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well. i haven't been posting! haven't you noticed!

the website went down for 18 hours yesterday while jake and i were moving the data from blogger to my new site. most of it is already up and going.

the new site's at http://www.ghostelf.com. we are still in the process of tweaking it, but most of what's supposed to be functional is already working.

in a few hours i will set this to auto re-direct you to the new page once jake is more or less ready for me to allow re-directs.

^_^ have fun and update ur links/favourites and what nots ^_^



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one of my blog-and-news browsing in the last few hours (i made full use of my awasu rss feed, wahaha) lead me to this site, called the live 8. please sign the campaign to end extreme poverty. they don't need your money, they want your voice, one by one, to sign up, and end extreme poverty for the world and the world's children. right now, worldwide, concerts are going on to raise awareness as well as to appeal to the leaders going for the g8 summit to make provisions to end the world's poverty.

countries rich in resources are also the very same few who have the most extreme form of poverty in the world. yet the countries that are buying these resources off them seems perfectly well off, infact very well off. if everyone contributes to help the poor ones out, wouldn't there be no more poverty?

The past few hours were spent, reading whatever i can lay my hands on and watching Gash, an anime that jason, my friend back home in singapore, once showed me but i have never managed to find on the network back on campus.

i try to space my anime out abit now, due in part to the fact that i don't like parting with the characters i just met... so soon. Like how i take my novels and what not, i do not enjoy "losing" them the moment that i just "met" them. sounds queer i know, but remember the last good book that you read? and how you wish it would never end?


then i popped by my haloscan comment controls just for a while, and got a new comment from a person's blog i have been lurking for a while. wow. lol. i never realised people could find out where they get linked back from on some kind of control panel or something. found out from another friend later on that you could just ask for statistics from your web host or something, and then it would all be revealed unto you.

i lurk alot on many blogs, many different pages, for the sheer joy of reading. i love to read stuff that isn't too... theoretical. much as i enjoy studying, i don't exactly like what i read all the time. alot of them would make sense only if, say, i am in that situation.

not sure if i actually made that clear. o.o

anyways, alex of the hurlnecklace site that i liked so much (to me i simply find it gorgeous. it's simplistic, yet feminine, doesn't roar of "i am a feminist" yet is ... ahhh) happened to drop by and commented. hehe. makes me feel all so weird for not commenting on her blog. yet that's just me. i don't like to comment too much.

many times, i view someone's website, words, sayings, i feel like commenting, telling them "hey, this is all so wrong" or "you should have done it this way" or "i feel sorry for you" and hope they would take what i said. but many times i stopped myself because i know, i can't understand how a person feel in their situations, because i know i haven't been in that situation before, and all i could provide was really just a listening ear and a comforting shoulder.

in the case of blogosphere, there's no way i can provide the shoulder, but i could just read and "listen".

and if i do agree with whatever so and so had said on their blog, it would seem weird to comment the very same that they had mention in their post anyways. so no comments are needed.

granted though, my own friends get a little upset when i don't comment on their blogs, or even tag them. first off, i don't really like tags. u notice how i don't have one on my own blog. i just don't think my diary is a chatroom. secondly, i am more likely to get spammed by funny people, and i dont feel like having to censor them or something, easier to prevent these buggers by not having a tagboard at all.

but i like comments, and i know my friends do. i do try and leave comments on their blogs as much as i can push myself to, but if i don't see a need, i don't really want to. :( man i m so mean.

While reading today though, i noticed something that was often my focal point of attention in the last few months while studying genocide cases worldwide.

Darfur, the place where for the last few months was basically a scene for genocide, was what some people might call, a repeated scene from 10 years ago, aka, Rwanda.

The horrors of genocide, where millions of people are killed for their beliefs, their race or just something that groups them up as one, cannot be told in simply words alone.

The united nations themselves set up many calls of "never again" along with their policies in the hope of stopping future genocidal cases, that the world may "never again" reel at the horrors of tyrants killing off millions of people with reasons that are racial or otherwise.

In this article, Kofi Annan expressed regret about how much more he could have done for rwanda 10 years ago, and how the international community was guilty of failing rwanda.

10 years on now, dear sir, and we have failed darfur too, don't you think? the slow response, the unwillingness to stop attacks just so that the other side of the country would have peace from civil wars. both are equally important, both had slow reactions from the international community. are we sure that those people who head the UN cares about the international community?

are we sure that the UN cares for world's poverty? are we sure that the United Nations is truly for the better good, or just another red tape to go through that would slow the processes to get aid for those who really need it?

While Kofi Annan can criticise the international community for slow reaction, the UN, while not supposedly as powerful as it sounds, can still urge and prod the leaders more. the number of news articles about what's happening in darfur though, seems more than the number of articles talking about the appeals at the UN. by a large number.

maybe we don't know what's happening behind closed doors, maybe we as the public don't deserve all that knowledge and do not understand political needs, wants and obstacles that politicians encounter.

but we do know that massive amount of deaths mean something. that's why there are non-profit organisations, that aren't part of the UN.

tell me, why the slow reactions... why the deaths. why?


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Well.. my little nap turned into a long one. i guess i was really tired out. Can't be help then.

before i slept though, i called up Crazy John's about my phone, but now they gave me an eta of my phone on either tuesday or wednesday. I know i left my number with them, and if they had changed the eta they should call and if they don't, i should have wailed at them. However, they have been extremely nice to me since the time i asked them for help, as compared to the vodaphone customer service that i called, who promptly just told me that it can't be done.

unless i bring it back to the Service Provider that i bought it from, aka, T Mobile USA. great, i spend another like 200 bux so i can use it on YOUR network? ur mad. and stupid. and bad customer service. but whatever....

well, and i promised an announcement.

remember a few days ago, i was talking about my own webhost, my own domain and what not? Jake and i have finally decided to take up on ace-net's offer, 5 gig space and 100 gig bandwidth. there's another one with a 4 gig space and 100 gig bandwidth by bluehost. i guess we got excited anyways, and just wanted something big enough for both of us to have our blogs hosted on there, and perhaps a forum as well (well that came later in our minds when we discovered the forum capabilities :P). i still don't know why we need forums!

it has wordpressed installed, so saves us the decision of movable type or wordpress, or just use as ftp to blogger.

this means basically, i am moving my blog. i know i know, i said i won't move, but this is too delicious to resist :P, and wordpress is so much more customisable than blogger as a whole. i kinda like that. although i have 0 idea how to customise it (welcome to boyfriend tech support, how may i help you?), it means i can LEARN something about everything else anyways. maybe, from then on, my entire blog might be all techie talk!

