ok, i am guna be VERY stupid here, very irrational perhaps, but wth man! some guy started telling people that oh, it takes a long time to earn money in l2, therefore, he ebays, therefore, let's ebay!!! and then when i called him an ebayer, he says "i am not an ebayer just coz i said that!!" get the fuck out of here! and then he threatens to pk me, but has no balls to do so coz, guess what, he isnt even 20. but his bro, oh wow, is 40+ and all of the full red colour. so got his bro to pk me. they said i am scared to be pk-ed when i was waiting for them. they werent even near dion anywhere... and i was sitting at the northern entrance with my dorf that they wanted to pk so bad.

bro is a dagger, he still hasn't the balls to pk me, therefore, has a red bro pk-ed me in 2 shots coz, woah, hi i am 20 lvls below him, therefore, i must be n00b. the moment i ran to use my healer they farken logged. oh yer, that's right, before even knowing why the other party logged, you log out because YOU KNOW THAT UR LIKE A FARKEN NEWB WHO CAN'T PK!!!

i HHHHAAATTTTEEE these little cowards who runnnn... because they know there's something bigger than them, someone better than them, but they like to feel the damn power to lord over people, even if it's just a farken game. oh yer, that's right, it's a game, i know i am getting all heated up over just a game.... but it's such people, who doesn't have the balls to hold their own who spoils the game so bad.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *bites her teddy*

*stomps everywhere* bleah!

AND MY INTERNET!!!!! it has decided to be gh3y, dc-ing me every now and then, as it please! oooo, the strong desire to pick up the modem and smash it against the wall... what wouldn't i give for that!!!!! not that it's the modem's fault, i should go down to the isp or whoever is sitting on those cables and tie him up with all those cables and, hrhrhr *snickers* tickle the hell out of him, making him laugh so hard he can't breathe anymore and yay... well done panda!!!

oh yer. before i get too into the act of violence, i need to kindly point out somethings. while essentially i still love rachelle's designs, as in the pink bits to this site, i have removed ayumi somewhat because i am not a fan site and this is really a site dedicated to me, not her. i am not going to stick her face in a place where the site rants on about me, and there she is at the top with her name on it. i haven't quite done with the background though, my cutie is working on it. i kinda made my own but he said it doesn't look very nice (i have to agree with him, but then again it's a little beyond me atm to figure out what to do.)

before u go around thinking, hey, she draws good. sorry, i didn't drew that. that picture was taken from somewhere and given to me over msn by a friend with no links whatsoever eons ago. so who's ever art work it is, if u recognise it, contact me, thank you for your cute panda, it depicts me fully, well kinda ^.^

also, finally got some kind of ftp. it's shared between 3 people though, so i might overuse or might not over use the bandwidth. if i do.. and it's my fault T_T, then yer gotta get myself one totally dedicated to me. but judging from everyone not commenting, i pray it's a sign that oni cutie visits this XD~~

somehow, this blog went from "i can't be farked doing all these stuff online" to "ok, since it's not 3 websites i have to handle, let's play with it!!" when i am more free (read: june holidays or so), i may actually get round to doing some proper website back ground design works. not any good at html but it looks simple enough. just having to put together a background that's the tough bit. i am not particularly artistic though, but i kinda like pink so here it stays!! :P vent all the pink frustrations on it.. pink pink pink!!!!

in the mean time, i discovered this treasure trove of cute, hot digitally drawn gurlz. http://www.pinuptoons.com/Galleries/Digital/DigitalArt.htm

pick one that's you and drool over it. i am guna do just that, and then use it as a background? not sure yet hehehe...

i have lots more to rant really but at this point i have grown fairly incapable... all of a sudden i am starting to feel all tired and groggy. must be all that anger have spent themselves and goes weee!!! let's take her energy away too!!!

well then. so be it i am guna go lie down abit ^.~

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