good morning! i actually slept somewhat normal hours today! i don't believe it! *does a happy dance* so for once i would actually turn up for the class, on time, and not for the make up class at 2pm (unless i do something idiotic like take a nap at 8 or some crazy thing like that...)

and it's farken cold... >.<>.> i was born near the equator, not my fault that i am complaining ok! blame... earth!! thats it!! it's its fault that its in a sphere shape, not my fault for not being able to withstand cold T_T not that i can withstand heat much anyways O.O

have anyone of you actually visited this http://www.savetoby.com ? aight, i thought i have seen enough since i started using the net when i was 13 (bear in mind i am kinda... 23..) which means, i have been around for 10 years. there were people trying to sell their burnt pubics online, selling haunted coke cans, selling their HUSBANDS, whom they are about to divorce and so on. oh yes, i have been thru the dot com boom, and bust. well not really bust if u think about it, more people are using the net today than during the "bust" its really how stuff happened. but that's not my point.

few times i have seen idiots like THIS particular tool, who uses something other than himself to draw the sympathies of the general public for, what i would label as, extortion. of course, you cannot forget those similar idiots who donated to him base on what he said, what he put up, unless they think its a great joke and donated out of pure "hahaha good luck!" to him.

i mean, if he is such a great person that he said he is, saying that he picked up the rabbit and nurse it back to health, why would he turn on the rabbit and proceed to cook him so suddenly, without a reason, unless WE donate 50k to him? i mean, look at the recipes that he can come up with (of course it might be a hoax, i havent actually went and read them to see if it was possible).

then look at that counter. it could be counting down, or it would be going up towards 50. regardless of which way it was going, that is still a significant amount of money he has gained. and people wonder why more and more laws are set up towards this "NET" thing, well here you go. people who earns from the hearts of people, people who do stupid things like these and actually have a few rich people responding (well if u can actually do it coz u believe it, therefore to me, u have the money.)

it's people like these who ends up having laws enclosing on bloggers too, because there are a few legitimate people who actually got money out of their sites. and now what? the police guna clamp down on it?

well then, before the police clamps down on it, and since there are such generous people who actually donates to a hoax, donate to mmmeeee. i am just a poor college student who has to suffer at my housemate's ineptitude to clean T_T (well not really but then again :o), who can't find work easy coz of the visa laws that i can only work 20 hours a day and i have no local working experience. Furthermore, my parents decided to be a wack and not send anymore allowance therefore i am about to die from hunger (well not true really, i still have expired food from those times when they did...), and i DO wana visit my boyfriend in Ohio because i think since i love that idiot, i SHOULD spend some time with him that is not online, don't you think?

you know what 50k can do for me? finish my honours/masters (well i am doing undergrad, but i am thinking of the possibilities) without making it too harsh for my parents. hell, it had relieve them all together, and they can finally go do whatever they want without worrying about me.

then, i can also spend more on the worldvision kids :D (ok so i donate to world vision for "my" kid that i "adopted", but that is MY problem. kids are the future of their country, if u don't help them get some education and bring the country upwards, they are guna be forever in debt. and guess whose money it is that is being sent to them? that's right, YOU the taxpayer.) so i can have like a brood of "adopted" kids and i would be happy...

and of course.. flying to ohio... ^.~ and making my cutie go CRAZYYY.. if u havent actually managed to read my blog by now, i would suggest u flip a few pages back and start reading so you have an idea what type of person i am. alone i can be quite normal. well in my perspective.

when i am with someone else though... they do kind of suffer. which means, i am going to torture my cutie... (no, not with whips and chains! what are you thinking!?!?) just coz its fun XD.

and i think thats the end of 50k. :( what a stupid world. using money to do stuff. why cant we just do stuff for people coz we want to and not coz "oo that bitch has alot of money, let's suck it up!"? then we have less possibilities of bimbos ruling the world, and more DESIRABLE people who actually knows how to conduct themselves (case in point: paris hilton). oh i know, lots of these stories might be all rumours, might be all made up, all the media hype and also could be started by the person in question for more fame.

but if there isn't a hint of truth in it, it wouldn't have started anyways would it?

which brings back round to my topic, if ur that bimbo, at least donate to the right people who needs it. eg ME. no i am kidding. go look at oxfam, worldvision, unicef and a few others. those are the people who really need it.

of course if you're still that stupid i will not stop you. my paypal is at anivyl@gmail.com and if i start seeing money there, i think i would be happy, coz at least i KNEW i somehow interest you to donate money to me with REAL stuff, with my blog, stuff that i created, than with a rabbit who doesnt know wtf is going on.

p.s i have taken off ur link tho i wish its there. coz ur a great person in ur own rights and everybody should see that >.>. for the pimp.. ehehehe, i dont bother promoting my site much, few people will chance on it i believe, thus the lack of comments. and then of course you got the retards like ME who doesnt like to comment because maybe, just maybe, people would like to prefer their blogs to be private. i don't really know.

but no, i don't mind if u stumble across it, or if half the world reads it, my blog is kinda an online entertainment for me. i blog my stuff here so i can laugh at myself, with the rest of the world :o

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