this is the 2nd time in a month or so, i had people come to me with a funny relationship problem:

they can't make up their mind to be together with the person they like or not. maybe it doesn't look complicated to you simply because they didn't settle it amongst themselves. the truth is, they did. they are actually "together", telling sweet nothings to each other, or secretly going out together and just not telling the world.

they didn't exactly turn to me for an advice either. they came to me just wanting to vent some their frustrations because, for example "i fell out with the person i like.". when questioned further, it turned out that they "are together" but aren't because one of the party (usually the one talking to me!!!) refuses to admit that they are an item!!!

now this is fairly frustrating. if you say you guys cant be known as an item because of family, some other barriers or some problems, i had understand. but regardless, i personally feel if the person u like likes u too, u guys openly are affectionate to each other, WHILE IN EACH OTHERS' PRESENCE!!, then therefore you're together. not very complicated is it?

i mean look, it doesn't matter if you don't admit to everyone, hey she's my girl, hey he's my guy, if this person is going to farken walk out of your life, you're guna crumble and cry anyways right? you're guna wish he didn't leave your side and that you wished you had told him so, yer? think, break up upset.
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however, instead of just simplifying it for my understanding, they had to just say "oh no we aren't together, we are just more than friends you know, but not bf/gf, coz you know, it had complicate things. and i really want to see how things work out before i get myself a relationship again." like hi, u just made me more screwed up in the head. i am trying to help you here, you're not helping yourself.

the problem with such relationships is, you have a commitment problem. u decided not to name this relationship any particular status because you're afraid of getting hurt or that maybe this person isn't up to your expectations. then u create this cute little verbal backdoor for you to run out of in case the situation gets bad.

but you know what? if the situation gets bad, you and i know that you will still be equally hurt, you will still find it equally hard to just let go, especially if the other party views you guys as being together regardless of what you think. after all, those "i love you"s weren't said without a feeling were they? because if they were, you're fucked in the head, and i am not quite sure if i want a friend who's fake to me either. read: this means that even as a friend, u would lie to me about your feelings. if i can make an effort to tell you i love you as a friend, i hope those words fucken comes from your heart.

boy am i pissed.

don't ask me why, it's just that these people come to me with the most retarded of problems and when i can't deal with it and told them so, they still expect me to understand them, comfort them, advise them. and then turns around and say that "u just have to be a listening ear, a comforting shoulder you know, you don't have to say anything." when in actual fact, they keep asking "what's you opinion on this? i have no idea what to do. :("

the fact that i am far away in australia doesn't mean i can't find someway to strangle you.

back on topic, both friends, who doesnt know each other btw, had some problems with their other half. one was more serious than the other, for the later was still in the "honey moon period" of the relationship (i am not going to care what they called the relationship) while the first obviously had it going for a while now.

so, after various prodding, since she keeps asking me what to do, and i don't know what to do since she wont tell me what kinda relationship it is, she says to me, "well we are more than friends you know."

me: ok what do you mean by more than friends? you guys are together?

her: no, we aren't together. i want to get to know him better before i hop on anything.

me: (feeling fucked up by now) ok so what exactly are you guys, and how does that make your problem valid then? does he even know u guys are "together"? and if he's not your bf, why are u telling me "bfbfbfbfbfbf"!?!?!?

her: u know when you do stuff together that are more than just friends (starts thinking of her kissing... ewww) but you haven't embarked on anything, so we aren't exactly a couple. oh you must have got me mistaken. when i said bf, it's like when i said you're my gf (omfg, does that make me a lesbian1?!?!!?!?) and yer he knows. infact HE's the one wanting me to be HIS gf, not the other way round ^.^ (those were her exact words and expressions too!) so i am not confused or anything. he just assumed i am his gf...

me: ok, so what does him having another gf... make it sounds as if he was cheating... if you guys weren't exactly together and you know.. that means technically if he likes someone else, he isn't exactly dumping you...

phone call from her, exasperated: LOOK! if i say we are together and he's cheating on me, then i am fucked ain't i?! then i had looked like an idiot isn' t it!?!?

me: is that what all these "he isn't my bf" all about?

her: NO! it's not! i am just asking you what i should do!

me: how the fuck would i know! if he isn't your boyfriend then he ISN'T CHEATING ON YOU!

her: blah! i would just try and solve this myself. (click.)


a few days later, a calmer conversation started.

her: hey. he's cheating on me, i have confirmed that. he told me after i confronted him.

me: ok.. so what now? (still confused, since, they didnt admit they are together!?!?!)

her: i'm glad i didn't say he's my bf, or i be all screwed over right now.

me: hrm ok..

her: (sounding shrill) he says he can't leave her now...

me: oh ok. well u guys weren't exactly together..

her: (crying) why does it hurt so much?!?! cher...... (wails...) omg this hurts so much cher!!! he ditched me for someone else (mumbles something into the tears)

me: ........

at this point, i kinda feel the pain on her part, for i have been cheated on before, and i guess i could relate to the pain. but nevertheless, she never eventually told me if they were together. and the point of this entire thing is, u can don't admit to the world hey.. but ur heart knows. u can't lie to that.

i know how sometimes, u just don't trust urself to say "i love you" or "would you be mine" to start of a relationship. but if you're guna play safe, you're also going to be sorry, perhaps way sorrier than if u hadn't. relationships can hurt, you will go thru bumps and so on, and it may go thru 10 relationships, 100 even, to find the right person for you.

but that doesn't mean u shud make each one a commitment phobia. coz ur just going to make it easier for BOTH parties to just walk out coz, you know, NO ONE KNOWS UR TOGETHER!!!! NOT EVEN THE 2 OF U!!!! you may think of each other as gf and bf as and when IT CONVENIENCES YOU! so think about that!

the second one made me pissed off just as much as the first did! here i was sitting down and she came hopping along...

her: hi cher.

me: eh wassup.

her: nothing much just quarrelled with the guy i liked.

me: oh ok. what did he do?

her: o nothing, he just started assuming we're together..

me: (oh god i shud have seen this coming...) o...k.... he likes u too and knows u like him?

her: yer. (starts talking about how they found out they love each other) yer and then, we care for each other alot you know, just that we aren't together.

me: erm ok.

her: but we text each other daily before sleeping, we get on the phone and tell each other we love each other, isn't he sweet cher?

me: (omfg. and ur telling me u guys aren't together!?!?!) yer, very. so you guys aren't together?

her: nopes.

me: why? what's wrong (sorry i had to fake it there, was boiling..)

her: well, he's kinda far away, and i am not sure if i am ready for another relationship yet.

me: fair enough... so what were you arguing with him about?

her: oh he got himself hurt!! he should have taken care of himself!! and then he got mad that his friend told me he's hurt!!! he should just tell me such things!!!

me: ...... ok...