oh noes... i am turning into a nerd/geek/tech support!! help...

but yes, this blog will be moving. just probably need a few days or something, while both of us figure out how to work it, tweak it, personalise it, then move both our blogs. the address is similar, just this time in english, rather than faux german, seeing how i have misspelt it...

wasn't my fault though! dictionary's!

once everything is up and going, and i have moved my entire blogger content there, i will set up a redirection thing for u guys for a while, till i am sure most of you have updated your links.

and i am using firefox browser!!! the only thing i like so much about firefox, is the multi tabs. i am sick of ie bundling up into 10 windows while i am doing research and what not. its kinda hard to scan thru the multiple window tab thing when its piled up like that, i rather look left to right.

so many changes in one day... i feel exhausted. oh wait, i have slept 12 hours now.... hrm... what should i change next?!?!

oh wells... waiting to go breakfast at flirty gorgeous again. that place is addictive. that said though, i pretty much dont eat anything else for the rest of the day o.o. need to bake those damn cookies...


miyagi!??! what?

just a short post here before i nap... will add more later.

i did a trial run, just for the fun of it, on kenny sia's blog to see which singaporean blogger i resemble. i don't know about the general opinions of it, since you know, i don't stand infront of the mirror and ask myself what the hell am i like. but one line definitely is right... i make stupid words fit. new words out of old. oh wells. heres the result.

Congratulations Panda, you are...

Mr Miyagi of myveryownglob.blogspot.com

You are witty, and you know people from places. Those two qualities and others make you a very popular person among your peers, because they want to hear you dish out filthy backstage gossips. You also have a knack for inventing new words to suit yourself. You are a very loyal friend, and would jump into the ocean if your friend asked you to. And that's probably gonna happen if your friend gets too jealous of you getting all the girls/guys.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

honestly.. i don't see myself growing a goatie soon, and i haven't read much of miyagi's blog to see the similarities. BUT... i am a strange person. so... yer.. whatever. :P he's a great writer in his own right, but we are 2 different people... funny though, this personality thing ahahaha...

i still prefer being orihime :X

will blog again later.. have some stuff to announce after all!


loud mornings

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Mood: freshly awaken

aside from the fact that i have few sleeps that i awake from feeling totally refreshed, i find that the more i want and, at times, need quiet mornings, it is often broken by the sounds of crazed toddlers with parents who either don't care how loud and disruptive their children are, or can't control their kids.

granted that kids being kids, they are often beyond the ability to sit still for more than 2 minutes, but small spaces, and parents who decides to have this "joyluck club" thing in a small cafe shud just be considerate to everyone, and also be very careful of their kids.

filthy gorgeous, this cafe that i have mentioned before, is one of those beautiful, tiny upper middle class cafe, with jazz music at night, that has wonderful wonderful cooks for such an outside-of-towns cafe. even their croissant tastes wonderful, really gorgeous melt in your mouth taste. the sad part was, somewhere in the past couple of weeks that i haven't turned up for breakfast, they decided that breakfasts should only be on weekends.

i guess for the manpower that they have ( i have seen this guy worked the entire day, from opening till closing) it's only feasible to be opened later, and with less hands, lest they tire out their employees.

so anyways, typical of my tradition, where i woke up early enough to have breakfast and could actually enjoy it, i took my grand little Berlin book out, to read while i was having my little breakfast.

when i saw the kids, i believe my first judgement was, awww so cute. i mean they did look so adorable. blonde ringlets, small stature. i don't think they were brothers, just circumstances (their mothers plus other mummies seemed to be some kind of mummies' unite club sitting there, enjoying the morning out too...) brought them together as friends.

then they started terrorising the place slowly. first they took out cars from this toy box near the kitchen door of the cafe, started howling at each other with their impressions of how various vehicles should sound.

then they started threatening their food.

"you want a piece of me huh!" *chomps food*

"don't you want a piece of me!!" *chomps another bit*

"yer i know you want a piece of me!!!!!" *swallows the last bit whole*

all through this, i was reading about how the Red Army was closing in on the Third Reich, cornering them land-wards, the only escape path was by sea, in a period towards the end of world war 2, after the Vistula attack.

somehow, that seems like appropriate action talk.

anyways, as i continued reading about how Hitler refused to face up to the reality, but on the subconcious side, he knew how he was losing the war and his people, the children started activating the "aeroplanes" mode. something that i used to do as a kid too.

each grab their favourite vehicle, and started flying them around the cafe, round and round me, the counter i was behind, and the spot near their parents, making huge box planes sound. at one stage, they decided that they are enemies, and started going in different directions, trying to catch each other. this got really loud though, and since i was sitting directly beside a pillar, the sound reverbrated right into my ears, loud, and annoying.

Things took a change though, as i read through how Hitler made Himmler the Commander-in-chief of the new Vistula army, a total inept at fighting strategies. i was a little absorbed into the story at this point to really try and care about the kids, but they invited their friend, possibly their own, a black labrador outside of the cafe, right into the cafe. then they cornered him into the back of the shop, the exit leading to the toilets, going, "dog dog dog!!"

cornered animals make hasty decisions. i don't know if the dog was their own, a friend's or a friendly. the fact was, the dog might get anxious at being cornered, and might end up biting them, a tragic end indeed, to my stay at the cafe. so i started watching them carefully, to ensure they do not get bitten or anything.

they got rescued by their mums and the waitress who got worried about the dog being in the cafe.

children though, have many creative means to keep themselves occupied, however the situation. so they went back to their aeroplanes zooming all over the place, while i went back to my book on how Hitler's higher ranking staff were starting to be bitches to each other, trying to ensure their spots as the Fuhrer's next in line.

then the kids caught sight of the laptop the shop owner had left running. i started watching them again. they got bemused by the screensaver, shouting "storm!!! storm!!"

"i see fishes"

"ooo nice storm"

see if they had click the buttons, the company's whatever might be deleted and what not. luckily, one of the mum's caught them in time again.

damn motherly instincts.

but as i read on about the bitchings within the Reich, the 2 boys started soft pummeling each other. i said soft pummeling coz they were slow punches, didn't hit hard either, was one of those soft, kneading motions that kids do. when each one had decidedly made the other kiss the floor long enough, the "winning" one will shout "yes i got you!!!"

somehow, that reminded me of the SS officers.

i decided that with the noise, and action, while they goes perfectly well with the book, its a little too noisy for my comfort. noise reverbrating through my head every second is more than i can take, when i wanted a quiet spot to read. so off i went home, yellings and moanings still reverbrating through my head.


they reflect adults at their basest.

while kids are still growing up and learning, sometimes adults have no excuses other than being crudely competitive at the worst of times.


