i have decided that perhaps i should be better at this than anyone else. after all, a good part of my day is spent trying to annoy linxy since he lives with me :D

20 ways to annoy someone:

1)Bite them, and make sure u leave a teeth mark behind....

2)sing elmo song in the most broken way you could. cry if u have to. make that 40 times a day, even when ur showering, when ur cooking, and especially if they are talking to you....

3)unplug their network connection to the modem, while they are using the net... then scream "OMG!!! THE COCKCROACH PULLED OUT THE PLUG!!"

4)run around the uni wearing a panda suit, yelling "wadge (for want of a better name) stole my clothes!!!! he's gh3y!!!"

5)hop on their pc and steal all their porn...

6)steal batteries to the garage remote..

7)stick a blow up sex doll on top of their car. pretend u didnt do it, and when u see the crowd the next day, go there and whisper, loudly, that "i knew it! i knew that he prefers doing it with inanimate stuff omg!!"

8)run through their wardrobe contents when they have guests.. then start asking in a really innocent tone "wadge, why do you have such a small front for your underwear... and a big backside?" (huge innocent eyes must be included)

9)go for dinner with them. when their food arrives, ask in a loud voice "WHY ARE YOU DIGGING UR NOSE IN PUBLIC YOU CUNT! USE THE BATHROOM!"

10)(This only works for select individuals..) when shopping with them, at the check out counter, ask them, "hey, where's the anal sex starter kit that u were going to buy? and then 24 pack condoms?"

11)moo at every cow that u pass by when ur in the same car as them.. then continue to bleat at sheeps, neigh at horses, and if there isn't any animals along the road, start singing songs that is in a totally different genre from the one they are playing on the radio...

12)(this obviously only works on males...) poke their man tits and yell "MAN TITTIES!!! U HAVE GOT MAN TITTIES!!" right infront of a theater after the movies...

13)when they are on the phone with their parents, "oh honey... put it in.. slowly... oh yer (moan grunt) oh yer... don't forget the guy behind you too, ur suppose to lick his toes... oh yer.." make sure u say all that, as ah.. porno as you could..

14)print a collection of colourful porn pictures and stuff it in their drawers when their boyfriend/girlfriend visits...

15)start digging ur nose every time they talk to you.

16)repeat everything they say to you, every other sentence they talk.

17)ask them what they want for birthday presents. and if it's the expensive type of presents. hand make it. eg, if they want an ibook, make it out of a white folder.. (for people who have read the ebay story, u know what i meant..)

18)pretend to be drunk and make them carry you home because you're afraid of cars.. then mid way thru start bouncing on their backs and yell "GIDDYYUPPPPPPPP!!!!!!" or "HELPP!!! HE'S KIDNAPPING ME!!!! HELP!!!!" make sure there are policemen nearby..

19)(i am not responsible for what ever happens to you in your course if u do this) during an exam, if the question requires you to explain a theory to them, weave a fictional story out of it. for example: the land/sea breeze geography theory, say that the sea, jealous of the land, decided to steal all the heat in the course of the day, so that the land is cooler at night than in the day...

20)during a writing class, start eating the paper you're given to write on (i guarantee you, you won't die of poisoning unless they poisoned your paper.). tell your tutor that it speeds up your writing because all that you're ever guna say will be on the paper, due to an invisible pen that's going to write everything u say inside your tummy, and it will be shitted out in 1 week's time for him.

ok. i am done. that's was a little hard... ^.^

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