HOW THE HELLLLLL DO U NOT GET EXASPERATED WITH SUCH PEOPLE!?!?! pls tell me!!! *howls* i managed to keep my cool anyways until i walked off. then i decided to sleep it off.

see, times such as these, sleep is good. too good i must say.

at any rate, i am not complaining about them coming to me with problems. sometimes though, it's really sad. either i was single, or i never had a bf before, and they think i am some kind of relationship guru.

i'm sorry i'm not. i also have my own failed relationships. but then, if u don't really mind about that, hey, i can give u some advice based on what i think. :) i will still be mad if u come to me with stupidity like the above -.-Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

the things people say -.-"

taking a bus have many interesting things to keep me occupied, that is not my ipod. it's just the people in the bus alone that amuses me so much. not that i am above the stuff that they do or say, but that they seem so cutely delusional it's funny..

overheard conversation #1

woman: you know i dont like to bitch you know...

man: yes i know, ur a great person, really nice..

woman: it's not that i want to bitch, but she makes me want to bitch you know (laughter)

i don't know if i should cry or laugh at that particular conversation!!! in the next few minutes, she continue to bitch about someone else altogether, about how that person has no sense of fashion, how he's late to work and how he can't cook.

and the sad part was, she repeated the same ending to the last conversation into this conversation.

moral: if you're bitching, face the sad truth, you're bitching. and if you enjoy it, stop lying to yourself and admit that u like it, letting it go is better than pretending that "oh i am holier than thou..". everyone we encounter in life, be it friends or total strangers, are likely to piss us off at one stage or another. we are likely to bitch about them and it's not a terrible thing.

admitting that u have a flaw is the 1st step to being a better person.

conversation #2

time: 14:51

heard upon a man cutting a queue with his friend...

man #1: isn't it disgusting how when u have a 3p.m meeting there's never a taxi to be seen

man #2: yer. and look at the length of this queue. how ridiculous!

you, my dear sirs, are total retards. at 2:51 ur starting to leave for a meeting that's obviously not in the city, therefore you deserve to be late, and hopefully you were embarassed.

add that to the fact that you jumped queue, you're also the ridiculous one.

moral: do not be a tool and start leaving for a meeting 9 minutes before you're due. you need more time to gather urself together and actually look presentable (man #1 in this case had mustard stretched across his tie after talking..)..

all in all, businessmen in suits have a funny idea of keeping time.

but talking about time, remind me again, never to blog-hop when i am half concussed, wishing to pass out but having insomnia. the comments i posted in other people's blogs are fairly.... dumb.

basically repeating whatever they said in their blog. i have NO idea why i did that, don't ask. i ended up rambling on my blog too about sleep and so on. next thing i know, i slept for 12 hours, woke up to pvp in lineage, and then promptly fell back to sleep again after about 6 hrs of doing that pvp and dinner... slept for 6 hours, woke to do some stuff, and went back to sleep ANOTHER SIX HOURS!!!!

my body must have felt the need to let me sleep enough or something before tomorrow's class.

oh no, does that mean more beard woman?!?!!? =X save me!!!

meanwhile, saying that, i should stop rambling for now. i am still half groggy from the excess of sleeping. it's a good thing to "catch up" with my sleep i guess, but it made me all woozy from all that sleep and now all i wana do is....



surprising? i doubt it. :D so... GOOD NIGHT!!


a little tale~

no matter how strong a woman may see, she's fragile underneath all that strength that she puts on. for she is only strong for the ones she loves, and when they are gone, she loses the ability, even if it's for a while, to look as strong as she ever did portray herself to be.

on a night more than 20 years ago, a man step out to visit his fiance.

in his car he drove, along a rocky road, in dark unlit places, to the big family home she stayed in, in this little village about thirty minutes away from her. he was going to marry her in about 2 months, in a formal chinese ceremony. and he was going to visit her to discuss their wedding plans. she was young, maybe not very pretty, but has a heart that he loves, a mind that engages his and that was all that matters to him.

maybe it was too dark, maybe he was tired. no one really knows. a few meters from his beloved's home, his car crashed into a tree. the crash was loud enough to bring everyone out, including her. after all, she was a trained nurse. but when she saw the car, the bloodied face that she loved, she crumbled and all training went out of her head.

for all the pain he was in, his eyes brightened up a little when he saw her, and her trying to come closer to him amidst the gathering crowd. then a weird sound filled his car. and that was the last he saw of her.

infront of her eyes, the car blew up. the impact threw her off her feet, grazing her legs, her knees, her hands. but nothing will ever heal the wound in her heart, for when she turned and look at the car again, it was burning in pieces, with the remnants of her love burning with the damned damned car.

she screamed, she cried, warm tears rolled down her face, leaving wet dirt streaks all across her face.

that night, a young woman's heart broke. it was bleeding, bleeding..

bleeding within her, crying for one that cannot return..

crying for one who would have held her while she cries...

bleeding for the one who would never bleed again..

that young woman, who was so strong, so so strong, so rational,

was in pieces...

all broken.... all in pain.

for months, she tried to mend her broken heart. she didn't go to work for a month, she was a wreck for the 3 months after.

the day of their wedding came and went. her sisters rallied around her to support her.

but her mentally retarded brother, who sometimes could not even remember his own name, went to her on the day of their supposed wedding, "when is he driving here to pick you up?"

oh the pain! oh the tears! everything started again, as if it had just happened. she crumbled to her feet, her knees weak, her tears just flowed and flowed...

a year on, a wall have started building between her and the real world. this wall looks strong, this wall, it looks thick and firm, rational and powerful.

this is her, her face to the world, behind it lay the broken pieces of her heart.

she is going to protect herself, protect her heart, this person whom her love had loved and was going to marry.

she is going to live, no matter how she missed him, for she knows that is what he wanted. even if it was unbearable without him, even if it was with her crying alone in her bed at night, she is going to walk on.

and on.


scary friends

at this time of the day.. sigh...

strange people think i am some kind of love/make out counselor. they had come to me, wringing their hands, tearing their hair apart, or type in this kind of colours to make me mad.

see, they do strange things in their relationships, such as cheat on their bf/gfs or got cheated but still stick to their respective "my soul mate!!!" despite my constant reminder to them that if they can do it once, hell they can do it many times. or, as i have discovered, make out in the strangest places (hrm ok, classrooms... are meant for lessons...) and then something happens and now they worry that their relationship is going to be on the rocks.

because they farted while making out.

in a quiet classroom at night.