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Mood : slightly annoyed

before i go full on into this post, i must set this record straight, about this blog, about the pictures here, about what i write.

a long time ago, i mentioned, this is my personal space. while i admit to it being public due to the fact that internet is not such a secret place, and i don't like passwording shit, there are some lines drawn here. i have allowed people to add me on gmail, led you through little blips of my life, personal or otherwise, expecting you to at least read what i wrote, not to simply jump to conclusions.

of course, there will always be oddballs that will do otherwise. i don't normally care, albeit i will still be a bit pissed, but i don't really care generally.

since my dream post a few days ago though, i have been sent emails, and a few has communicated to me, via some means, and others to my friends exactly what they think.

let me clarify something here. this is MY blog, you do not go to my friends and bitch to them as if they are at fault if they publicise my blog's link anywhere.

if you see something good, you share it with your friends, no?

i thought as friends, we all understand each other. pardon me then, if i am wrong, but since I wrote this, I hold all rights to this, not anyone else. you don't have the right to be angry with anyone else.

a few nights ago, i mentioned a dream i had, it was A DREAM. it wasn't something made up to pissed anyone off, to degrade anyone or to condescend anyone.

i don't do such things. i would pay you out as a friend infront of everyone yes, but i won't belittle you so that you had feel like shit. hell no... but i had pay you out as you would pay me out as a friend. if you don't like it, tell me, I OWN THIS BLOG, THEREFORE ONLY I CAN REMOVE IT.

secondly, it being a dream, funny at some stage, weird at another, scary on another plane, but still a dream, something my mind can't control coz i am asleep. oh, pull all your stupid psychology stories all over me, but i am afraid even when i am awake, i let my imagination run away, i don't control it because imagination is one of the most beautiful thing one can have.

if you like to be a nazi, by all means. but go bring it somewhere else.

there is nothing wrong with me writing out what my dream went. if i could, i would have recorded all my random dreams on this blog, but most times, by the time i am out of my drowsy state, i can't remember jackshit. there were talking sheeps in one, my dad dying in another, me running from guys chasing me in a piazza like place whatever that i can't run out of.

there are so many dreams i can remember bits and pieces of, others i can't, and i note it here because THIS IS MY BLOG.

you, who reads this, were mostly invited here coz I PERSONALLY LINKED YOU.

while it's not the most serious of blogs, nor intended to be so, remember to use some form of brains. if you're going to look at this blog, for any particular reason, before accussing me of anything, READ THE FUCKING POST about it.

i hope i don't have to say this again. i believe everyone is intelligent enough to understand blogs are mostly words. pictures alone sometimes don't say everything. this isn't a photoblog. you want a photoblog, there's flickr to start with. in this blog, my words means more than my pictures, and generally, my pictures holds no meanings, no alliteration, nothing. it's just there to support my words at the most.

and if anyone hurts my friends, even if you're a friend too, i will kill you. maybe not literally, i will still kill you, slowly, emotionally. because if you're stupid, and hurt someone coz of your stupidity, you quite deserve to die torturously.

again, READ MY POSTS before making judgements on the pictures.

if you want me to clear the air on that post... this was the start of that post, before i shoved in wadge's picture:

"anyways, while i was napping, i had that weird dream again.."

in no way did i mention wadge looks like a kitten.

this has nothing to do with what rosie, wadge and yvette posted in comments, but i think everyone should mull over it, sit back, take a coffee, breathe in and think. let me do the equation for you.

Weird dream.

Wade looks like a kitten.

a doesnt = b.

ok... get it?

good. we can learn to get along after all.

tonight, we went for movies with para, andoo and linxy. rosie seemed sick, and i guess, that was a fortunate thing. the movie was the shits.

i won't say its bad acting, there were lots of raw emotions put in, real dark movie, and at times, bad humour, but oh wells. it was all wasted.

i am going to do a spoiler this time around, because this is pretty much what they did the entire movie, in my opinion.

the aliens were everywhere after like the first 10 mins or more of the movie, everywhere they go, people were grabbed or blasted to death, although the blasting reminded me of cremation since the heat was so hot, the people turned to ashes on the spot.

now imagine that, and everyone running, in the entire movie, just running and running, and tom cruise managed to dodge every single one of those blasts, every time the mobs swipe at them, be it in a house, out in the open, he NEVER DIESS NEVER GETS HIT NEVER EVER ANYTHING... except when he deliberately wanted to get caught so he can find his daughter, and voila... he manages to kill the alien, who spouted blood like diarrhoea.

you know those explosives ones you get after getting food poisoning? yer... like that... kawoosh... out from the back, 25 miles from the air down to earth.

alot of things in the movie wasn't explained well, like where the mobs come from, why they wanted earth dead and how they die. takes abit of listening to, if u really wana find out. others just weren't explained at all.

and goddamn the kid screams so much i wana just throw my chair at her.

the only thing good about the movie?

the aliens looked sooo cute.. sooo cute.... sssoooooo huggable.

other than that... blah...

should have napped.


web hosting and what not...

Song i am listening to : Ah Du - Wo de xin tai ruan

mood : excitable

damn stupid bou lol.... every now and then he would suddenly come to life on msn, and starts talking to me about the most random stuff.

well kinda random stuff. from the time i first met him though, we had talk about everything, well mostly me. i had be confiding in him, and occassionally he had talked to me about his then girlfriend.

then we start talking about techie stuff.

this time around, he brought up an old topic, about buying a domain and so on, and then giving it to me or something, asking me if i need it.

see from ages ago, i wanted to have a webhost for my blogs or something so i can personalise more. at that time i have no idea how to personalise my blogspot's template. all that start blog thing and what not, was too confusing for me. not that i am at all good with html, but at least i can dreamweaver it all, or so i thought.

dreamweaver had changed so much since 1999 hehe, i am totally lost in it now.

stupid bou got me thinking about getting my own webhosting again, and hosting my own blog and what not. then he showed me a list of cheapo web hosters... man... he's making me have this urge. =.=

and jake got in on it too lol... he even considered giving up girlswithswords.com then moving over to gheistelfe.com (if i set it up) and yay... we bunk in together in the same webhost and what not. which is weird, but still... lmao... i don't mind, but i am kinda broke at the moment.

