i found this crazy email asking me to list my likes and dislikes. i think i shall list some down here too, here goes.

Whats your favourite fragrance?

i have 2 actually, Anna Sui's Sui love and Lolita Lempicka. both are picked out of pure biaseness than coz i have tested other perfumes. it was the packaging. butterflies, purple, flowers, apple bottles. go have a look, those are the kinda stuff i like hehe.

Whats your favourite cosemetics brand?

Contrary to common belief that women loves cosemetics, i actually don't use them often. but i do own some for functions. Anna Sui, for the same purpose as above (plus the fact they have GORGEOUS natural smells like pawlonia wood or something.)

What movie do u love the most?

HEAPS! Legally blonde 1 & 2, Coyote Ugly, Hitch, Center Stage, etc... dance movies for the dance moves, other movies for the chick flick side of it.

Favourite type of food?

oooerrr, sushi.. sushi... the australian type of chicken laksa, viet fresh spring rolls.. all jap food really (drools~~~~)

Favourite soup:

French onion soup (the best one i tasted ever was in a hotel, but i never found a comparable one ever again :(), cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, mushroom potage (campbell canned soup :D), cream of vegetables, all with crotons :D

Favourite dessert:

deep, fried ice cream :D

Favourite clubbing hangout:

er... i dont club enough to know, but i guess south pac and moose?

favourite colour:

2 really. lilac and pink. overall, i love pastel colours =X

who's your idol?

Sadly, i had only one idol ever in my life, and that was michael jackson back in 1993 before he was viewed as a deranged molestor, and before he had kids. i have none ever since.

Who do you prefer, mum or dad?


What wouldn't you be caught dead doing?

going for the right classes, at the wrong time =X

What's the favourite part of ur body?

hair... ^.~

what's your favourite drink?


if this is your last day on earth, what would u do?

run to ohio and grab someone to kiss =X well fly really.
then it's off to africa, and hug the poor orphans T_T nobody should die unloved T_T and alone...

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