in the school.

i mean, ok i don't need to know what goes on in your relationship with regards to THAT ASPECT. u just have to say "i fucked up. how am i guna keep my bf...?" instead of giving me the gory details of how good he was.... till you farted.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i mean... firstly, it's normal for people to pass out gas. secondly, if he hasn't got round to understanding that, oh god, please tell him to go back to elementary school. thirdly, uhm, u got excited, even if you hadn't farted, you might have pee-ed, and i guess.. that's all right... well maybe not, i am not going to discuss about the possibilities of ah... positions.

anyways. that wasn't my point.

the point is. if this fart breaks up your relationship, boys and girls, you have a shithead for a mate. time to find a new one coz the present one obviously doesn't regard people who fart as human beings.

so again, at this time of the night, please, PLEASE do not msn me about your sexual encounters.

it terrifies me to know the wild fantasies of yours, and how you actually PERFORM IT!


sleep, is something one should treasure. to some, sleep is overrated, and to others, they just take it for granted.

when i was young, i had an idol. he was the first and last idol i ever had. he said something like "i believe as people get older they need less sleep, time is too precious to be wasted on sleeping." and at that time, i did believe in that, after all i was 12, i was taking in about maximum of 4 hours sleep a day, and still living it great.

and as i get older, while i do get tired, i never napped and thought, hey i was a great person in doing that. sometimes, amidst studying, i had got 2-4 days without sleep, not that by the 4th day i had much of my brain processes functioning.

but now at this stage, i am terribly annoyed. at times, i really want a break, just a good dreamless sleep, but i can't do it. i either get woken up, or i had wake up at the weirdest hours, totally not refreshed at all, feeling just about as drained as when i slept.

of course i know it's my fault. years of just abusing my bio clock, and the fact that nowadays i just ignore time and would plow thru the night farming for my character in lineage 2, studying and trying to figure the fuck out why stupid people do stupid things in history and finding new music to shove into my playlist (on my pc!!!). usually by the time i am done, it's 10, 11 or 12 noon. and then i had have a grand sleep of 3-5 hours and be up doing the same shet over again, or just ignore sleep and go for classes!!

by now most people i know might just go ":O omg she's a nerd!!!! she has no life..." uhm yer, i didnt come here to party on a daily basis. i do hang out every so often but with an allowance of 200 a mth (or actually none since dad is still being gh3y), it does limit my movements a little and people here are very idiotic when it comes to giving international students jobs. while a few could get jobs easily, others gets picky. i don't happen to like restaurant work due to various reasons, so dont get me started on that.

back on my insomnia thing...

since i can't sleep, i get cranky at times. and this is where wadie comes in perfectly :D

now, being my friend means it has it's own "job hazards". if you're not careful enough, u might lose a skin, a nut sack or... yer, i won't go into details.

so poor wadie came to visit us tonight while i was still sleeping. i slept at about 4/5 pm, he came at abt 8. with dinner and linxy. roughly awoken from their kindness to furnish me with food... i got kinda cranky and went all crazy. hrhrhrhr....

using the same balloons u saw a few entries back, which has now stopped floating and definitely have deflated somewhat, i started chasing him around the apartment insisting that he wears it in the general pelvic region to represent... his balls..

then, he was watching guu with me and linxy on linxy's futon thingy in linx's room. i got tired of sitting and tried to rearrange wadie so i could lie on something soft (aka bolster) but kinda in an upright position to watch the show. naturally, this would mean he might not get the "perfect" view of the pc. he started squirming and complaining naturally, and i bashed him into place, kindly reminding him he's the pillow for tonight.

oh poor wadie T_T i feel sorry for you~

anyways. car ride back home from mac's, i tried to strangle him unsuccessfully :( guess i am not well bestowed with strength.

oh wells. BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!!!!!! i will definitely chew his arm off!!!!!

oh yer... ^.^ trying to sleep again... gnite :P

oh before i forget. i have been receiving funny comments that er...

"your blog is all pink and girlie girlie!!"

"wow her stuff are all so girlie!!"

ok, erm, if u haven't noticed by now (most of you were referred here, BY YOURS TRULY, AKA ME!!), i am a girl, now, it would make sense wouldn't it then to be girlie girl girlie thingy?!!? -.-" strange people... it's not a crime to be girlie girl.

so finally, to end off this stupid insomniac post..

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here's a girlie girl for you!!!


What to do when u miss home...

there are times when an international student like me would miss their tropical homes, like me, for the sheer fact that it had a slightly warmer and wetter climate. of course, i hated the weather most of the time. i just want it like, once a month or something. but the climate cant exactly change as and when i want.

anyways, lately, with the onset of autumn, and obviously winter coming after that, i have been feeling terribly cold and miserable. yes i know i have a reverse cycle air-con, but that's beside the point.

then i had a spark of brilliance, after all, i AM from the tropical climate. let's recreate it in my room at least!!!! so, here's how to do it, adapted from my conversation with linxy...

prelude) obviously close all windows and doors before u start.

1) turn on the reverse air con.

2) Bring ur rice cooker in your room and start cooking rice there. the bigger the rice cooker the better.

3) cook soupy stuff in your room. it would help.

4) bring buckets of hot water and shove it into 4 corners of your room.

5) check that your room is starting to smell at least like the kopitiam down stairs before you start doing anything else. (coffeeshop for those who don't understand.). if you feel you're missing something, you're right. where's the coffee and milo, eggs and roti prata? go make some.

6) have a LONG HOT shower. dont turn on ventilation. they fan away the heat.

7) dont dry yourself. walk around your room dripping wet.

by now you should have a nice, steamy, humid climate in your room for u to roast in. it should last for about 4 hours. ^.^ as and when u feel the climate isnt wet enough, splash the buckets of hot water around your room.


disclaimer: if you drown in your room coz of the buckets of water, it ain't my fault.

Random picture of the day

i have a thing for cats.

so bite me

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A couple of months back or something along that line, a man was allowed to walk free, though he killed his wife. because he was "provoked" as she was going to dump him.

here, are the women versions of what they should do if their men ever walks out on them. after all, ur not likely to get jailed if "ur provoked.."

taken from

In Canada, a 38-year-old Vietnamese mother of six who cut off her husband's penis when he refused to end an affair with a younger woman will likely spend no time in jail for the crime.
Last year, Ms. Kim Phuong Tran pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced by the British Columbia Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm to a two-year-conditional sentence to be served in the community.