for one i am looking for a job so i can not worry about dad sending me allowance, for another i need clothes more than i need webhost. i find, more and more, i am too lazy to wash more clothes :P so i tend to just wear new ones and then, voila, nice new pile of washing to be done.

oh wells.

other than that, i need to go out more. =/ which is of course what a poor uni student can't afford. oh wells.

i do want my own domain and webhost and what not, although i have not a foggiest idea how to maintain it. i do want to have my own .com just coz i wants it. it's not like i need it for anything, other than, say if mum ever gets off her butt being lazy and what not and finally decides that perhaps my idea is good, then i would probably open an online boutique for her to sell shit as well.

but that if, is a big fat if. don't hold your breath, considering mum's attitude, it's never going to happen.

oh yer, the blog's skin changed. jake finally got around to producing the skins i asked him to make coz i am so bad at photoshop (i mean look at wade's face), so this is the first of the lot. i realised i should have made most of the blog easier to change than this, coz now everytime i change a skin, the links font colours and what not have to be changed too.

as well as the damn cursor. oh wells, you guys have been used to pink anyways, you can live with it abit more until i figure out what i shall use as a cursor.

to settle things down about copyright and what not, i have to apologise somewhat about not linking back to the original artists. first and foremost, most of my anime pictures were downloaded as backgrounds from hongfire. however, i believe hongfire did a full server reset or something, while basically trying to upgrade the gallery, losing a huge part of the gallery.

obviously when i look through the galleries and what not, i fell in love with the various backgrounds. hell, i even had a folder called "cute and sweet stuff" just for them. but i never kept any of their creator's names or links, coz the titles are already long enough.

i promise to try and record them when i download any from now on that i use, but any before that is going to be a bitch to find, now with the gallery wipe.

some others are taken from devianart. as with the case with hongfire, plus the fact that some of them were taken 2 years ago and so on, this is going to be a pain in the arse to link back. if you see your artwork here but not credited, just email me. i will just add a link.

these are the 2 places that i frequent for backgrounds for my desktop, that might eventually make it to this blog as it's skin. any others comes from various blog lurking... hehe...

oh wells. if i ever ever feel the urge again i might move from blogspot for good. by that time, you would know, coz, this wannabe geek will inform you, duh. too many of my friends read this blog as an update to them. any other persons read coz, according to one feedback, i was weird. well then. you deserved to be informed.


kitty nightmares

Song I am listening to : Vanessa Mae - One Moment In Time
Mood : confused


after being rudely awaken by my dad, in the wee hours of my sleep, i finally took a nap after my trip to civic and after playing the ringtone to jake on vent.

ah yes, the ringtone on my samsung e315, oh god, everyone ought to hear it.it's ssoooo cute i can't believe it lol... when i first started twiddling around the preferences and heard that ringtone, i was like "oh my god, that's ssoooo my ringtone" and died laughing :P i think most people liked it, but their reactions were mostly "omg wtf..."

Here's a sample of it, it's wav file though, poor terrorised boyfriend is sleeping so i have no one i know of who can changed that to mp3 for me. it will still open up in winamp anyways, stop whining. it's only 157kb anyways.

how cute isit? lol... sigh... i wana be able to reow like that to my own song too :(

anyways, while i was napping, i had that weird dream again. not sure if i mentioned it before, but i had a dream where me and cute little ninja kittens were trying to take over the world...

well something like that.

anyways, there i was standing in the middle of some war zone, all angelina jolie like, with all the guns and what not strapped on to me and it was all smoking somewhere behind me from some bombings, then this ninja kitty came flying out of nowhere and reported back to me..

"Ma'am! we have a retard in our custody! what do you want us to do with him?"

i was like *twitch twitch* "eh? who have you got?"

surprisingly, i wasn't shocked at a talking kitten.. oh wells. might be just coz i was dreaming...

the kitten lead me back to the "camp" which was essentially... a scratch post with tents.

it was wade... oh my god!!! poor wadge, all bounded up, with kittens sharpening their claws on the post scarily behind him, going "omg!! stop that!!!"

at that point, i think i actually laughed outside of my dream. but no matter. i asked the kitten in command what he was going to do to wade, he looked at me with a raised eyebrow "how about turning him into a ninja kitten? that butt looks good to be a kitten's.."

"i concur" says another kitten somewhere to my right.

i looked at all the kittens who obviously looked like they want that to happen too so i just nod my head.

they brought him to this canister thing, with lotsa watery boiling stuff and threw him inside. i don't quite remember what happen much during that point, that part of my memory got fuzzy...

but what i see next, oh god, it's going to terrorise me for the rest of my life.

oh yer.. that was the horror that i encountered, with his brown hair still attached, he now have a fur coat. ok, i am bad at photoshop, but go imagine the fur coat urself.

at this point, i decided to wake up... i didn't know if i should laugh or be mortified, my love of the kittens have kinda left a bad taste in my mouth when i saw wadge as a kitten..

not everyone is meant to be kittenized...

so here i sit now, all weirded out from my dreams, needing some warmth and some kind of normality here. someone save me!!!!!!

stupid business man

Song I am listening to: Enya - Only Time (Terror Remix)
Mood: moderately pissed

went back to crazy john's today, after i gave a call and asked if they had the code already, which they said they did. it turned out that he got the wrong code. it resets the phone basically but not unlock it. which is kinda gh3y. i mean, couldnt he have confirmed it before making me go all the way down? i know it's free and all and they don't earn anything from it...

blah. i just want to use my phone :( stupid t mobile. stupid samsung.

i have been reading forums on how to unlock it, and have a basically a good idea of how to do it. however, my cable doesn't seem to be working with the phone, which is making me more pissed. it shows offline on the program for my pc.


then upon trying to grab a cab, since my old hip injury flared up and i was kinda in pain, this retarded guy in all his business suit and suitcase glory, who was behind me in the queue, saw a grab, and WALKED UP TO IT AND FLAGGED IT RIGHT INFRONT OF ME AND HOPPED IN!


i hate businessmen now.


goddamn hip still hurts :(


wi-fi delight and phones fetish

Music i am listening to : some jazzy stuff
mood : warm

obviously with this damn font and all, i am away on a wi-fi spot again, on my laptop.

its just simply delicious to sit some place else that isnt my home, warm as this, with some cosy music to listen too, and something warm to drink.

it is after all, winter. cold, but not uncomfortably so, it being australia and what not. and this, being starbucks, means a great drink, and a damn nice spot to sit in.

for the past week or so, i waited anxiously for my new phone to arrive. one of my anxieties were mainly that my phone mioght be lost, damaged or i might have to pay taxes for it, after all it is a product bought outside of australia and being mailed in.

