sleep, is something one should treasure. to some, sleep is overrated, and to others, they just take it for granted.

when i was young, i had an idol. he was the first and last idol i ever had. he said something like "i believe as people get older they need less sleep, time is too precious to be wasted on sleeping." and at that time, i did believe in that, after all i was 12, i was taking in about maximum of 4 hours sleep a day, and still living it great.

and as i get older, while i do get tired, i never napped and thought, hey i was a great person in doing that. sometimes, amidst studying, i had got 2-4 days without sleep, not that by the 4th day i had much of my brain processes functioning.

but now at this stage, i am terribly annoyed. at times, i really want a break, just a good dreamless sleep, but i can't do it. i either get woken up, or i had wake up at the weirdest hours, totally not refreshed at all, feeling just about as drained as when i slept.

of course i know it's my fault. years of just abusing my bio clock, and the fact that nowadays i just ignore time and would plow thru the night farming for my character in lineage 2, studying and trying to figure the fuck out why stupid people do stupid things in history and finding new music to shove into my playlist (on my pc!!!). usually by the time i am done, it's 10, 11 or 12 noon. and then i had have a grand sleep of 3-5 hours and be up doing the same shet over again, or just ignore sleep and go for classes!!

by now most people i know might just go ":O omg she's a nerd!!!! she has no life..." uhm yer, i didnt come here to party on a daily basis. i do hang out every so often but with an allowance of 200 a mth (or actually none since dad is still being gh3y), it does limit my movements a little and people here are very idiotic when it comes to giving international students jobs. while a few could get jobs easily, others gets picky. i don't happen to like restaurant work due to various reasons, so dont get me started on that.

back on my insomnia thing...

since i can't sleep, i get cranky at times. and this is where wadie comes in perfectly :D

now, being my friend means it has it's own "job hazards". if you're not careful enough, u might lose a skin, a nut sack or... yer, i won't go into details.

so poor wadie came to visit us tonight while i was still sleeping. i slept at about 4/5 pm, he came at abt 8. with dinner and linxy. roughly awoken from their kindness to furnish me with food... i got kinda cranky and went all crazy. hrhrhrhr....

using the same balloons u saw a few entries back, which has now stopped floating and definitely have deflated somewhat, i started chasing him around the apartment insisting that he wears it in the general pelvic region to represent... his balls..

then, he was watching guu with me and linxy on linxy's futon thingy in linx's room. i got tired of sitting and tried to rearrange wadie so i could lie on something soft (aka bolster) but kinda in an upright position to watch the show. naturally, this would mean he might not get the "perfect" view of the pc. he started squirming and complaining naturally, and i bashed him into place, kindly reminding him he's the pillow for tonight.

oh poor wadie T_T i feel sorry for you~

anyways. car ride back home from mac's, i tried to strangle him unsuccessfully :( guess i am not well bestowed with strength.

oh wells. BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!!!!!! i will definitely chew his arm off!!!!!

oh yer... ^.^ trying to sleep again... gnite :P

oh before i forget. i have been receiving funny comments that er...

"your blog is all pink and girlie girlie!!"

"wow her stuff are all so girlie!!"

ok, erm, if u haven't noticed by now (most of you were referred here, BY YOURS TRULY, AKA ME!!), i am a girl, now, it would make sense wouldn't it then to be girlie girl girlie thingy?!!? -.-" strange people... it's not a crime to be girlie girl.

so finally, to end off this stupid insomniac post..

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here's a girlie girl for you!!!

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