The conditional sentence means Ms. Tran won't go to prison as long as she obeys the conditions of her sentence -- she must attend counselling with her children, she must attend English as a Second Language classes and participate in life skills classes as directed by her bail supervisor.
Speaking of Ms. Tran's husband, Justice Dohm said, "All persons, regardless of gender, would have extensive sympathy for the complainant and his future." Surgery left the husband, Vi Hoc Phung, with a stub of penis. He cannot engage in sexual activity and and may have urinary problems later in life. The judge noted that Mr. Phung will suffer long-lasting physical and psychological effects, and said that, normally, he would have sent Ms. Tran to prison for the crime.

However, the judge noted some circumstances that justified his conditional sentence. The judge noted that Ms. Tran had been emotionally abused by the victim. He also noted that the couple's six children, of ages 4 to 16, would be separated not only from their mother if she were sent to jail, but probably from each other.

"These children are entirely dependent on their mother. It would be expected that the six kids would end up in foster homes, probably divided and with lasting effect." Justice Dohm concluded: "I think this is an appropriate case to impose a conditional sentence."

The couple came to Canada in 1990. At that time, they had four daughters. Mr. Phung, however, wanted more children because he sought a son.

Even though a doctor warned that Ms. Tran's health could be in danger if she had more children, she gave birth to another daughter in 1993 and finally a son in 1994.

Last year, Ms. Tran found a motel receipt in her husband's car. He denied he was having an affair but often neglected his family, not coming home for days at a time. Eventually, he admitted he was in love with a younger woman.

On July 1, 1997, the husband returned home around 3 a.m. His wife pleaded with him to leave the other woman.

He ignored his wife's crying and pleading. He sat and drank beer, telling her to leave him alone so he could sleep.

After he drifted off, Ms. Tran took a meat cleaver from the kitchen, pulled down his pants, cut off his penis, flush to the pubic bone and flushed it down the toilet. One of the older children called 911.

"I begged him but he didn't listen," Ms. Tran told a Cantonese speaking police officer. She said she did it "because I loved him so much."

Ms. Kim Tran is not the only overseas Vietnamese woman who severed her husband's penis.
In March 1996, a Vietnamese woman in Sydney, Australia -- also named Tran -- attempted to cut off her husband's penis with scissors. By the time her husband, Tom Thong Tran, was rushed to the hospital, his penis was hanging by a thread.

His wife, Tran Nhu Tran, pleaded guilty to malicious wounding after the prosecution agreed not to pursue a more serious charge of malicious wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Following her arrest, Ms. Tran was granted bail but ordered not to harass, molest, intimidate or interfere with her husband.

She was also ordered not to come within 500 metres of the west Sydney home where the offence took place.

But she later told the Court that that the couple had reconciled.

At a later hearing, Ms. Tran changed her plea to not guilty, and her husband also told the judge that he has forgiven her and was no longer willing to testify against her.

Liverpool District Court Judge John O'Reilly said that as a result there was no evidence to support the charge against Ms. Tran, adding: "I'll enter a verdict of not guilty."

(In the U.S., this won't work: Most District Attorneys will have collected enough independent evidence of the crime that a victim's unwillingness to testify will not prevent the defendant's conviction. Allowing the victim to determine whether a trial goes forward would create a perverse incentive on the part of the criminal to pressure or threaten the victim into dropping the case)
Found this while reading news online...

Man trying to retrieve shoe hit by train
By Tracy Sua March 26, 2005
The Straits Times

A MAN who went down to an MRT track to retrieve his shoe died after he was hit by a train at Buona Vista station yesterday.

Mr Azman Mahfodz, 37, died a few minutes after the east-bound train ploughed into him at 12.57pm, dragging him several metres at the station packed with holiday crowds.

He was on his way to Geylang to buy wedding decorations for his customary marriage to Madam Rozanah Salleh, 40, who tried desperately to help him onto the platform.

Train service was stalled for almost an hour yesterday by the freak accident.

Just before the tragedy, the couple, who registered their marriage in February and were due to wed on April 9, were some way behind the yellow line beyond which passengers are not to stand, recalled Madam Rozanah, speaking in Malay.

'A lot of people were nearer to the track than us.'

She did not remember exactly what happened next, but somehow Mr Azman, a general worker in a transport company, slipped and his shoe flew on to the track, the housewife said last night, eyes red and swollen from crying.

'I told him, 'Your shoe is over there.'

He said he would go down to the track for it.'

They could not see a train approaching at the overground station, and she told him to be quick.
'He went down to get the shoe. Everyone else acted as if nothing was happening,' she said at her Ghim Moh HDB two-room rental flat.

When he had difficulty climbing up, she went to help pull him up.

He was partly on the platform when she saw the train coming, and she was thrown back by the impact, she recalled.

His head and legs were bleeding profusely, and when she asked him if he recognised her, 'he tried to answer, but he could not'.

'Then I asked him to recite whatever prayers he could remember. I sat down, started crying and fainted.'

Police arrived within 10 minutes. When she came to, they told her her fiance had died.

SMRT said eastbound trains were turned around at Jurong East and Queenstown stations and buses were used to ferry passengers from Clementi Station to Queenstown Station.

The station is monitored by closed circuit TV, but the incident was not recorded, said SMRT. It is looking into the reason. People should ask station staff for help in retrieving items dropped on tracks, it added.

Eyewitness can call Clementi Police Division Headquarters on 6774-0000.

Holding back tears, Madam Rozanah said her fiance, who had four children from his first marriage, was 'nice and responsible', and got along with the six children and five grandchildren from her first marriage.

They had just sent out the wedding invitations, she revealed.

Then, as she showed the happy pictures they had taken together recently, she fell into deep silence.

I honestly have only 1 feeling for it. i mean, i'm sorry you lost your husband to be. however, let's look at singapore mrt stations. firstly there are warnings every where, "DO NOT GO DOWN TO TRACKS. CALL OFFICERS (or whatever) IF U NEED ASSISTANCE."

secondly, from memory, there's 2-4 or so amount of HUGE PLASMA tv/signboards, telling you when the trains come in, usually listing the soonest one first, then a 2nd one behind.

thirdly, by now, after we had mrt for so long, most of us know that mrt runs on electricity. jumping on tracks is a nono, u get fried.

so. i only have one feeling for it. WHY THE HELL DID HE JUMPED IN TO GET HIS SHOE?!?!! while reading through it, i am constantly reminded of the Darwin Awards and it's existence. without the actions of such people, the awards wouldn't have been able to exist, to CONTINUE.

each year, we have strange people dying from their own silliness, their own folly. if it's not trying to be superman in a car rolling off a cliff, it's from actions like that above. a shoe, let me repeat, cannot be worth more than one's life, the grief that you're gonna put your family through, the scars you put on people who viewed whatever happened nor the sheer fact that lots of people other than yourself that would be blamed for what happened.

