why in the world am i ending the last 2 days of school like this? first i woke up beyond late for class, then i sound like a retard in my contribution for today.. "did the armenians look any different from the turks thats why they were targetted to be killed?"

i am like, omg what in the world did i just say?!?!?! when the words left my mouth i realised i looked like the ultimate idiot who has done NO research whatsoever, NO reading whatsoever nor attended any class since the first day of uni. good job panda, good job, u just out did urself in the department of stupidity.

in truth, what i really meant was, these people stayed together, they know each other, at one stage, they even married each other, why the hell did they raise the gun at the other party for racial/religious/cultural differences? that's what baffles me. oh true, peer pressure, group mentality. but people like Hotel Rwanda exists. what happened to the rest of man kind? ur gonna believe what ever sir whats-his-name, king retarded tells u all the time? i dont know man i dont know. but regardless, this is't about them at the moment, this is about the retarded comment. the entire class probably went into shock the moment the question ended.

i honestly could KILLL myself omg.

and despite all promises to sleep early i obviously didn't since i woke up late and had to attend the 2 pm class again. then, i came back and was so tired i didn't wana go for the after party tonight. tired, hungry, i was quite a wreck. went to get dinner, then linxy turned up. foodie... he cries.. "foooddd, pans, u forgot about me again!"

well not that i wanted to, but honestly we bought SOOO much groceries, i can smell his beef returning back to cow state at the moment because i dont think he has even touch it, and all those oven food, the milk which i finally gobbled down just before due date. i swear i can hear miniature cows mooing in the fridge now. T_T i am going insane. but yer, my point being, we have all these groceries, yet most of the time i am the only one cooking. we eat out, or he eats out heaps, he be at girlfriends or he had bought his own. ANYWAYS, so i didnt get his share of dinner, and i was hungry. i ate up my dinner and we went for SECOND dinner at noodle's choice a neat new place.

now, that place has the COOLEST package for takeaway ever. ok for people who are used to chinese takeouts in those cute boxes, well i am not used to it. and obviously most of us havent seen it... but.. wow.. ok i will let the picture talk.
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i mean it actually looks ssooo cute T_T i want one!!! well just for... decoration purposes.. i took quite a few picts with linxy's and wadge's food, but then again i decided that one of the box is enough =X i have a tendency to over do things. of course it's pretty senseless though, u cant microwave it with that metal piece sticking out. but as i have suggested to linxy (he insists that it is at times like these, he seriously starts thinking i am an alien... i am from the other universe called pandaria..) it could be highly possible that it is a microwaveable type of metal.

i mean, let's see, things are being found/invented everyday right? taking that theory, they might be using something we have never heard of!!!

ooo before all that happened though, linxy got the number of his san francisco based clanny, called her up... we sang milkshake to her, with linxy rubbing his titties. quite disturbing really, especially when he's in the car.. and we're doing that while he's driving... and u know, there's a ditch nearby!! then i sang my classical elmo song. i bet omg, i am a hit with her!!! (at this point i am half fried in the brain with all my tiredness, and i still cant get myself to sleep, it's not my fault i was raving since 4 pm, and then ranting here at almost 6 am)

then we went to watch hitch, andoo, rozi, wadge, linx and me.. now THAT is one movie you should watch. it's one of those feel good movies, and pretty close to what the boys would have called a chick flick, but at least they found it funny instead of all sugary and stuff -.- boys have no taste. but it was awesome awesome awesome... i laughed so hard at so many things, i have no idea where to start. somehow, for some reason, them boys seem to find me funnier than the movie at some stage. like when i hid behind wadge's sleeves while trying to avoid the awful scary looking fish lips one of the guys in the movies formed in trying to kiss this girl he likes.

when we came back, i caved in, and decided to go to the after party after all. changed, made up, grab a bag and left.

you know one of those days u know u can't dance if not something is going to happen? or do anything to strenous anyways? well it's one of those days for me. the last time i did it anyways, danced for 4 hours straight. i swear when we started leaving the dance floor that day, i was perfectly fine. when i walked outta the club though, i collapsed. i couldn't feel my legs, i couldn't see straight and all i could do was garble at the boys that i was tired. between linxy, mousie and wadge, they carried me home. part way thru, a guy started following us. it must have looked weird and he might have been concerned. after all, 7 boys and a girl who looks like she was drugged/bitch slapped/dead/drunk. but mousie yelled at him and he ran off like a pansy, so whatever intent he actually had, we never knew.

to present date, i was worried about that happening coz i am DEAD tired. if i over did it.. lordy... but i was lucky. the girls got tired in 2 hours. so while i am still dead tired, i didn't flopped dead out when i stepped out. i walked abit more to the cabbie, almost got vommited over and yay i was home.

while dancing though, omg the people the people!!! let me bitch a sec. there were those who look at you waving ur hips and just wana stick their penis in there. so they walk over and try and grope u, hold u, so that ur gyrating ur ass against their penis and it makes them go umph! before they can do that though, i give them a deadpan look and started looking like a lesbian with my dear sweeties... all those gyrating hips are useful sometimes...

and then there are those more direct assault types. who gives u that "i wana screw u now" looks. to which i give a deadpan stare back, hoping that they get the idea they look like a FISH to me. and then those who just likes to fondle u all over, i drive the heels of my shoes deep in, even though i am on flats today, i stomped them hard. got to love their need for their feet.

and then there are those attention seekers who takes up HALF the small dancefloor to look cool and end up looking like drunktards trying to break a bone. no they are not impressive, they are IRRITATING people who takes up the dance floor which other people COULD enjoy.

all in all though, i did enjoy myself. a sober person who doesnt seem sober in all her actions and words... laughing at friends, acting homo as much as i want, pole dancing with a skinny friend, who of course decided to comply X-D by being my pole... perfect!!!

ok i shall stop my madness here. good night!!!

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