w00t so image shack works :D probably a tad too small but i dont think u guys need to see what books i own, they are farely much my uni texts anyways... but here goes for those who havent seen my new place yet

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my kawaii doorway to my room~

Free Image Hosting at <a href=bath room~ (i love pink~~~~~)

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this gotta be the best toilet on earth... BOOKSHELVES!!!!

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my holy area of ... studying ^.^""

and now, for the usual random pictures with no human, panda's way of not showing people her face.. yet again >.<~~

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it's not that i don't wana show myself, i mean how many of u guys have already seen me ^.^" hrhr, i am just the type of people who prefers being BEHIND the camera than infront. anyways, this is the path i take to go uni whenever i decide to show of for classes... aren't you jealous?

i am not a concrete jungle type of person. despite staying in apartments and rather liking it, other than that, i do fairly like all the trees and grasses out there.. thus the numerous amount of photos that has nothing T_T not even me, but the sun, the sky and the earth...

so saying i am sure some of u havent quite seen my school, and again.. since u figure out i like trees and plants and whatever... here comes my school taken during the first autumn i spent here, and anywhere on earth really

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that's on the way to the union court... pretty isn't it? such beauty that is captured here, can u imagine the real thing?

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