big names. it is, however, the smaller names that actually provided me with more information, more details about what the hell is going down their in sudan, along with their opinions, relevant studies and websites. i mean, man, this is a society going down there for fuck's sake. and it doesnt even warrant more attention than a market stall giving prince charles organic chutney? how does that work? and people say our society's morals are going to hell. well, here's the reason why. the people giving us information aren't giving us the full information. although, with the technology nowadays, we can't really blame them for it all, however, news reporters are most people's form of "information gathering" source. if we can't even get a simple information on what's happening out there, well, then, our general knowledge on what's happening then, is limited.

and then we got the retarded sort of news. the ones not even worthy of mentioning, the stupid hysteria, wrong focus on the society at large. the organic chutney thing is one example, but it isn't half as crazed as an article focusing around how a private school girl is dating a public school boy. so they didn't fit the social conforms of rich should stay with the rich, smart should stay with the smart. but putting it down as an article in the news. how is that newsworthy? how is that informative? it is, but a person's private life, it is what they choose it to be. is a person's character base on how rich they are, what school they go? technically.. no. everyone has the right and ability to choose how and what they become, so if they are bratty they chose it, nobody forced them to be it. the point is, this is still their private life, nothing to do with the general public. falling in love is a common thing, what's so unusual about it?

instead we have an international community facing a genocide and not doing much about it. knowing that it's occurring and all that's going on in the un is "let's wait and see if they had do anything more then we discuss..." it's been more than a year, good lord. is this going to be another Rwanda? is defining whether it is a genocide going on really going to help, or even important at all? people are DYING there, the government isn't doing anything about it, infact they are AIDING the killers. is there any more information that u need to stop what's happening? instead, everyone rushes to iraq, there's lotsa going on in iraq. and... sudan? sudan.. not important to the world?

i don't know what's going on behind all those "meetings" all those "plannings" that they have, but to be fair to everyone in the world, if u reckon one country needs help, then it should be fair to others that u reach out too when they are needy. people are dying, dead and displaced. they have no homes to call their own, some have lost their families. and many more will die too, when the year rolls around to harvesting period and, there's nothing to harvest and even less to eat.

seems like a case of "if they don't have much to offer us in the future we shall not care."

anyways, been playing rose online a lot more now, hrhr. i kinda miss my l2 friends though, and the rest of the boys. anf cancelled his accounts coz he's restarting school, might not be able to play much till the hols. the others finished with summer school and then had only 1 week break. at the end of the day, none of them logged in much :( i wonder if they even bothered to pay for their account for this month and the next. nate seemed to have quit, said it got boring. well, i wouldn't be surprised. 2 characters 60+ on 2 very different accounts, 0 willingness to pvp, and havent participated much in pvps either. not sure what is he going to do :o for the last 8 mths or so, all he has been doing on his days off were mostly l2. and now o.o seems like there's not going to be l2 for a while.

eddie moved to albury to study in charles stuart uni, therefore he hasnt been able to get online as he has no net as of yet. he has been sms-ing me lotsa questions though, and i do wish he uses orphus more. he asks me questions that could be answered there, or posted there to be answered. i am seriously not in the know how on his class, his stuff, stats everything. i specialise in my healer. that's pretty much it. and somtimes, there are somethings i myself dont even know. games like that, u can spend months playing it and still not know some stuff. me = nub.

my clan is at war with another clan at the moment too. yet, due to my time restrictions, i guess i cant play at the same time as them for now :( the times they start playing i am having classes. by the time i come back i am just too tired to be bothered. i still got readings to attend to as well. what bothered me though, was how 1) people had say I WANT WARRRR and then disappears when clan war really starts, 2)how people had tell me to log on earlier/at a certain time, and are never there when i am there, for 2 hrs or more. or less. i am not trying to bitch about this too much, it is a game after all, but i am there and.. u rnt. and.. u asked me for it. and.. u probably whining about how i dont log on for clan hunts anymore. geez -.-" 3)when they just say something, and nothing comes out of it.

oh wells. i will be able to live with it. but i need a break from l2 i think. all these expectations to lvl to a certain lvl, to be more, and yet not being appreciated for it. no i dont need all that thank you's. it's just, if someone is being thanked, i had think it's fair to thank everyone too, rather than a specific someone. it kinda cuts when people go "oh thank goodness we have so and so..." i mean, it's asif my existence.. isn't there.

i guess healer class isn't easy to play, and we have our own stresses. it's like being a doctor in real life, all these trying to save, saving, helping and shet, and at the end of the day, ur patient walks out, not really remembering u mostly, others probably wont ever come back again, mostly never thanking you and... if anything goes wrong, it's definitely your fault.

because you are THE doctor...

anyways one of the guys i know, shmo, kinda got me to try out stretching in my room. i mean he was asking why did i stop doing gymnastics and stuff.. and i was going "oh i broke some stuff" and then wondered if i can still do this and do that.

hrhrhrhr... at the end of the day i have 1 pulled butt muscle, a strained thigh muscle and definitely definitely tired body XD~~ it wasn't very long though, just sitting, stretching the creaky bones and muscle. i mean, hey i haven't done this for a while so can't overdo it. but it was cool though, doing stuff that u havent done in a couple of years at least. i need someone to stretch my back for me -.- that was the coolest sound i ever heard, cracking the back. and i feel so oomphhhaaa after all that. the stuff i do though are so unorthodox o.o i swear it can seriously break someone's bones, except i am too pansy for that, so i guess my techniques wont break me but someone else who isn't as pansy as me, hehe.

damn, typing all these makes me wana go stretch all over again. i will probably do that after i cleaned the house alittle tomorrow...

all right time to go to bed :D

good night everyone

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