Chobits Final episode

thought i should share this with everyone
just something beautiful from an anime i love :D

Look for me
'*'Once before, i lost something important to me.
I've been through alot of tough times.
And even now, my heart still hurts from some of them.
Really,really painful things.
Because Ive lost something important...
The pain still remains.But, im still looking for it.
Therefore, im still looking for it.
the one who likes me as i am.
the person only for me.
And.. I found him.
But finding him was the beginning of something more painful.
even if i could do something,
It was painful to be close together.
Seeing that person in pain is painful.
Therefore, i hid from that person.
I disappeared because i love that person,
But still..Not seeing that person is even more painful.
Not being able to see that person again is much,much more painful.
I left him, because love him..
Are you leaving him because you love him?
I'm leaving him because it's for his own happiness..
Even if it will be painful,
and even if my heart will hurt..
i still..want that person.

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