i dont know why it took longer than usual, but the damn beautiful thing finally arrived today, prettier than i expected, better than i hope. it will take a while to get used to, this being the first time i deviate from the usual nokia path. but it's not totally hard. i played with it for the little time i could, since i didnt have an international plug earlier on. the sms seems abit queer, space is # key, 0 is a smart keypad short cut and i cant remember what asterisk is.

and it has a camera! i am kinda excited since i opted for no camera phone ages ago since it always was expensive. it has since became cheaper tho. this phone is the same price, if not cheaper than, my nokia 6100.

then again, considering how backwards and expensive mobile phones are in australia, that maybe a reason why.

the camera on the phone seems to have digital zoom. i didnt quite read all the details on the website before, so when i saw the video cam function i was kinda O.o shock.

i do still want that 3g sony ericsson phone at some stage, since it has video conferencing function. but right now, i am so in love with this phone, i am over the moon. oh i know, i have a phone fetish, about as bad as my bag fetish, and shoe fetish. but its how i like my stuff anyways. besides, there's not point having a 3g phone when just about everybody dont have it and isnt able to video conference with me.

and the fact that its more than likely to increase my phone bills.

of course, if i am still studying here or far away from dad by the time he somehow gets video conferencing phones, he might go stupid and require me to get one too once he realises he can see me AND talk to me... sounds scary.

when the phone arrived though, i almost cried. after the long delay and wait, i found the damn phone was network locked to the evil T-Mobile. i didnt know then if the local shops had be able to unlock it, and lotsa solutions online seems cheap but takes a while, since i have to wait for cables to be bought online and what not.

that means another goddamn week in this already like, 2 months wait or something.

yer t mobile sucks like that.

so i had my bed time (yes, i sleep at retarded hours, aka, 10am) then woke up to dad's annoying incessant calls which of course resulted in a grouchy me.

went down to the shops and showed my phone to the crazy john phone guys at civic. they FELL IN LOVE WITH MY PHONE!!! MUAHAHAHA....

so when i told them my problems and what not, they didnt mind unlocking my phone for me, but t mobile would ask a price, probably 10-20 bux, so i would have to pay them for that. otherwise it's freeeeeee.... yay...

power to the people...

so somewhere this time tomorrow, i am going to have a functioning phone that has camera abilities and what not, and goddamn fully charged, and pretty. weee

i am insane....

oh and for people who play games, i don't know if u guys know whats leroy jenkins... it's this player from wow, who did something stupid and killed his entire party. well, basically just ran around and pick up what seemed like aggros. stu said those mobs were easy and the guy didnt have to touch all those mobs, but whatever, it was still goddamn funny.

last night, i hopped on jake's account while he hopped on mine, so he's the healer and me, the evasion tank... and then i did a leroy, lmao... i did warn him and adam though what i was about to do... but jake being un-used to actually being a healer, got me killed.. but still was hell funny, it being the most fun i had since a long time.

at the beginning when i first started grouping up, i used to dare vc to train ourselves. like 4 pink mobs, 3 red mobs or something. that was way before i even bothered to buy normal scrolls of escape. so i died often, but was hell fun.

last night's venture beats all that though. was like 3 spiteful soul group mobs, a few doom knights here and there, i guess totalling about 30-40 mobs. jake healed me before i actually do much damage to all the mobs, and some arent even properly attached to me, didnt notice much about his hp (YES I SAW UUU HEALINNGGG MEEE I DID! WHILE UR HP GOES ---------) and voila, he died.

they came back though, and rezzed me, and we went on at it again, this time with a proper functioning prophet, helped healing and yay.... we killed them all. but damn, it was fun. we had no aoe person in the party so it was hilarious. with laura tho, it suddenly seemed so much easier, plus the fact that me and jake switched back, since u know, he sucks as any character in game :P


i wants more!!!


Batman begins, then again

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aha, i totally zonked out for the last few hours, and now i am semi awake, semi unconscious, still spacing out every now and then.

i basically managed to get my room all cleaned up by 11am, but linxy went off to bed at about 5 am or so, coz i think leah woke up and he decided to sleep with her to lessen the noise and so she isnt lonely since she might be going home soonish. before he went to bed though, he started unpacking his speakers and what not, resulting in a bigger mess in the living room than before he started packing.

we were supposed to go watch movie at 2.30pm though, but i didnt know the full details or didnt really heard him the first time around, so basically went to bed after cleaning up, setting alarm to go off at 2.30 itself.

what amazed me though, was how inconsiderate linxy was. he decided that he would clean up before going, so that the landlady would turn up and see a clean home. i know he got up at about 11 or so, but i dont quite know why he didnt tell andoo and rosie we might not make it on time earlier.

by the time i got woken up by rose, they were already half way to woden, basically just checking where we were. all he did was said "crap" to me when he found out, but didn't suggest anything else, so rosie told me to tell him to get ready for the 3.30 session instead.

at the end of it though, the landlady did kinda told us we dont have to clean and stuff, if anything, the last time the evaluators came over, they just head to the balconny for a chit chat session.

from the looks of it, this time around, it didnt seemed like they even came in. she didnt pick up the mail that i left for her.

then we had batman movie. it wasn't bad at all, and i love alfred's sense of dry humour. if i ever get a butler, i definitely want him. well not him, just someone like him.

i also like how katie holmes looked when she was all passed out on a table. so hot.

somehow tho, the guy who plays batman, his face seems weird, abit off. like a botox job. i have seen him before tho, and i know its his natural face, its just how it seems so... hard. like a mask.

overall, the movie was great, nice action, fighting stuff, and what not. my only grudge was that it was slightly longwinded. then again it might have been just character development.

i know they kinda killed off the guy who was supposed to be the joker, and made it someone else instead, but since i am not like a huge fan or something, it's not something that bugs me. it is after all, a movie adaptation. there's only so much u can fit into a 2 hour movie and still hold attention.

we picked up stu for dinner after that, and bundled off to queanbeyan for dinner at central cafe, but it was pretty full and we were fucking hungry, so we went off to rendevous, which was nearby and bigger. the contrast was huge. it was almost empty. its not like the food is worse off than central, infact they were similar, but i dont get why central was in queuing status and rendevous was almost empty.

we had our fun though, and the waitresses were uber friendly, they had sing and dance to their radio while we just laugh at them and they had chat us up and so on.

tho i reckon it's probably coz they like stu and his "afro". they brought us a total of 3 servings of after meal mints, each forgetting that the earlier had given us some, and at the 2nd serving we were told to hide the evidence!

so we shoved it into stu's afro. lmao... he looked so pretty... all gold wrappers and whatnot... rosie and i couldn't stop laughing ahaha... so cute.

altho i admit, one of the ladies was right, stu's so big and hairy, u just either want to give him a hug coz he looks like a bear, or u had want to pluck out all that arm hair.

or wax him.

i swear he had kill me if i try. lol...

mmm ok... i will try and sleep again...