when truly, it was your choice to hop down and go "yes ! my shoe is worth the trouble of jumping into a spot that is about 1.6 m deep. and i might die in abt 2 mins if the train comes chugging along! if not i might get electrocuted anyways!!!"

truly, i am amazed at them.

on the same topic of singaporeans and... people...

i have been on blog spot for about 3 years or so. slightly more or slightly less, i really can't remember. most of the time i had just hop on and blog, then get annoyed with whatever i wrote and start a new blog and so on.

recently i have taken to actually clicking on the blogs they have put up, like "latest updates" etc etc, where blogs of people who have recently updated are put up. i realised that more and more singaporeans have taken to blogging, it's almost like a mania. at least 1-2 out of the 10 listed there that when i look, are singaporeans.

while some obviously just started their blogs, others have it for about 6 months to a year.

seems like something happened while i wasnt caring :o or in town.

the annoying part of it all is, their postings are SOOO annoying. i am not trying to be a snob here, but half of them don't even write in any semblance of english.


you = euu
so cute! = shoo'x kewwt
i love you! = eeiiii wurbbbsss eeeuuuu`!!! (with all those astrophes and shit.)

and if you think l33t sp34k is bad, try a mix of those cutsie wannabes above and l33t sp34k. u will wana cry.

taken off diorangel's profile on blogskins (http://www.blogskins.com/me.php?userid=171209)

Hi i`m a n3wbiie at bl0gskiins.
eu sh0`x shwe3t.
c0mm3ntt 0n mii3 t3mpl4t3s kaeZ??tIs iShHh muh firSst skiin 0f miie bl0g.
if eu dUnch lYkk muh skiin or w0rtev4, g3t l0sst.

omg my eyes my eyes!!!! T_T and it's not just in blogskins, it's everywhere i look on their blogs. i had run thru looking for good reads, and i be hit with walls and walls of singaporean preteen cutsie l33tsp34k.

it makes me wana cry...

and what with tiny -10 size fonts in totally unreadable colours?!?!! or fonts!?!?!

i wonder if they even look at their blogs. some, obviously don't. u had find them double or triple posting.

and if you think that only girls do it, OH HO! you're so wrong. i found a guy yesterday, age 15 or something, with some cutsie bunny white back ground AND WHITE TEXT. if you want it to be personal or something, do what i used to do, write them down in text documents and seal them forever away in yahoo briefcase.

or password your blog or something, can't remember if we have that or what.

people just SCARES ME with the stuff they do sometimes. and they ask me why i dont hang out at crowded places -.-"

easter sunday tomorrow everyone!!!! be nice, attend church, and remember to thank your priests for being there for your confessions and everything !! :D (well then again, i am pretty close to most of my priests :o )

*sends eggs out in packets..*


are you a romantic or a gold digger...

You Are A Romantic

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You live your life like a fairy tale... or at least you try to.
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when ur bored and feeling quirky... u take crazy quizs :o

Random picture of the day

you know your boyfriend is perfectly normal when....

he strips his anime PLASTIC figurines to their undies... like this...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

for the sheer fact that plastic figurines like barbie, and especially anime ones, have got bigger boobs in proportion to the body as compared to porn stars...

even pamela anderson...
there are those days where u don't feel like doing anything but lounge around. that's what happened to me.

and then i just sat at the pc, reading news, articles, blogs and then something hit me.

lotsa conflicts and unhappiness, starts with a person's intention to make things right and good for everyone.

oh sure, it's not something new, it's just i wonder, what if they havent done it that way, what if they haven't had such intentions, what would have happened? would there be less war or more? would everyone be living in peace now, or would they be bickering worse than what is is now?

lots of questions, answers that would be hard to find.

along came an article in time on how australia is changing there laws regarding custody of the children. in a part of the law where it favours the women (but then again most of the laws often favour the women, being that we are the weaker sex and that we are less likely to defend ourselves, project ourselves clearly and have a more nurturing nature for sure...), dads are losing out on the growing years of their children and vice versa. vengeful mothers can make the little time that dads have with their children even more infrequent, thus estranging the children from their dad.

alot of times tho, the children needs both parents. or, the mother is simply not adequate, too vengeful or too bitter to raise the children properly. and then there are of course the violent women. one man, in a blog that i bypassed, recalls an incident where his son was being threatened to act like he was happy when he was not, and the mother (in my opinion really) appears to be physically abusive towards him. even if its not physical, it would be emotional, for the last words were, "no, mom, don't... " that the dad heard.

all these custodies tho, were made out of good intention for the children. It's often believed that since women are the child bearers, they would naturally show more motherly love and care than any man would.

in the case of my family? my dad rules. whenever i was sick, he had be the one buying medication, boiling soups and ensuring that i eat right so i had get well.

my mum laughs in her corner calling me a fake -.- (of course when she's sick though, i had tell her the same thing.. oh wells :o)

the slight change of the law that is being proposed, is to allow children, the older ones anyways, to have a say with whom they want to stay with, rather than a court order for them to stay with their mums. while of course it be best if they have both parents to bring them up, hey, sometimes somethings just don't work out. living together might be more disastrous than living apart.

while people might argue that, oh, unless they are like 16 years old or so, children really aren't able to discern good from bad very well. from a personal point of view, i have been able to dislike my mum since young. it's nothing to do with her, say, not buying me chocolates, or disciplining me... it's being treated like someone who can look after herself, tho i was only say.. 3 or 4, to make my own milk, and if i scalded myself, it's coz i am "stupid" and "cumbersome."

that's just an example. my parents aren't divorced or anything. i do wonder why tho :o but i will leave it to them.


then you chance upon the "good intentions" of keeping your country safe by deporting illegal immigrants back to their countries. Case in point: Malaysia. There are often security issues involved when a country allow illegal immigrants into a country, seeking refuge or not. people who are in such a status often tries to seek work, trying to settle down, trying to make life comfortable. in some cases, they turn to criminal acts so as to support the family or to keep their existence a secret.

however, for the few who took on "legitimate" work, they face a high possibility of deportment, which in Malaysia's case occurred, resulting in a large amount of illegal migrants being deported AND high amount of jobs which nobody really wants to take up. then they have to start applying for foreign workers from the very same few countries they deported the illegal migrants back to.

from a few angles, it does seem funny, send them back, ask them back.

however, can you imagine the emotional roller coaster the migrants are being put thru, the amount of taxes being spent on these "legitimate" affairs deporting and bringing these workers back? perhaps, a few consultations with financial advisers and economists, or basically people with foresight might have lighten the "affair" a little. rather than spending all that retarded amount of money.

