i've decided to cut short the number of days showed on the first page out of sheer ease for everyone, and also for those reading this from the uni, i still remember the outrageous amount of money u guys had to pay for sda data.

for those who wana have a look at the photos still though of various things, u can scroll thru the archives urself. but those specifically wanting to link to the page where i had my pictures taken of the walk home from civic, thru uni and all, it's this page here so it's easier to look at. once i figure out how to get an album going, i will link it up on the side bars.

other than that, i found this question very intriguing, and some answers even more intriguing:

"why download porn?"

1 girl i noted: "same reasons as the girls do? o.o"

my own question to her though wud have been "er, for laughs? o.o??"

her bf's answer "coz erm if the erm secks session wasn't satisfactory, self satisfaction.."


my answer "for my project back then... for entertainment coz it's funny.. to learn new positions, not that there is any new ones they ever show... and to wonder how the fuck they ever get into those positions.."

oh yer.. the curiousity of the panda.. how u ever twist a body in such exotic positions... that is SOOOO beyond me.

by the way, my blog earlier.. i am guna have to change the time -.- i can't believe i posted stuff in my blogskins test blog -.- geez....

some boys' answers :
"u don't know our needs... man u don't understand man...." (uhm ok then...)

"we need to get it off otherwise we be bad tempered and all that. at least once a week, it's scientifically proven that we had get sexual frustration other wise" (ok then what about priests and monks o.o??)

"stfu panda!!!" (being embarassed doesnt help ^.^ <3>

"i don't watch porn..." (winmx shows u have over 20 gigs of porn u retard... it's pretty obvious when the title goes "a tight arse french maid's first time" ahaha)

similarly, a question i pose to them due to some recent disgusting behaviour on lineage... why do guys get all excited when they realises "OMG GIRLS PLAY GAMES!!!" and then proceeds to try and cyber with them. or just try to cyber anyways, regardless of games and such...

my discoveries:

"porn isn't enough" (wow, u have a dangerously high libido there my boy, ever considered a psychaitrist?)

"it's closer to the real thing than porn, because u know it's a real girl over there with a real body.." (due to recent events, well not really recent, i have come to realise that sometimes, the "girl" on the other end might just be a snivelling, drooling, perverted 59 years old man..)

"i can't download porn. for (insert reasons)" (somehow this reason cracks me up. you cant visualise like how a porn show can aid u in that. here it's total imagination. i am trying to figure out what the guys see in their mind's eyes... it doesnt look hawt to me LOL)

"if i'm lucky i get video and voice conferencing too" (how do u know it's not video/voice overs? :o technology is flexible man..)

at the end of the day, i concluded, there are those useless, no-lifes out there, who are terribly funny in their concepts and ideas, not forgetting their novel ways of getting it off.

regardless of the facts that all those above mention subjects are actually.. pixels... till u behold them in real life lmao!!!!

remember... no matter how bad it seems, the real thing, is better than your 2 hands.

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