About women and wars

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Webpage i am reading: BBC News

Ok i am a nerd, i happen to like to read and the sad part is, i am actually just trying to procrastinate my cleaning of the room. i have resorted to reading news, my texts, my reading bricks, but good lord, every time i finish like one page, one chapter, one paragraph, i just couldnt bring myself to move more than one article in my room.

see, the landlord is coming in tomorrow to get some bank to refinance her apartment and they wanted to have a look around. but since neither me and linxy has effectively moved in (read: unpack all our shit), we aren't exactly in any state to let her allow the viewings. of course i can pack it up nicely in like 2 hours, but i am not very motivated to do so at this very moment.

one thing that caught my eye while reading though, has got to be women's status in the world, in peace time and at war.

from the woman who secretly got herself ordained as a priest, while under roman catholic laws, to the young woman who divorced her husband while being a child bride, to those little girls who were raped because they were the minority in burma, the abuses on women.

i don't quite know what to make of this. i thought we live in a modern world, regardless of the various situations we might be in. the bigger, more powerful states promise to protect the weak. but it seems, women will always be the last of the people to be protected.

although it's through we have come a long way since time untold, why are women still viewed as the primary home makers then, why are women viewed as the ones who should drop their jobs so that they can look after their children and depend on their men?

i know i am probably generalising too much, perhaps hoping too much as well, but child bride, arranged forms of marriage are still happening the world over. while it is technically illegal in some countries, it's not like the countries are actively enforcing the laws as much as they could to prevent such marriages from happening.

understandably though, it could be because the country is big, but what about the local policemen? why aren't they doing anything?

many things are happening, and authorities that could do anything about them are closing one eye to them, because they don't want the country to look bad, they don't want to interfere with traditions and what not.

in these modern times though, traditions are the very things holding us back in moving forth to being a truly modern society. maybe they don't want to be modern, maybe modernising the society is bad, because it can lead to other things. Then the vows of social equality and whatever other things in their speeches are just a pack of lies.

women are being undermined in their daily lives, in what's expected of them. it's ok for men to womanise, it's socially crippling if a woman is found in bed with another man that's not her husband or boyfriend.

it's ok for a man to be priest, because none of jesus's disciples are women. but nowhere in the bible was it mentioned that he didn't love his women followers as much, if not more or less. i am not talking about the controversial mary magdalene book, but i am talking about the actual bible. he acknowledge all of his followers as much as his 12 disciples.

and while eve was the first one to help commit the original sin, let's not forget that judiah was also the man to betray jesus.

that saying, since judiah betrayed jesus, are we sure we want possible descendants, relatives of that traitor on the altar?

fuck no. well not me anyways. who knows what they would do to sell out the church right?

but men has been at the altar for the last 2000 years and abit, while women have been at the back, silently supporting them, teaching them, studying with them, along their path to priest hood.

the bitches for the dogs.

so why no women priests? coz we might prove to be better? or are we still viewed as THE original sin?

i am not angry at the church, i am angry at the men who believes women as the cause and effect of everything, as the one to carry the responsibilities, as the one to bash up when things go wrong.

i am angry at the people who could do something about the women being abused, being neglected, being pushed around, and who does nothing because "it's none of our business what goes on behind closed doors, or out where we can't see".

as long as it happens on home grounds, as long as it happens within the same globe, under the same sun, the same sky, then it is your business, it is our business, because the next person that could be raped, could be punched, could be rejected by the society, could be you, your wife or your daughter.

because we are human too.

because your mum carried you around on her for 9 months or so, therefore she and those after her are worth it.

because if you are a woman, you wouldn't want all those ideologies enforced on you either.

because if you are a woman, the day you lost your husband and have to find work all over again to support your kids, you might wish you have a penis instead right from the start.

because if you are a woman, you don't want to feel unwanted.

because most of us as women, are proud that we are women.


mr and mrs smith

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just done with movie with wadge and linxy. we watched, yep, mr and mrs smith, and damn, angelina jolie has got great boobs and ass. makes me want to punch them to test out if they are real or not.

no i'm not jealous, just admiring them.

it was a great movie, fast paced and well done. although the trailer pretty much let people know what happened in terms of, how they found out they were each other's enemy and so on. that wasn't the twister though.

through out the movie, i like the oomph they gave girls, like how women can be emotional but can be highly organised (read: anal) yet get the job done as well as, if not better than, guys can.

an all done with finesse.


and honestly, while it's a fast paced movie with lotsa fighting and shooting action, i find myself unsure as to hide behind wade's jacket or to laugh out loud. it was a cross between funny, scary and at times, really sad that i wana cry. ok, so i am a sod, does it really matter here.

what really interest me in this movie is how they totally redefined the entire meaning of violent sex.

oh yes, violent sex. some people like to call it rough sex, at times, sadomasochism.

this is... raw.. uncut... undescribable.

trying to kill each other before sex, punching, kicking, kicking of the testicles, broken glasses on the floor, its like WOW. they had sex all over these broken shit, doesn't it hurt?

then again, it might be more erotic. i'm all for wild sex.

this is more rauncheous than my wildest imagination though. really.

man. makes me wana watch it all over again.

mean while, to vent the hyperactivity that derived from watching people punch each other out, i took it out on wade, i think i broke his arse.

and he will be on flight for 24 hours to london tomorrow. oh wells. poor thing. he can just sit on a broken arse. and some broken arms. ooo man. i wana punch someone again.


random people

some people think i am random, with the stuff i say and the things i do.

hell, i have even been voted miss random on my schools gaming forums, for the exact same reasons. the poll started mainly because of a newbie poster who just decided to label herself postal's miss random anyways, without knowing much about the rest of us.

not that it matters much. i am not so crazy if u get right down to it.

but anyways, i discovered my random ness is probably due to my... asian heritage. here's the evidence.

i think the picture pretty much speaks for itself. picture taken from the lineage2 korean site, the forums section.

then again, people might call it a gamers' syndrome. i don't think most gamers i know would be able to come up with something like that though.




