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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
so saying about imageshack being bad yesterday or so, today its blogspot -.- it suddenly returned a blank page to me resulting in me having to post this twice. anyways, this is the reason why dad didnt want me to own a camera, i take every single picture a man could possibly take, but myself. i just don't like being on the lens end of the camera. at any rate, these pictures are proof that adults love toys too =X

i am sure everyone loves them coz they are so cute and adorable, nothing wrong with that if ur 30, 40 or 50, ceo of the world's richest and most serious organisation but u melt into a puddle if u see them. i mean, geez, toys pwns everything else in this world. :D cheerful little thing.

better yet, soft toys that fit on top of my monitor. for some odd reason i have this bad habit of tossing around while sleeping, it's this thing called dreaming, and it causes them to be lost forever into the oblivion under my bed. so anyways, sadly, i have to chuck some on top of my pc. now this isnt a bad idea coz now i can just grab them and squish them even more :O. Those who have worked with me though under Aviva in the DBS thingy would have remembered the mountain i made outta my cubicle. all those soft toys lol!!! poor whatever his name is, was allergic after that to synthetic fiber =X

and yes, that's a boobsy chinese anime character as my desktop, no i am not a lesbian, although i can pretend to be if u want me to be. i just admire her big eyes and nice hair, want some of those but sadly, honestly, slit eyes suits me ok -.-"

i got a new collection of soft toys recently tho, no thanks to my sweetie.... will take photos of them tomorrow.

oh no, i didn't get back my laptop yet, but i discovered that drivers can be downloaded off websites too =X hrhr, i am silly :P

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