hrmph. had a nice long nap and then woke up to cs :o i was intending to study then linxy popped by and asked for cs, so away i went, as usual, hunting for the most populated server.. got some surprising results though, i guess the people either really sux today or i am just in one of those moods. got a knife kill too, i think its like the 2nd or third in my entire career!! :OOO
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so as i was saying, went out to civic today and saw the girls by chance, it was great seeing them again, having a male around the house sometimes dont demand much of a gossiping session, but yer, it was awesome. teasing tina was the BEST thing that happened today XD~~~~ i missed doing that ssooo much. hey, it's one of those things that friends do as a harmless things to friends. of course, there's normally a limit, but most of my friends and i could take it to a lvl where it can really hurt someone sometimes, but... yer. it's the tolerance lvl. as long as you know the other person is joking, and u know it wont affect you, everything is for a laugh :D

i did this bag picture that i loaded more out of fun coz i saw another person's blog who kinda mentioned another linking site about it. i can't remember the full details now, but one thing i remembered is how much the insides of your bag really shows what kind of person you are.

a couple of suff that is shown in that pict doesnt normally exist in my bag by the way. the lip conditioner and the organiser. i dont usually carry them out for shopping and so on. but today i had to go school and my lips were cracking up so they had to come along. usually too i had go around with my waller, but the bag size is pretty small today and thus, i dont see the point of carrying the entire wallet around since i dont use everything inside anyways hehe. so the essentials are:

1)my ipod
2)my camera
3)my money/cards
4)my mobile

that's pretty much it. some of u know i used to have a pda, a tungsten T to be exact. well what happened to it? to be honest, it died on me. months of disuse (because it is sometimes fairly retarded) resulted in the batt dying away i believe, or it's just trying to be kinky with me. i could try and repair it but i dont know how much it costs to do that. i think its actually going to be cheaper to get one off ebay 2nd hand that works very well than actually trying to fix it.

i rarely use it though, and perhaps when i do see a use for it again i will fix it or just get a new one, since the newer ones are better. it's not that i hate it, but i realised that i am more into paper products for such issues than actually having a pda. i could get it working, and do heaps on it, or just dont use it at all =.= i aint exactly a techie person sometimes. if u check out on ebay, a full new/2nd hand set with some extras range from 40 usd all the way to about 300 euros or so. when i first bought it, it was about 1 thousand bux. so :( poor tungsten. back then i was working and thought i would have needed it for the work i was doing. well not really the work i was doing but intending to quit and go back to doing full time private tuitioning i guess. it would have been helpful.

but then again, things worked out this way, i am back to studying, dont need tungsten anymore and poor pda kinda lost its use. i mean i honestly prefer using paper products anyways. so i am killing the environment, bite me. paper products are sooo natural though to use, i dont really know much other ways around it.

girls invited me to pub crawling on friday night :D so i might have more pictures to show everyone. got a new program to edit my photos too, so i guess i am guna open some album or something to show everyone. they make the photos sooo heavenly with all the wild effects. but i got to figure out what it does and how it does some other things first before changing my pictures =X

aight time to really settle down and read.

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