aight. i started the morning trying to make breakfast for myself. kind of. this in turn resulted me in finally cleaning the pile of dirty dishes that had not been cleaned for the last 4 days or so. no, there wasnt any icky stuff really, just stuff that needs lotsa rinsing.

anyways, let this be a lesson to u that recipes are to be followed, or at least read. no one should attempt cooking base on pictures >.<

my botched attempt at cooking ah... nevermind..:
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the one underneath is the botched attempt, the one on top was a better version of the botched attempt, more coz i decided not to attempt it till i figured out how what i saw was really cooked, hehe, so it was similar in that eggs, mozarella cheese, bread, salt and pepper were involved, but it was scrambled eggs this time, not an attempt to force the bread to be a sunny side looking thing.

it was still botched though, coz i forgot salt and pepper till the last minute. however it looks though, they were still excellent tasting... cheese, eggs... mmm. and a couple of vege fingers to finish off a healthy looking meal (i dont think it really is but then again :o) and a pineapple fruit punch thing.

so here's the final thing, minus the fruit punch...

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and i had a time magazine to read thru all that too :o it actually tasted like sausage mcmuffin with eggs, cept as u can see, which i just realised too, i forgot my turkey ham >:( oh wells there's always tomorrow :o


Anonymous said...

Learn how to cook?

pAnDaR~ said...

i am the only one eating it :o not that i care much about being dead or alive after eating it. incidentally it was edible and pretty awesome too :o wanna cook for me?

Anonymous said...

hello cheryl, that's a very nice looking french toast you got there. :) good attempt at cooking. love your blog. keep in touch okiez?? and hey, lemme know anytime you need good food, i'll be more than happy to whip up an awesome spread for you.