ok, facial hair is a bane on most women's life. they all call it facial hair so that they had feel better that they aren't half men... let's face it, if it's a damn mustache, its a damn mustache u have got. if it's a beard, oh hell yer, you have a beard. you can't hideaway from it.

however, the most disgusting thing you can do, is to perform some sort of destruction on it in the middle of a tutorial. why tutorial, you may ask.. for one, the class has only 20 PEOPLE AT THE MOST, if u haven't noticed, you're not exactly alone.

for another, it's just purely rude that u should take out a tweezer and start plucking at ur beard/mustache during class, because you're distracting everyone as to what the fuck you're doing.

also, if you haven't taken out your tweezer no one would have noticed you actually have facial hair. making a big fuss out of the fact that you actually own facial hair would result in people noticing it, or haven't u realised by now?

why am i ranting? last week i turned up for class, a scary person took out a pair of tweezers and started plucking furiously away at her beard. there's only 10 people in that class, so naturally we were all trying so hard to ignore that fact that someone has this.. capability to do such a retarded act in class. i be attending that class tomorrow and i sit here pondering should i change the class, for whenever i think about that offender, i just cringe and put my hands to my chin, in case she might decide to just reach over and pluck out whatever she might see on my face.

oh the pain T_T.

i mean, she could have waxed her beard at home. wax is definitely more effective than plucking 1 by 1, plucking it is more effective if u have waxed everything and these tiny annoying bits are still there and its easier to tweeze it out. and no one would have known, hey you have a beard!!

but noo... hi beard woman. oh wells. off to dinner at hog's breath.. (drools)

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