-.- there are times when i wish technology can be slightly MORE reliable than it already is. considering i spent the last hour writing this blog, i damn well wish it was published rather than "page not found, error 504" or some stupid thing like that.

at any rate, i was just talking about how, delightfully, i stepped outta my apartment and to stewie's birthday bbq, which was more of a sausage and laugh at everyone's misdemeanour over the last 3-4 years of uni life. with mosquitos around though, it was hardly relaxing, but yer, i kind of enjoyed myself a little. ^.^

however, as my luck would have it, right from the start of the day i simply had to have stomach pains. this range from pure diarrhoea (oh yer, this word exists in your dictionary, so thus it's NOT disgusting :o it's a bodily function...), to the usual cramps. i demand better treatment towards my nerves from my body!

and then there's this usual ill treatment of my cutie :o abusing him is hilarious XD especially when u consider how much i spend my time on it :o... first off, i couldn't stop laughing after posting his gh3y looking private messages to me in rose, then posting his gh3y-like response when he saw the posts in the forums XD...

his madness, his laughter, it's alll sssoooo cute, such a blessing to have him (drool...droooll...ddddrrrrooollll) nevermind.. ahem..

anyways, while thinking of ways to prove to him how perverted he maybe, i chanced upon this article in playboy.com: http://www.playboy.com/sex/features/breasts/ which tells various interesting things about boobs, from how to tell if a woman is sexually aroused, to the, ah..., man boobs!!! as i have often pointed out to wadge, his man boobs exists!!! and they prove to have some use, though i actually haven't had a good read at that section.

i chanced upon lush australia's website too!!!! omgomg (drooollll~~~~~~~) it's sssooo yummy, i can't wait to hop into a bathtub with all those mmm yummy stuff (going bimbo here, gimme a sec to clear up ^.^) but oo errr, can't linger on that site too long or i had buy everything. lush cosemetics produces one of the most original, natural, yummy smelling, rich, skin worthy and helpful products of all the companies i have known out there. not exactly cheap, but not overtly priced like some ridiculous branded items maybe, it is every gurls mmmmmm shower dream fulfilled. i have put a link there to the link's section if u wana have a look. they have other countries on their list, but sadly since they pulled out of singapore, u have to order internationally if ur from there or malaysia. the closest to both countries, if ur abit conscious of the product's freshness, would be hong kong or aussie (i don't measure the distance between singapore and others very well :o).

in the mean time, i am still stuck with my 2 liters huge body shampoo that i bought back in muar, malaysia when i visited my grandma and was doing my return shopping there. i didn't buy much other than some good food that i wanted to share with the boys here (which ultimately ended up having me gobbled most of the food =X i am sssooo bad with good food). there's of course no worries about that. my main concern for most part of my life wasn't really my skin, but my hair. for week days, i use this japanese brand shampoo which for the life of me i can't understand other than it being typed as aquair water shampoo or something along that line. it smells heavenly, and was a rave with my colleagues back at the pharmacy then. we had used to buy it out.

then on weekends (ok so i am the ultimate bimbo, who cares -.-), i use redkens all soft range. that one, oooo, smells like vanilla... and i had sit there just going oooerrr. it has tremendously good effects on the hair, keeping it all soft like it's title says. aight, stop picking on the bimbo.

on the good news for today, i found the 2 bookmarks that i ever bought in my life (hand made ones, freebies, they often used to look sooo good) finally. they were bought from the oxfam shop here, but looks so leet. but went missing when i moved here amidst the boxes and stuff.

i also found the website to this miniature plant i totally adore. not quite sure if i want to buy it, expenses are kinda tight. http://www.emygarden.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=16 but have a look, aren't they totally asking to be kissed *.*?

sigh. i realise, the closer to bedtime that i blog, the more bimbo i sound at every turn. how sad -.-""

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