this is more in response to the comment i found below by chance (they are being channeled to an email i barely use so i actually have to refer to my blogs to see comments appearing.)

let's see, learn to cook....

1) i am cooking for myself mainly, my housemate generally dont have to endure my cooking coz a) he isn't home, b)he doesnt eat home and c)he doesn't cook his share in this home anyways. therefore, i can cook whatever retarded shet i want, and it had still taste as good as what i wanted, because i have put exactly those ingredients in.

2)i know how to cook, i said botched attempts more coz they dont look the same as the cook book. but then again, referring to point 1), there isn't a point for me to have a restaurant looking meal on my own table for my own self.

3)if i didnt know how to cook, those food wouldnt even be pictured would they? coz i be getting takeouts. they had still be raw eggs, fresh bred and packets of mozarella cheese in the market.

so dear soul, u learn to cook. and tell me those werent cooked food. ^.^

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