ok~ i got the weirdest email in my uni email account. this person emailed me asking to support MY president bush, to elect MY judge or some thing along that line. problem is I AM NOT AN AMERICAN.. not the slightest bit. and i am staying in AUSTRALIA for now. how the hell did that email came about? so random.... i mean of all things, if this was really an official email asking stuff, check out the end tag, it says "anu.edu.au" notice the AU part. if it isn't and just some random "spam in the box so we alert the rest of the world to our selling webby" well again, notice the au part, half of the world doesnt stay in america, infact, probably like 80% of the world doesnt stay there. more than 90% of these offers are to american residents only. so, stop wasting yours and my time.

anyways, so i was reading this article in time magazine while i was eating my faithful little breakfast that, ahem, someone claimed looked like a french toast disaster. sorry, it wasnt meant to be french toast =X. anyways. the article was about the scientific differences between man and woman, what the found, what more can be found and so on. then there were the personal experiences section, where a woman was kind of "not wanted" on various civil engineering projects, even in back in her uni days, because of the fact that she is a WOMAN. right, the year is 2005, even in 1990, i think its fairly still what we had call, MODERN. precisely what most of the world had like to think we are actually in.

considering how everyone wants to view this world as modern, it is also funny how they view woman as still another species, another group of people who can't do certain things, won't do certain things, the list goes on, i don't have to list it all here and waste my time typing it all out. what's with a woman that a man doesn't like anyways? they "can't" be engineers, they can't be in anything dangerous. i believe at some point in life, our mentality actually hit a similarity towards certain issues, for example "I WANNA FARKEN KILL MY NEIGHBOUR!!!" yer that's right, we swear, we wana reach out and hit someone across the head with something sharp because they had done something stupid.

just because most of us are severely emotional, doesn't mean we can't do things the mean way either. i mean, how do you know those tears weren't meant to be part of the plan. let's face it girls, we all shed our tears at some point in our life, because we needed something thats not to do with someone dying, someone breaking up with us, or anything towards that line, isn't it?

and of course there are several other things. let it be known, that women can be more cruel than men, more ruthless, more heartless so don't be a tool and turn down a person for any job just because of their gender. you might be at the losing end more so than the other party.

oh. and tonight i had another cooking disaster. it wasn't really all that bad though, i just thought that the bottle i had had a squeezing effect that i was used to, and then almost threw the entire bottle's content of soya sauce right into the chicken stock that i was using for my chicken noodle soup. naturally it turned out awfully salty for a normal person. keyword: normal. for people like me though, it was still tolerable. therefore, it was a great meal :D it doesn't look like it, for sure, but it was a great meal :o Free Image Hosting at <a href=

reading through some other blogs though, i have realised how much the blogging world have evolved since i first had my very very first blog (to which i have lost the password, and also have forgotten which of the numerous email addresses i used back then actually held the email to that account. it was a fairly emotional ride though to see that retarded blog but i think i have to find some way to remove it for it is very disturbing to me :O not disturbing to see the past or the emotions, but to see it under in such a fashion, knowing that i have written it and couldnt do anything about it.). i see huge communities of students blogging, designing their blogs at like 13-15 years old, some fair talents too if u think about how they scripted up the entire layouts and so on. albeit, some could do better work. i really can't complain though. last i played with html was seriously back in 1999-2000, and then all reasons for it to be used as a skill stopped.

ultimately though, hrm, i dont want this site to look like a fan site -.-

a couple of blogs i looked at today deserve some mentioning. www.tard-blog.com was one of the first pointed out to me. i had a look at both the posts, at the love mails and then at the hate mails. it's being written by teachers who teach at a special ed school kind of "teasing" their aides. if truth be told, it's more of a rant than of a teasing, who ever said being a teacher is easy?

i maybe a student who complaints about being a student, but i did some private teaching in my own time too previously. it is nothing compared to teaching infront of a class, and certainly nothing compared to teaching to special needs children. but, have you ever watched the show by bill cosby, kids say the darnest thing!? to each teacher, every kid is the same yet different in their needs. so it doesnt matter if it was a special ed teacher or a normal teacher, u will find both ranting about similar things and laughing about similar things in their own private space. thats how teachers' treat students and vice versa (don't tell me u haven't ever called one of ur teachers a whore/bitch before, you're a liar.) it's because we treat them as HUMAN, like how we bitch about our friends, our neighbours, our classmates, the list goes on.

to be honest, i LOVE that blog lol! it was funny because i can relate to some issues with my own tuition kids and their parents. it is not only the special ed kids that have retarded parents, but normal kids too. i have one who insists that i was an idiot, and that her kid was a genius just that he cant seem to perform well on tests, in school, in a class, and certainly not in a 1 hour tuition class. therefore i was fired, and by a stroke of luck, my friend was hired. the same occurred. it's been almost 4 years now i believe since i last saw that kid. he's now in some sort of technical school with a friend of mine's brother apparently. and he's still under performing.

sometimes i actually sit back and think about him and wonder why and what's wrong with him. it could be he's not interested in whatever he's learning. but with the tight curriculum in the world, in singapore as well, it is going to be hard to find what he wants early on. by the time he hits his teens, it's pretty much a lost case if he hasn't found interest and if he doesn't care to, especially with parents who preferred to stay thinking he's a genius especially in the fields THEY CHOSE for him.

and then there was this autistic kid whom i had the chance to teach for a while. he was violent, spoilt by his parents and fairly a hazard to be around with, especially when he's with himself. he had stick his fingers in live electric sockets, and who would yell, "fuck you, bitch!" if u tried to help him remove his fingers so he wont get eletrocuted. honestly, i wish i could have electrocuted him a few times just to teach him the danger of it, but then that might have killed him.

his anti social behaviour though, might have been a by product of his parents' behaviour towards him more than his autism. he was their only son because they wanted to make sure he's capable before bringing another child to earth. their lovingness though has no bounds. that was something that i both admire and detest. he had walk into a clinic and see a car track that he wants, those toys thingy, and he had insist they buy it. and they had. at 12 midnight he had suddenly awaken and insist on a pizza, daddy had go out and buy it. and if its the wrong one he had threw it in his face, coz he wants a pizza hut pizza. so daddy had to trick him by putting saving pizza hut boxes in case of such nights.

he had punch his mother in the pelvic region, calling her a fucking vagina and laugh at the pain he caused, and when i had pull him one side and tell him nicely that it wasn't a nice thing to do, he had say she looks funny and to stop bothering him. although i havent had much training with autistic kids (or if any at all), i do know they have a tendency to live in their own worlds. this was more of a case of a spoilt brat than anything else.

after a few weeks though, he finally responded to my teaching some what, managed to read beyond a few words. and learnt them too. now THAT is exhilarating. the demands of teaching that one child though was too much for the pittance i was earning. stressed with finding interesting things to capture and hold his attention for the full 1 hr, by the end of the 2nd semester i decided it should be the last time i am teaching him. so after his exams, i left.

sigh. those were the days.

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