a long time ago i would write short stories, or series at times when i feel like it, and wanted so much to be a writer, because it was fun and was a form of escapism.

my secret to writing it well, as teachers used to say they were, were also the fact that they were my form of leaving where i was sitting to wherever and whatever i was writing. at times i had write so much and write so fast, that i had be panting and in pain at the same time, because i didn't have a pc. or well, i had a pc, but it died pretty fast.

in the process of writing, the story itself developes in my mind, like a movie that was unseen and i just let it flow from mind to paper. it seemed like the most natural thing to do and to allow to happen. for stories to tell me what they are, for characters to tell me their names.

when i am done with them, i wouldn't and couldn't correct my errors. there had be spelling errors or grammatical errors, basically from writing too fast and from having shaky hands. i just feel like, if i correct the tiniest error, i had tweak the story at times, and by the time i am done with corrections, the story is often no longer the same. and at times, because of the teachers' corrections, this is pretty often the case. they like to suggest stuff into certain paragraphs sometimes, which obviously was never part of the movies.

and me being the dictator of the story would refuse to hand in the corrections.

and i often get punished for "not doing her homework".

when exams came along, classmates had sometimes turn to me for help. i could mostly not hold a proper argumentative essay well, but a fictitious one was fairly easy for me so my classmates had come and asked me for advice and such.

i tried to explain about the movie thing and so on, but no one could get the idea easy, and even if they do, they still get penalised for bad english which also results in similar marks anyways. considering how most of them who asked for help refused to speak even proper english at school or something, i wasn't surprised.

i am not trying to be snobby, i don't have perfect english either. i just feel that attempting to hold proper conversations or have some proper form of english around you at times, rather than just 30 mins- 1 hour of the day would probably help better.

fast forward a couple of years, i started teaching tuition. few students i get actually cared about the tuitioning. they just complied with it coz their parents wanted it for them. i managed to bond with two of them at most, because we just clicked. they too, were just fulfiling parents' orders. the difference was, because we clicked well, we managed to do better and actually fulfil their parents' orders because we clicked and didn't try to rub each other sideways.

both kids were.. saggitarius (maybe that meant something) and one of them i still keep in touch. the other one, she moved and i changed my numbers right at that point in time where she was suppose to tell me where she moved to. so everything just fell out of place.

funny thing is, how we all grow up, and watching both kids grew, i kinda feel proud of them like they are my own kids. both's comprehension of english got better coz i was a part of it. they had problems with their new tutors (since i got here to study) and they had write to me about it.

i miss them, and at some point in time i guess i would go visit them when i get a chance to go back.

for viv, who just graduated from primary school and did fairly well in her first semester in secondary school, congratulations my dear... let nothing hold you back nor pull you down. :)

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stupid cakes

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i planned to wake up like, 1 hour after i have slept, in the end i found myself snorting so hard in the middle of sleep that i actually woke myself up. how retarded.

rummaging through some pictures while trying to wake, i found that i suddenly have an urge for cakes. i know, it sounds dumb to get the urge while looking at pictures. but i havent quite ate cakes for a year or more now... wait, probably more. my family isn't into celebrations of any sort either, so we don't have birthday cakes for any occassions.

parents are those chines-y people who thinks if we are to celebrate we gotta go through the entire tradition and what not, which obviously does not involve any cakes either. just noodles and being locked up in your room.

then again, my parents have long forgotten how old i am. my mum says i am 27, my dad says i am 20.

anyways, so i dressed up, coat and all, happily went out into the morning cold.

to find a stupid shop all closed up with the cakes well on display.


to be honest, i started pawing at the glass, staring at it, and stomping around.

i guess i could have gone to civic and gotten some cakes and what not. but it's retarded. the boards were up promoting this evening's deal, and it usually is open at this time of the day. so why isnt it opened now!?!?!?

after creating quite a scene, i checked out the supermart but NOOOOOO none of them have anything interesting there.

why aren't shops opened when i need them? infact why isnt anything there or easy to find when i needed it but rains on me when i don't?! it's like this huge conspiracy against me!

first it was all the stuff ingame. then, its all the damn stuff in real life. damn cakes.

good news is, my new phone is finally arriving. stupid t mobile. i be awaiting it on thursday, unless something screws up, and customs decide that i should pay gst for a pretty phone.


no pictures yet till then.

oh well if u want, jake took a piccy of it to show me what my phone looked like when he got it.


not like it helps the wait any better. it's a samsung e315, not a spectacular model, just that i love anna sui, her designs, and purple in general. yes, my first love was never pink, it was infact the most hated colour i had for a while.

before that, my favourite colour was purple, various shades of it infact. i still love it, especially lilac. somehow, the colour doesn't like me so i have stopped wearing it now.

when i was about 10-14 or so, i turned goth for some reason, and basically insisted to the world i was a vampire. parents obviously didn't help, THEY insisted i was a vampire to me too. i started a large collection of fangs and black and white clothes with blood hints on it. my mum's a tailor/seamstress, so before i turned 14 or so, most of my clothes were made by her.

you can guess what happened.

i requested a wardrobe of goth clothes, from vapid looking ones that was like a rip off from some mad anime (well i didn't really know much animes then or the difference, so it's like a cross between a vampiric looking sailormoon and some marvel comics character).

ok that wasn't part of what i intend to say. but yes, the phone should be reaching australia this week, it's purple, it's black and it's pretty. and it's a camera phone my first !! so happy. dad got a new phone for himself last year when his got stolen. and it had a camera in it, as part of a certain loss plan by m1, his service provider. which meant he could get phones cheap. well certain ones anyways.

my mom got all excited. when he called me first after he got his new phone, mom snatched the phone and started screaming "it's a camera phone!! it's a camera phone!!!" i just stared at the wall then asked "what's so surprising about that?"


anyways, yay... my anime downloaded... well tsubasa chronicles anyways. still waiting for bleach to be translated. in the mean time i tried this quiz... with the bleach anime in mind basically trying to figure out which of the 10 or something main characters i resemble the most.

Take The quiz yourself

eh, i am not pretty, beautiful on the outside, but this girl has damn big boobs. i need plastic surgery...

EDIT: well um.. guess what bf got for his part of the quiz?