then again, all paths to hell is laid with good intentions, or so a saying i remembered went. no one is perfect. people makes mistakes. and in those mistakes... we learn i guess...

realllyyy tired now. T_T

oh yer, now regarding THAT comic.

now, there are lotsa types of people who play games.

those who obviously are into a certain genre of games, those who play for light entertainment after work/school, those who go there to have just pure fun that isnt hardcore on the brain.

and then there are those no-lifers who goes in to play but preys upon people... who happens to be the opposite sex. i am not saying that, oh, only males do that, for i know a fair few girls who joins games to pick up guys.

but then there's this guy whom i have known for a while now, who's disgusting, utter low-down and have no fucking clue what the hell he wants, what the hell the other party expects. he wants a relationship, he wants it now. he wants the other party to like him, he wants it then.

when i first knew him, it was thru another person ingame, who was his "supposed" girlfriend. few months later, the girl was no longer in view, and when i finally met him, he acted all sad and dejected, saying that they broke up and so on, and he felt really upset. so there i was all consoling him and becoming his friend and stuff.

but he wanted this "online relationship" thing, that sounds soooo... dumb. but i was like, bleah, just a game, i didn't quite care, so i just let him be, entertained him with a few hi huni, miss you, and then i am off.

Then he started getting all sicko, trying to cyber me and getting all horny on me. now what i dont get is this: we are playing a game, meaning our characters are all PIXELS. yes PIXELS. oh you be surprised at the amount of "nude" patches running around for that game. whatever actions if u want it, would be all in WORDS. even if u have the wildest imagination, u cant touch anything other than your own penis. and that's ur hand you're holding it with. HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HELP ANYTHING!?!?!?!!

ignoring him time and again, one fine day he was all excited. saying that he has a surprise present for me. it was siege day, the day when... giran was lost from DS. he didnt even care about the outcome of the siege tho he was on the alliance to defend it. he seemed bouncy about his surprise. and he thought it had please and made me feel honoured i believe, with his gift. and then he told me to get on msn.

i was having dinner at that time, and really, really honestly... i was about to throw up my dinner.

he sent me a picture of his penis, fully erect. with what looks like green felt pants.

oh lord oh lord oh lord.

what ever possessed him to think i would actually WANT TO SEE THAT?!?!!

since then i have talked to him less, but it doesn't erase memories of that. i am SCARRED really.. very very scarred. from what i heard after, apparently he does it to all female gamers he comes across and can get close with.

good god.

i wish i kept the picture though. i so wanted to post it on l2orphus forums just so that they had know his sick mind -.-.. and of course, apparently how small he was (a comment made by another female player :O)

oh my god. i am guna have nightmares now while i sleep...


Comic of the Day

Found at www.machall.com, i couldn't stop myself from laughing after seeing this... there are lotsa reasons behind it, which i will probably explain after i have awaken. really tired now.

laugh with me HAHAHAHAHAAHHA :P

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
lotsa people wonder why they can't find bf/gf easy, and then they have a cry about it, gets all drunk and silly and then whines all night long to me on msn, aim or something, about lonliness, solitude and perhaps that man is truly meant to be an island.

let me tell you something. if ur guna get drunk and smell like u have just puked all over yourself, nobody will even wana come near you, much less stay close enough to get to know you.

was out at the supermarket just now and one of these such people was whining to his friend about it infront of me.

oh god the stench!!!! i could barely breathe, and for the sake of the fact that i am in the queue i stood there, trying to bear with it, praying that somehow, some wind will suddenly occur and blow it all away. omg. T_T or at least linxy comes back to the queue and i can just run out and get a breather.

in his hands were these 6 packs of bottled beer or something, and dear lord, for his own good, i hope he doesn't drink them all and drown them down after smoko or something. because not only is he going to keep potential people away, one day, just one day, governments may decide to be decent for once and ban people who reeks so badly from air conditioned, enclosed areas.

and then there's the very fussy people. eating dinner out with linxy at this tiny old fashion looking chinese shop, there was this group beside me. the good were kinda cheaper than most shops in my opinion, and their services were great, considering how much trouble the other table was giving them. the only other waiter there was attending to them since way before me and linxy went in. and he was there coz they didn't want this and that in the dish, want to know what's cooked in it, and omg, every single sauce there was possible in that shop.

honesly, i feel like asking her to go home and bring her own sauces.

cheapo fussy old ladies. the food were great there as it was, sauces or without the sauces. but she had to have 421830921830182098281 ginger, and the duck MUST be cooked with chicken...

where the hell do you find such dishes?

only at fussyladies inc.

but the great part about this entire dinner trip was that i found one of my old favourites!!!! oh yes, i finally found a shop that sells chok, this cantonese style porridge that's hot enough to cook an egg (well technically, i just had a look at it, semi raw :( have to micro it...) and is all salty and mmmmm (drools)...

when i was young, i used to stay in this part of singapore called holland village. back then, one of my dad's friend owns this little coffeeshop which has a chok stall, owned by this old couple. they were mostly just open in the mornings, extending a little later on sundays. they had the best chok i ever had in my entire life and really dotes on me 2 :D (which means more eggs!!!) and were really great and generous with the meat helpings.

when i was about 10 though, we moved out of holland village and i guess around there they probably closed their business for retirement. after all, they were pretty old by the time i actually could remember them and started calling them "ah gong!! ah ma!! wo lai le!!! (grand pa grand ma i am here!!)" :( i sure miss those days and them...

but my family is kinda into food anyways, when they are not into games and techie stuff that they don't understand. sundays were set aside for food hunting, were we had got hunting for great tasting local food, or generally asian food anyways. sundays are also the only day of the week thats definitely a day off for my dad, so it's like a family outting day.

man, i miss those family days :( sometimes i hate it, oh yer, definitely, i don't like waking early, never a morning person. but those were the days when i am actually out on my parents' expense and we had get to talk and stuff.

couple of people have been msn-ing me about how my dad is funny and so on. -.- great for you, not when i am the one spending the international calling fees....

oooo... was looking over some sites just now, for some odd reason, my research on some writers on genocide studies ended up on a porn site.. -.-" i have no idea how that works. anyways, it reminded me of this person who used to live in the same dorm as i was in.

now in the dorms, we all share the same network. and of course, also had a file sharing system which we set up on our own. now this person, always claims he has no porn, nothing of that sort. always proclaiming that he loves his gf too much and so on to perform such a heinous act, because she's a great person in bed (yer they are fairly open about it.). but then again, when u think about it, walking past open doors that kinda.. shows them performing blow jobs is a little disturbing.


one fine day, after i reformatted my pc, i started to look around the networks for applications installations programs to copy from, since ah, i didn't quite have any backups.

guess what i found by chance on his pc (it's often locked, not sure why it wasn't passworded that day..)?

oh yes... that's it, GAY PORN.

not even normal porn, GAY PORN.

he and that girl were still together back then. not sure about now, but oh god, gay porn? i have nothing against homosexuals honestly, one of my friend is an open faggot (so he says :o cute guy :( too bad he's lost to the guys side of the world, but anyways!! thats not what i am saying here!!!), or even bisexuals. but here is a person who insists he's porn free, perfectly straight and in love with his girlfriend, who has gay porn, or transexual porns (some of them had a bit of a pronounced set of titties...) and for the rest of that night, i was fairly scarred.

needless to say, i had to consult a friend. and soon, we were all scarred.

thankfully, he barred it again the next day, so we were spared from the uglies on his pc.

