lotsa people wonder why they can't find bf/gf easy, and then they have a cry about it, gets all drunk and silly and then whines all night long to me on msn, aim or something, about lonliness, solitude and perhaps that man is truly meant to be an island.

let me tell you something. if ur guna get drunk and smell like u have just puked all over yourself, nobody will even wana come near you, much less stay close enough to get to know you.

was out at the supermarket just now and one of these such people was whining to his friend about it infront of me.

oh god the stench!!!! i could barely breathe, and for the sake of the fact that i am in the queue i stood there, trying to bear with it, praying that somehow, some wind will suddenly occur and blow it all away. omg. T_T or at least linxy comes back to the queue and i can just run out and get a breather.

in his hands were these 6 packs of bottled beer or something, and dear lord, for his own good, i hope he doesn't drink them all and drown them down after smoko or something. because not only is he going to keep potential people away, one day, just one day, governments may decide to be decent for once and ban people who reeks so badly from air conditioned, enclosed areas.

and then there's the very fussy people. eating dinner out with linxy at this tiny old fashion looking chinese shop, there was this group beside me. the good were kinda cheaper than most shops in my opinion, and their services were great, considering how much trouble the other table was giving them. the only other waiter there was attending to them since way before me and linxy went in. and he was there coz they didn't want this and that in the dish, want to know what's cooked in it, and omg, every single sauce there was possible in that shop.

honesly, i feel like asking her to go home and bring her own sauces.

cheapo fussy old ladies. the food were great there as it was, sauces or without the sauces. but she had to have 421830921830182098281 ginger, and the duck MUST be cooked with chicken...

where the hell do you find such dishes?

only at fussyladies inc.

but the great part about this entire dinner trip was that i found one of my old favourites!!!! oh yes, i finally found a shop that sells chok, this cantonese style porridge that's hot enough to cook an egg (well technically, i just had a look at it, semi raw :( have to micro it...) and is all salty and mmmmm (drools)...

when i was young, i used to stay in this part of singapore called holland village. back then, one of my dad's friend owns this little coffeeshop which has a chok stall, owned by this old couple. they were mostly just open in the mornings, extending a little later on sundays. they had the best chok i ever had in my entire life and really dotes on me 2 :D (which means more eggs!!!) and were really great and generous with the meat helpings.

when i was about 10 though, we moved out of holland village and i guess around there they probably closed their business for retirement. after all, they were pretty old by the time i actually could remember them and started calling them "ah gong!! ah ma!! wo lai le!!! (grand pa grand ma i am here!!)" :( i sure miss those days and them...

but my family is kinda into food anyways, when they are not into games and techie stuff that they don't understand. sundays were set aside for food hunting, were we had got hunting for great tasting local food, or generally asian food anyways. sundays are also the only day of the week thats definitely a day off for my dad, so it's like a family outting day.

man, i miss those family days :( sometimes i hate it, oh yer, definitely, i don't like waking early, never a morning person. but those were the days when i am actually out on my parents' expense and we had get to talk and stuff.

couple of people have been msn-ing me about how my dad is funny and so on. -.- great for you, not when i am the one spending the international calling fees....

oooo... was looking over some sites just now, for some odd reason, my research on some writers on genocide studies ended up on a porn site.. -.-" i have no idea how that works. anyways, it reminded me of this person who used to live in the same dorm as i was in.

now in the dorms, we all share the same network. and of course, also had a file sharing system which we set up on our own. now this person, always claims he has no porn, nothing of that sort. always proclaiming that he loves his gf too much and so on to perform such a heinous act, because she's a great person in bed (yer they are fairly open about it.). but then again, when u think about it, walking past open doors that kinda.. shows them performing blow jobs is a little disturbing.


one fine day, after i reformatted my pc, i started to look around the networks for applications installations programs to copy from, since ah, i didn't quite have any backups.

guess what i found by chance on his pc (it's often locked, not sure why it wasn't passworded that day..)?

oh yes... that's it, GAY PORN.

not even normal porn, GAY PORN.

he and that girl were still together back then. not sure about now, but oh god, gay porn? i have nothing against homosexuals honestly, one of my friend is an open faggot (so he says :o cute guy :( too bad he's lost to the guys side of the world, but anyways!! thats not what i am saying here!!!), or even bisexuals. but here is a person who insists he's porn free, perfectly straight and in love with his girlfriend, who has gay porn, or transexual porns (some of them had a bit of a pronounced set of titties...) and for the rest of that night, i was fairly scarred.

needless to say, i had to consult a friend. and soon, we were all scarred.

thankfully, he barred it again the next day, so we were spared from the uglies on his pc.

*prays* Dear Lord, i am glad for all the gays and straights in the world. but please don't let me chance upon forbidden materials ever again. let r(a) be r(A) and steer clear of my vision. and pls slap liars in their faces while they sleep... amen...

sigh. thursday again.

gogo beard woman!!!!


yj said...

exhibitionists or what?? want to show off should go to the park in dead winter or spring to do! maximum effect right? freeze into statue there forever for people to see!!

pAnDaR~ said...

:O i wish!!!!! but these people, sigh, they have a tendency to "show off" in other manners than being perma statues where we can choose not to see them!!! help me >.>