Take The quiz yourself


on nudity and blogs

was reading around and realised plenty of issues about a particular blogger and her choice of putting her nude photos on her own blog.

many people have comments about it, and singapore being singapore, there was as much negative comments about it as there were nonchalent ones.

to set the record straight, i don't view her blog much, not a big fan, but not like a hater or anything. my point of view on that whole issue is that, the blog is on the net, if it's not hers, it would be somebody else. everyone willingly accepts porn on the net, but such personal nude pictures on her own blog could only be viewed as an artistic portrayal of herself, especially in the context that it was taken in, the article that it was posted in and so on.

there's nothing wrong with artistically taken pictures, and even if it was a sexually suggesting one, there shouldn't be too much of a controversy on it. how many of us has chanced upon porn, or deliberately viewed porn webpages and didn't think twice about it? not many of us can be innocent on that.

just because someone decided to put her own nudity up on a public area, does not mean she's any more or less moral than us, or that her parents did nothing in nurturing her.

everyone has a sex life too.

2 thousand years ago, it was perfectly fine to have sex, to be married and so on.

what makes it so different 2000 years later?

many people might point out, 2000 years ago, our lives were nomadic, barbaric, with few civilisations, and can't be compared to today.

however, 2000 years from then, most of what have changed is the exterior, the facade we put up for everyone. once in bed, everyone's an animal. what, you're going to say "excuse me please" while before you cum?

better yet.

"please don't look" when ur stripping while having sex? or "please don't touch"?

that would sound hilarious but if that's what comes out of "civilisation", geez, sex must be a very boring thing.

then again, considering how loud some people can be in bed, i foresee other scenarios. to be a considerate neighbour, they would stifle their moaning and groaning while having sex.

all these are part of a normal sex life. there didn't seem to be any changes in that while the rest of our lives got civilised.

now back to the girl who posted her nude picture on her blog, 2000 years ago, people might have said more like "that was a nicely done picture". we, their descendants, who are "civilised" should probably head towards "i wonder what camera/lightings and such were used" than "her parents taught her shit"

we choose our own paths in life, not our parents, not the people who judge us, but us. so, even if ur shy about your body, and jealous that other people have the ability to post something up about themselves, don't let it get to you. and don't judge others.

cause the day u show ur hairy butt to the rest of the world, we might not take it lightly.

and i don't understand the media very well. why's it that so many people have nude picts all over, and yet when ONE singaporean post her nude pict on her blog it's such a hoo ha? surely as journalists, and the fact that singapore is also well hooked to the internet than even, say, rural australia, they should have seen some form of artistic imagery. and yet there's so much fuss over ONE blog.

geez. ran out of news topics?



been a nice 2 days worth of sleep. that's how tired i am. from being sick, and from having all those damn showers.

finally had my first warm bath and then i went out again, hunting for free wi fi spots and ended up back at the first one that i know of anyways. it's getting colder here, and a little drizzy at times. i almost froze to death that night, but i happily ate up all that creamy potato croquette :D

for now i have nothing much to update, because nothing much is happening. it's nice to walk around, eat out and stuff, instead of feeding on microwaved food or what i could cook.

it's great to be just sleeping around room though >.> as long as i didnt just passed out on my clothes in the walk in wardrobe...


quitting the tards

i finally lost it.

after many attempts to login at the time they want me to login, not getting parties, not being able to lvl yet expected to die for them while they are not prepared to listen and be perfectly capable of any teamwork whatsoever, i left ds, at least for now.

it's not good news, nor a great relief. after one home, i left for another "home" and i was happy, if even for a while. but things catch up. i can't stand how nobody listens in the sub, and everyone mostly parties with their clique. i know you can't avoid cliques but at least, if you want me to be any higher level, surely i must stop delevelling and start levelling.

what was most memorable was how i died in a siege, and no one cared to re level me back like they promise-- because they were using my account and not me.

oh i could start parties, but how many people would whine, how many people would want prophet buffs?

at this point, i don't know if i want to play anymore anyways. a healer without a clan is hard to level, but i dont feel like being clanned any time soon, since i dont want to be near retards.

i guess it's time for either a full reroll or just go back to playing cs, after all, i can be with retards on cs, but i dont have to be a part of them that would piss me off.

another thing, in games, i realise there are very few girls playing, the gospel according to men with small dicks. last night was the most appalling night in terms of behaviour. someone realise ooo so and so is a girl ( some newbie i don't know) and shout chat suddenly became all alive and full of horny guys.


keep your dicks in.

just coz your wildest fantasy doesn't play games, doesn't mean that girls don't play games.

and girls play games way better than guys, as far as i am concern, although we all pms every few days or so.

at any rate, the good news is, my hot water is finally back up, after i almost froze in my bathtub last night and had to boil water... AND

my glasses arrived...

while i still look nerdy as ever, i'm not all that blind.

something seems wrong with the glasses though, like wrong degree or summat....n so i am fairly disoriented at times. oh wells. i am still sick, maybe that's it.

i KNOW all this is in hard to see pink, too bad, GET OVER IT... muahahaha


waking up

tissue paper

crumpled bags

clothes strewn over the floor, spread by time and space.

uncleaned dishes

more personal items.

sounds like a crime scene.

no it's my damn room which has gone to hell ever since i got sick coz i was just too sickly to bother cleaning up. now i wake up, look at it all and go, what the hell.

i curl up in my bed for more warmth as i find air to breathe.

i hate being sick, makes me feel so vulnerable. makes me feel so unclean.

my only comfort is, that my stuff are so little it's easy to clean up without worrying about too much time effort and dust and dirt. although i know i would worry about them anyways, and set about vacuuming it up.

and i have grown so disinterested in everything around me, l2 included. i don't know what i am doing. stupid sickness. but l2 wise, i guess it's not my being sick that's at fault.

since a while back i have started picking on who i should party with to lvl and what not, and one by one these people are quitting or not logging on as much anymore. i guess that's the sad part about being a healer where one must always find someone to party with to lvl efficiently... i am not all that adaptable at times, especially when i know that putting myself in other parties might result in me being frustrated coz other people might be stupid and so on.

i have started a new character but i do not know if i would reroll. all my past friends are dwindling and at some stage all would be gone. the only reason i played this game so much was coz of the people, they made it fun, i made it fun. now playing alone, is going to be so... not awesome.

school wise, i kinda don't know what to do coz suddenly, seems like i won't be working for the job that i desire.

oh wells. time will tell, time will tell.

meanwhile, i feel like attacking some stupid plumber... so that my filters and all will be fixed.

and dad just called, asking for english services (aka, how do you spell this!!! help me write a damn letter!!! but all in english!!!) and then laughed at my coughing, telling me that i shouldn't have visited antique... -.-

and would a certain boyfriend come over and clean my room? kkthx.

(boyfriends are part-time maids)