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well now that i have got all that posted, i don't think i could stem this posting of pictures for a while still :D so be wary of this incessant flow of pictures that will come your way, hrhrhr ^.^"

about the apartment, Linx and i happened to find it on the rental section of the newspaper one day. it was privately done, as in, no agent in between us and landlord, which was fine. when we came, after a nice small apartment in the civic which we liked but :( no chance of getting it probably, we totally fell in love with this apartment. it's double ensuite, semi furnished with the more important and expensive stuff, like fridge, washing machin, dryer, and the landlord even included a table for me and lotsa shelves for us. both bedrooms are equally big, although imo, because of my little walkway to my room's door, i do believe mine is slightly bigger..

my room has those checkered bits cause the landlord's sister was an architecture student who kinda have this arty arty side... so she woke up one morning deciding she was bored with her wall and checkered it up. the green boxed section was where she wanted to hang something but it wouldnt stay no matter what she used to stick it on, so she gave up and now it's just a patch of green box o.o

When Meth and Ram walked in the first time, Meth said it made her dizzy o.o so i guess my room is outta bounds to her.

oo ooo oo... and i want to rave about what i did today, that's not image shack. wish i could take a picture of what i cooked o.o but laptop is being sent for repair and i cant remember where i placed my camera's drivers' cd, so i guess it will have to wait.. but it was thai curry chicken!!!! :D so proud of it. haven't cooked properly in ages, now everyday it's like "omg omg what am i guna cook :O" it turned out fairly salty though, but it was XD~~~ droooollll umm yer.... linxy couldn't quite take the taste of the curry XD~~ more sauce for me but i didn't know :( so now the curry is rotting in the cold of the kitchen... but i happen to like salty stuff so lol!! it was awesome :D i LOVEEEE curry and i honestly couldn't start telling you how delighted i was, albeit i didn't make the curry past and it was those pre packaged ones, and all i had to do was add slight tasting ingredients...

i kinda cheated though in cooking this particular one. the label said 3 teaspoon of the paste and 400ml of coconut milk.. i jumped about 4 table spoons to start with, and didnt wait for the chicken to cook before pouring half the coconut milk in hrhr... then they said fresh cut chilli, fish sauce, basil leaves and so on, i dumped in chilli sauce =X i hope linxy didnt realise that LOL...

i DID made a huge mess out of the kitchen though, as per normal i guess. i spilt like 1/10th of the coconut milk onto the hot electric cooking thingy, and they kinda got all cooked onto the stove... plates still arent washed ^.~ and the curry.. is still rotting there. i figured that usually if i cook linxy should wash up coz he offered to the last time, but he didnt this time :( but i don't want the apartment to smell so i guess i really should wash it now hehe...

i love cooking ^.^ i just got this thing against certain kitchens. maybe i am a closet obsessive compulsive disorder brat, (in all honesty i just might have a mild case of it) i can't cook in places that i deem too dirty, deem to... not for me to cook. i just have certain preferences which if not fulfiled i can't bring myself to cook. looking back, i think the last time i really cooked was back in 1997 or something. wow. that's a while. this is not counting the instant noodles that i have cooked since then lol, instant noodles aren't exactly.. food :o it's just like i can't make myself go to the bath room if i don't like the location, or the looks of the toilet -.-" so sue me, i am a brat....

Anyways, last year my md player completely died on me. i was upset :( it was the closest friend i had for like 2 years or more, bought by my then boyfriend, it's pure white, sony limited edition stuff. they don't product it that way anymore. i mean, hey i like the new stuff that they make, but all those futuristic designs with so many techie buttons on top of the player just turns me off.

this was how it looks, thanks to the seller on ebay :)

my old sony md player :(

i still have it at home in singapore, more for memories sake than to think of trying to fix it. it was my trusty friend for many months, and it survived my crazy attempts to record every single lecture i had in my first year, while also burning all my german taped classes into it so i could sleep with it running thru my ears when i sleep, walk to classes and so on. my best friend during long flights to and fro from singapore, thru all the nights i mug thru for my a' lvls, :( i am guna miss you buddy. i could try and fix it, but it had probably cost me more than trying to buy a totally new one. it's perfectly scratchless last i saw too, but it's in the hands of my family now *shudder* meaning anything can happen to it >.> should have brought it back lol! the mic i bought specially for it to record classes is stil with me though T_T

in replacement of that, since i couldn't live without my music at the very least, i went and bought a 15 gig ipod. i didnt have a pc back when i bought my ipod, and it was at a very special student price back then (though honestly i should have hung on and bought ipod mini, but i wasn't an Apple know it all, and didnt know they had a smaller answer to their ever popular ipod, so didnt stick on). it kinda took some getting used to, for i no longer need tapes and such, and it was fairly WEIRD but convenient. but stuff got in the way and i used it less and less. it also had the terrible way of being drained when i dont use it after a certain period of time.

by the end of the year, i have 2 white mp3 players that died on me. first my md player, then my ipod. i was in tears, but exams didn't allow me to dawdle too much on it. by the time i got round to getting down to Apple center, it was time to head back to singapore.

What happened next, honestly, i love Apple for this. I came back, found my receipt and proceeded to head down Apple for it, uncertain if i have to pay humongous amount of fees for repairs despite it under warranty or not. The contract i got for repair tho made my jaw dropped. stated there was "if the said item does not work as according to factory specifications.... it will be replaced with a new set/refurbished set similar to the original." refurbished or not, this is the difference between Apple and the rest. i guess they also don't have much of a choice since the battery in ipods are also inbuilt and if it's ruined there's nothing much u can do for it. but to totally replaced it at their expense... that was beautiful.

and i know my ipod will totally fit that point. it wont be detected, it wont start up, it just refused to do anything one fine morning, so it got replaced, and now i have a beautiful functional mp3 player, i dont think i will ever abandon it again T_T. i know how many people have said it's bad, anti ipod websites have even been setup to warn people about the short lifespan of the ipod players. i have got friends who have used theirs for 2 years though, and it is still fully functional. it is probably no different from other mp3 players, other than the fact it can hold heaps more, and now the new ones can hold pictures too. technology has caught up though and many new companies are offering similar sized mp3 players for cheaper.

but for the service, for the beauty (ok so i am a sucker for white stuff), and just for my relationship with this lifeless music player, i am guna stick by it. i havent even learn how to use the calendar function, nor the contacts function, but i am a loser at certain parts of technology (mainly using SUCH functions) so it's no loss to me.

i am considering getting an ibook too, if i sell my acer laptop. no it's not about vanity, nor about apple itself anymore hehe. although having it all white and pretty is a plus. but finding 12" monitors and light laptop is a tough thing these days. plus my laptop died from over use. i need something that can last long hours and isn't a tonne to carry around campus, espcially coz now i have extemely long lectures T_T and which idiots have chosen to be far far apart from each other. i don't wana buy expensive useless laptops anymore, espcially since i have a pc. but i will see how it goes. after all, this acer piece of shit was a gift from dad and was my faithful access to the rest of the world for quite a while.

sigh, now u guys know why i have so much useless junks in my room, they all represent some form of memory :( because for somethings, memories are all i have.

sighhhhhh being a student ONLY is so pooorrr... people wont hire me coz i have no previous aussie experience :( but then again i am also picky about work -.-"
not really their fault hehe, i won't do some form of work... anyways :) i will live i guess :D

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