There are essentially 3 types of people. those who have the unfortunate luck to be born looking like a bitch, those who nurture this bitchy attitude towards everyone and everything, and those who obviously have both traits. those who aren't any of the 3, don't worry, u belong to the boring class. maybe ur have ur own distince type of boring class, but i will describe them at a later stage if there's a need.

i discovered how much one of my tutors fell so badly into the first group of people, the unfortunate looks of a foxy bitch. oh, that meant she looks hawt too btw, albeit probably just a little flat chested. then again, for people her size, tits that small just looks cute. in the mean time though, i was a tad worried she had be as bitchy as she looks. she even sounds it.

she didn't display much of those symptoms through out the class though. instead, the fact that majority of the class was one of those quiet, i-am-guna-just-listen-and-absorb type of asians resulted in her getting more and more exasperated as the class trudges along. by the time she ended the class, she was a little on the shrill end of her wits. i believe if she was given the chance, she would have grabbed each one of us and shaken us, screaming "DID U DO YOUR FARKEN HOMEWORK!?!?1 DID YOU DID YOU !?!?! DID YOU LEARNT ANYTHING!?!?! OMG!!!!!"

obviously though, laws wouldn't have allowed that. cool composition, the basic requirements of being a teacher.

boy do i feel sorry for her. :P *smirks happily at the pc*

in the mean time i look forward to the next class X-D silence is... purity...

and then there's a question of people's hygiene. well, more style of eating than hygiene really. i mean, do you honestly believe you can walk into a restaurant, all well dressed and classy looking, mobile phones and all... and get away with your horrible table manners? regardless of how cheap the restaurant is, if you eat like a hog, it reflects on you. looking class, and behaving like a woman of social standing are two VERY different things. anyways, remember, when u eat like a hog, that u represent your school, race, sex, class etc. it doesn't matter where you go, these stand as some kind of benchmark for others to think about.

so i was eating at my favourite laksa place again, the usual orders, a chicken laksa with ONLY chicken and hokkien noodles, and a cup of red bubble tea. there were these 2 office ladies behind me, talking business, contracts and one kept getting phone calls from, i guess her subordinates, asking her what to do etc.

when they left, the waiter, let's call him roger, remarked "these ladies are DISGUSTING!" notice, the emphasis on disgusting. that was exactly how he said it.

now you must understand, he is fairly comfortable with me because i am a regular customer, i turn up there as often as i could without going broke because their laksa and bubble tea are cooked and made in the way i like it. aside from that, there was only me there and his colleagues, no one else. so it wasn't meant to slander those pristine women of class.

he proceeded on to complain to me about them "oh my god, they don't know how to eat man! i mean, look at the floor!" and at this point i have to agree with him. the floor was coloured with an assortment of soup, rice bits, noodle bits and veges. oh i know, most westerners wouldn't know how to handle chopsticks and stuff, but are fairly insistent on using it. you can't expect them to be good at it because they don't use it often.

on a side note here though, u will also be amazed at how many of them "westerners" that everyone claims are bad at handling chopsticks actually excel at using them far more than asians who are supposedly used to it and therefore, the experts.

however, if you had look at the ground, you would have probably thought they were trying to feed the floor instead of themselves. this wasn't a case of "i don't know how to eat with chopsticks." it was a case of "i don't know how to feed myself, therefore the floor can enjoy my food."

i don't know how many times i have to tell people. the table and the floor aren't living things. they can't eat the food that you eat. they may seem to absorb some of the liquid you pour onto them, but that is pretty much about it.

if you inflict on to another human being to do your clean ups though, i think that is fairly horrifying. you know, the food and beverage industry have a high labour turnover rates, because of hogs like these. oh and there are more reasons too, obviously. these hogs also expect you to serve them hand and foot, according to their every whim and desire, every mistake of theirs is always your fault.

oh yes, i know something about "the customer is always right" if you're going to apply that to every stupidity of yours though, you're going to get every single waiter fired. if one day you have to serve yourself at your favourite restaurant though, don't be mystified. because you drove them away.

i am not saying that i am the perfect customer. but i recognise that as human, we make mistakes, the waitresses are bound to make mistakes, we make our own mistakes. i worked as a waitress before, in a renown place where i was living.

it was a christmas period when bookings are tight, tables are bound to be filled fast if you don't bother to book early. and with tied in christmas promotions, lots of random bookings also came in during that time. this really cold woman called up my work place and booked a table for 15 i believe. or for 20 that depleted to about 15 people or so.

now, if you're going to book a place during such a time period, you would call at least 2 weeks in advance, especially if its for your office's celebration wouldn't you? well, this lady called about 3 days in advance, by which most of the long tables were already booked. smaller tables were also mostly booked, which meant we couldnt realign everything. i asked her "ma'am, would it be all right if i put you in 3 seperate round tables that are side by side? because it would mean a difficult way to converse with your colleagues." usually, most people who hire for festive seasons would not want such an arrangement.

well she said it was ok. came 21st december evening, she threw a hissy fit. why? "if i had known we would be made to be sitted with 3 seperate round tables, i wouldn't have made a booking. why would i do that? now my boss is mad at me! i don't care how you do it, i am not going to pay you nor eat here unless you put us in a long table arrangement!"

if you want to look good in the eyes of your boss, to start off with, my dear lady, is to get some brains, listen to us talk, because we reminded you THREE FUCKING TIMES that they are 3 seperate round tables. secondly, trying to GRAB tables like that is FUCKING RUDE, to us, to our customers. oh we can handle it all, don't worry. but you would have to wait for your table, during which this period of time, your boss would be even more UNIMPRESSED AT YOUR STYLE OF HANDLING THINGS.

needless to say, her evening ended quite unpleasantly because she was still stuck with her 3 tables, and i refused to move her, because my customers who booked EARLIER than her, has the priority to those tables, and i am not about to upset the entire restaurant just for her. everyone pays the same price, everyone deserves the same attention from us.

if you're stupid, eat like a hog, behave as such, be expected to be treated as such.

i love customer service.



bwbwbwbw said...

you don't get nearly the amount of comments you should be getting, ani. stumbled across here and got addicted to reading it, very entertaining ^^ hope ya don't mind me readin' in on your thoughts 'n such :x

-pimpy doren :O

yj said...

eh friend! can remove the link to my blog? LOL... i want it private... its just u and 2 of my other good friends, reading, that's all... take it away can? Thanks!

ANYWAY... that good laksa is wasted on those women, u should dhl to ME!!! HURHURHURHUR *MUACKZ* miss u darling!