updates to the blog:

1) down at my wishlist i have added 2 new links, one to amazon.com's wishlist and the other is to one of the stuff u can't buy from amazon.

disclaimer: i am not asking you to buy when i have a wishlist up there, nor for any of my friends to actually purchase it for my benefit. they are there more for people to know where my taste for stuff lies, and also those are the stuff i am working towards.

if you choose to buy for me, *Shrugs* your choice...

2) after looking thru a few blogs i have decided to add radio.blog to my blog. it saves your ears from whatever taste of music i have at the moment, and saves me the trouble to upload them to the ftp every time i get sick of the tune.

but i found i can't live without music, winamp or no winamp (i.e in school when i am running thru some websites...). therefore, if you want to play some of the songs, just double click on the songs and they will be streamed from my ftp side.

it's kinda on trial atm to test how much bandwidth i be using. if i use too much, it's back to torturing your ears, so dont try and be funny. i WILL put a recording of my laughter if you kill my bandwidth on a whim.

since its on trial atm, i be loading songs bit by bit, just to test how it goes. however, since i am an IT idiot, and my ftp host is very gay, i have to cut short the name of the songs. if you see any song you like but u dont know the singer and so on, EMAIL ME.. the link is down there ---> to your right... ^.^

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Anonymous said...

Yay I'm on the credits :D <3 PanPans