*prays* Dear Lord, i am glad for all the gays and straights in the world. but please don't let me chance upon forbidden materials ever again. let r(a) be r(A) and steer clear of my vision. and pls slap liars in their faces while they sleep... amen...

sigh. thursday again.

gogo beard woman!!!!



lol i finally found this picture!!!!! may as well share it with everyone :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Random picture of the day

dont you miss my random pictures of the day section that i put on randomly?
here's one of baby ah meng (for the singaporeans who know what i mean) XD~ enjoy~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

dad, students and money....

being a student can result in numerous types of changes in a person.

sometimes it can be raw insanity, sometimes it can be just you finally maturing because you actually have to adap to the insanity around you (which is of course the rest of the world of students who have gone crazy over the workload in uni, having a job and having to handle a social life...) and then there are the geeks...

i have discovered that, sadly, i fell in line with those who actually form the insanity bunch. :( other than madly dancing around in my room this morning, before i slept, i actually decided to get that radio.blog thing and managed to figure it out, slowly, steadily, how to put it up and set it on my blog. that's not, unlike what you people might think, a sign of geek hood. rather a sheer sign of insanity, about to break loose. considering how few people have actually pounce on this site (dont trust that counter, at least 10 of the hits are mine adjusting the site, and 10 hits caused by jake refreshing happily...), putting a music of any sort in this blog seems... off.

anyways. what can possibly turn a student mad? OH PLENTY!!!!!!!

first off, let me rant about this couple of stupid people in my class (not really intellectually stupid but if u want to take it that way, by all means.) who turns up for presentation eager as hell, but because they want to finish off with their presentation. that would have been a normal behaviour of most students who are nervous about their presentation because they have done alot of research and, "god, pls let me make a good impression..." kinda remarks running thru their heads.

however, there are also those classic few who turns up for presentations because they HAVEN'T done research at all (basically sat thru lecture and expounded on it). they would rush thru the entire presentation, mumbling LOUDLY but at the speed of light, hoping that they either confuse everyone so much that during question time no one had ask anything, or the teacher had go, "ok, that's good." and let it drop.

sadly, there were a few good ones who managed to pick up some sentences and asked them some questions during question time.

they fumbled.

then the tutor asked them a few more questions, to which they had no answer and instead, tried to change the topic, and referred him to the QUESTION!!!! how ridiculous!!! and then he dropped the bomb, "..because, that (pointing to the offending comment they made) is wrong."

they just looked at each other (2 girls, one in goth and one in some work clothes), giggled stupidly and gaped back at the teacher.

for a moment i thought i was going to lose it right there and throw my pens at them. oh, believe me, i have a barrel of pens to fulfil all the ammunition i need to hack them out of the class.

so come today, i had the unfortunate luck of sitting next to them in class. one was busy writing, the other was busy staring cluelessly into the sky. then the giggling started. and she pretended to write some stuff.

and then more giggling, and writing.

i started growing a little mad. and then i turned towards her, about to say something when i saw what she wrote, "damn xxxxxx is cute, i hope he was impressed with my presentation.." there were some replies to it from the goth girl, but that made me threw up. at break time, i moved to the other side of the room. T_T

xxxxxx being OUR TUTOR... who commented that she was wrong, is fairly all right.

but... honestly. uhm. i am not sure about being impressed with her, or the 2 of them at any point in the last presentation.

came home, had my ugly fish dinner, which was probably good but i am not the sort to appreciate fish in any form except for those that are uber fresh..

then i called dad.

now, one of the many other perils of being a student is that you're constantly poor. not by choice, but by the sheer fact that your full time work is actually being a student. which means money goes out and not into your bank. however, being the young adult that we are, we have a social life to upkeep as much as adults do, probably more, because at this age we are also hyperactive too, and trying to impress, get a gf/bf and so on. which means way more money output than input ratio, as compared to working adults who are married.

and i am no different, minus the fact that i actually have work because its slightly harder for me to find work and sometimes i just get too dejected to look for work anymore because it just sucks that you send out so many resumes and you get no replies, when previously, you just had to apply for one and, hey, you have a job.

so anyways, my income, therefore, is purely from dad. which resulted in my calling him...

me: dad, what you doing?

dad: oh nothing. what you calling for?

me: nar, just to remind you i am alive...

dad: oh, that's a good idea too... so what you doing?

me: nar just had dinner, then decided to call you. the fish was sucky.

dad: eh, australia should have fresh fish?

me: yer but i kinda am staying far inland.

dad: oh. how's school anyways?

me: good, the teachers are great except one. i think i am having war with him or something from his reaction.

dad: teachers are like that. if he hates you and you hate him even more, just don't go for class.

me: yer yer, then u be burning your money here.

dad: another reason to command you to be my slave.

me: whaaa???? what kind of reasoning is that?

dad: ^.^ a good one

me: .... anyways... just wondering, have you sent my money yet for my allowance?

dad: whaaa?? i can't hear you?

me: (louder) have you sent my allowance yet?!?!!

dad: whhhaaaa?? i am old you gotta speak up!!!!


dad: whaaa?? there's static here... can't hear you...

me: ah... i heard that ur bike was stolen..

dad: no it wasn't..


dad: of coz... (snickering behind to mum... omg parents!!!)

me: wow dad.. just wow... you actually think you're funny -.-

dad: hehehe, so what were you saying?

wow... just wow dad...

you know, it's cool when you have a dad you can talk to, who understands you perfectly fine most of the time, speaks on the same wavelength, jokes, buys you games to play and cheers beside you while you're playing, instead of telling you to stop being a bum.

but at times like these, when you're obviously the butt of his humour, and you're too far away to do anything about it, ooo i so wana reach out and strangle him a little -.-" ooooo i just wana call up and go arrrghhhhh DADDDDDDDDD WHAT THE HELLL!!!?!!?!!

of course, at the end of a long expensive international phonecall, i still didn't know if he had sent the allowance or anything.

sad huh. -.- and i spend my money on such things too just to talk to dad. wow >.>

and i am freezing to death in my room. T_T someone clear the canberra weather up!!!!!
updates to the blog:

1) down at my wishlist i have added 2 new links, one to amazon.com's wishlist and the other is to one of the stuff u can't buy from amazon.

disclaimer: i am not asking you to buy when i have a wishlist up there, nor for any of my friends to actually purchase it for my benefit. they are there more for people to know where my taste for stuff lies, and also those are the stuff i am working towards.

if you choose to buy for me, *Shrugs* your choice...

