What to do when u miss home...

there are times when an international student like me would miss their tropical homes, like me, for the sheer fact that it had a slightly warmer and wetter climate. of course, i hated the weather most of the time. i just want it like, once a month or something. but the climate cant exactly change as and when i want.

anyways, lately, with the onset of autumn, and obviously winter coming after that, i have been feeling terribly cold and miserable. yes i know i have a reverse cycle air-con, but that's beside the point.

then i had a spark of brilliance, after all, i AM from the tropical climate. let's recreate it in my room at least!!!! so, here's how to do it, adapted from my conversation with linxy...

prelude) obviously close all windows and doors before u start.

1) turn on the reverse air con.

2) Bring ur rice cooker in your room and start cooking rice there. the bigger the rice cooker the better.

3) cook soupy stuff in your room. it would help.

4) bring buckets of hot water and shove it into 4 corners of your room.

5) check that your room is starting to smell at least like the kopitiam down stairs before you start doing anything else. (coffeeshop for those who don't understand.). if you feel you're missing something, you're right. where's the coffee and milo, eggs and roti prata? go make some.

6) have a LONG HOT shower. dont turn on ventilation. they fan away the heat.

7) dont dry yourself. walk around your room dripping wet.

by now you should have a nice, steamy, humid climate in your room for u to roast in. it should last for about 4 hours. ^.^ as and when u feel the climate isnt wet enough, splash the buckets of hot water around your room.


disclaimer: if you drown in your room coz of the buckets of water, it ain't my fault.

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