2) after looking thru a few blogs i have decided to add radio.blog to my blog. it saves your ears from whatever taste of music i have at the moment, and saves me the trouble to upload them to the ftp every time i get sick of the tune.

but i found i can't live without music, winamp or no winamp (i.e in school when i am running thru some websites...). therefore, if you want to play some of the songs, just double click on the songs and they will be streamed from my ftp side.

it's kinda on trial atm to test how much bandwidth i be using. if i use too much, it's back to torturing your ears, so dont try and be funny. i WILL put a recording of my laughter if you kill my bandwidth on a whim.

since its on trial atm, i be loading songs bit by bit, just to test how it goes. however, since i am an IT idiot, and my ftp host is very gay, i have to cut short the name of the songs. if you see any song you like but u dont know the singer and so on, EMAIL ME.. the link is down there ---> to your right... ^.^



I'm so like Homer!

I'm Homer, who are you? by Lexi

i took this stupid random thingy that i saw on a blog somewhere... this is such a lie >.> i aint a bald drunkard beer paunch thing >.>


WiLd LaUgHtEr aNd PuRe InSaNiTy

sometimes, the things u say to friends just comes out of your mouth, and you're not likely to think about what you're saying. not even once.

welcome to this particular convo i had while catching up with a friend...

*names have been changed to protect the innocent parties.. who aren't all that innocent but oh well

zare: fish u
panda: what what?
panda: u miss me?
panda: aww i know that
zare: of cos
zare: ....
panda: lol
zare: shit u la
panda: and hor
panda: i miss u too!!! but not as much as u miss me!!!
zare: shuddup la
zare: eh
zare: I may be going to Melbourne
panda: :O
zare: i grad le
panda: why?
panda: graduation present?
panda: bring me tampons
zare: ...
zare: shit u la
panda: LOL
zare: tampons very ex meh?
panda: no ah
panda: those in singapore can flush down toilet
panda: here they dont have that kind of technology yet
zare: ....
zare: shit u la
zare: ok
panda: X-D thank you ah ty :D :D
zare: when u all plan to come back?
zare: i saw Min that time when she came back
panda: maybe hor
panda: just maybe la
panda: a kangaroo will kill me tomorrow
panda: :(
panda: wont be coming back
zare: ....
zare: why?
zare: u ate his kid?
panda: :o how u know?
zare: well...
zare: common sense
panda: :o
panda: really?
panda: i tell you what la
panda: i send u a joey too
panda: then hor the kangaroo will take a special flight to singapore to kill u too!!
panda: then i will meet u in singapore heaven... coz australia heaven still quite far away from singapore heaven
zare: thanks ar...
panda: but this time i can float to singapore heaven
zare: ...
zare: no
zare: u'll go to hell
panda: eh
panda: all pandas go to heaven... dont u know?
panda: i mean, look at me man, so cute, so loveable...
panda: ni she de send me to hell? no heart to also right?
zare: pls
zare: not all pandas
zare: there're evil pandas too
panda: eh eh
panda: we not evil ok
panda: the entire world is against us!!! look at them!!! eating our bamboo shoots!!!
panda: what kind of wedding dinner is that?
panda: we already almost extinct still kena food stolen
panda: we are fat but hor.. from eating air
zare: ...
panda: ^.^
zare: i'm planning to study abroad
zare: hahaha
panda: :o
panda: come here
panda: i pretend to fail
zare: there's the melbourne plan
panda: so we can both hunt kangaroos
zare: -_-
zare: i bring Rusty along lor
panda: then u me can study and stay same place
panda: and download porn
panda: eeww
zare: we don't even need to hunt!!!
panda: :O
zare: kangaroos migrate
panda: ...
panda: eh btw
panda: i got a bf in us
panda: >.>
panda: <.<
zare: ....
zare: that's something new
panda: ya it is
zare: u crawled to US to find him ar?
panda: 3 mths
panda: ya something like that
panda: i crawl using optic cables that is under the sea
panda: and flew there
zare: ohh....
zare: smart
zare: hahahahahaha
panda: ...
panda: wats so funny?
zare: eh
panda: wot
zare: i go smoke
zare: brb
panda: ...
panda: ur mum dont mind meh?
panda: watch ur lungs ah
zare: what??
panda: dont lose it
zare: well..
zare: my lungs are getting used to it already
panda: i will donate my lung to u!!!!!!1
zare: no thanks
panda: :o
zare: yours is probably almost gone too
panda: ...
panda: from what?
panda: mdm pamala?
zare: hahahahaha
panda: sad right
panda: my life
panda: T_T
panda: all ruined by pamala
zare: ...
zare: well..
zare: u're living well now
panda: lol
panda: doesnt heal the scars
panda: T_T
panda: kns
panda: hahahaha
panda: ^.^
panda: i miss our laughter
zare: hahahahahaha
panda: ahahaaha
panda: those hospital days
zare: my classmates said the same thing too
panda: AHAHAHA
panda: my house mate that i stay with now
zare: appearantly only i laugh like that in the entire poly
panda: he says he cant believe he chose to stay with my laughter
panda: LOL
panda: can i join u? XD~
zare: hahahaha
panda: together we can rule melbourne!! with our laughter!!!
zare: ........
zare: i'm hungry
panda: send me food
panda: i got steak burger :o
zare: ...
zare: shit u la
zare: i go find food
panda: lol
panda: :(
panda: i miss hor fun
zare: i'm sick of it already
panda: lol
panda: send some to me
panda: then u wont be sick
zare: ya ya
zare: by the time reach there
zare: YUCKS
zare: :S
panda: ..
panda: i tot u like green moldy stuff
panda: T_T
panda: :o
zare: :
zare: i'm eating now
zare: don't make me sick
panda: *stares at food*
panda: *steals food*
panda: :o
panda: welcome to world wildlife fund!!!
zare: now i remembered
zare: their mascot is that panda

end of transmission