there are those days where u don't feel like doing anything but lounge around. that's what happened to me.

and then i just sat at the pc, reading news, articles, blogs and then something hit me.

lotsa conflicts and unhappiness, starts with a person's intention to make things right and good for everyone.

oh sure, it's not something new, it's just i wonder, what if they havent done it that way, what if they haven't had such intentions, what would have happened? would there be less war or more? would everyone be living in peace now, or would they be bickering worse than what is is now?

lots of questions, answers that would be hard to find.

along came an article in time on how australia is changing there laws regarding custody of the children. in a part of the law where it favours the women (but then again most of the laws often favour the women, being that we are the weaker sex and that we are less likely to defend ourselves, project ourselves clearly and have a more nurturing nature for sure...), dads are losing out on the growing years of their children and vice versa. vengeful mothers can make the little time that dads have with their children even more infrequent, thus estranging the children from their dad.

alot of times tho, the children needs both parents. or, the mother is simply not adequate, too vengeful or too bitter to raise the children properly. and then there are of course the violent women. one man, in a blog that i bypassed, recalls an incident where his son was being threatened to act like he was happy when he was not, and the mother (in my opinion really) appears to be physically abusive towards him. even if its not physical, it would be emotional, for the last words were, "no, mom, don't... " that the dad heard.

all these custodies tho, were made out of good intention for the children. It's often believed that since women are the child bearers, they would naturally show more motherly love and care than any man would.

in the case of my family? my dad rules. whenever i was sick, he had be the one buying medication, boiling soups and ensuring that i eat right so i had get well.

my mum laughs in her corner calling me a fake -.- (of course when she's sick though, i had tell her the same thing.. oh wells :o)

the slight change of the law that is being proposed, is to allow children, the older ones anyways, to have a say with whom they want to stay with, rather than a court order for them to stay with their mums. while of course it be best if they have both parents to bring them up, hey, sometimes somethings just don't work out. living together might be more disastrous than living apart.

while people might argue that, oh, unless they are like 16 years old or so, children really aren't able to discern good from bad very well. from a personal point of view, i have been able to dislike my mum since young. it's nothing to do with her, say, not buying me chocolates, or disciplining me... it's being treated like someone who can look after herself, tho i was only say.. 3 or 4, to make my own milk, and if i scalded myself, it's coz i am "stupid" and "cumbersome."

that's just an example. my parents aren't divorced or anything. i do wonder why tho :o but i will leave it to them.


then you chance upon the "good intentions" of keeping your country safe by deporting illegal immigrants back to their countries. Case in point: Malaysia. There are often security issues involved when a country allow illegal immigrants into a country, seeking refuge or not. people who are in such a status often tries to seek work, trying to settle down, trying to make life comfortable. in some cases, they turn to criminal acts so as to support the family or to keep their existence a secret.

however, for the few who took on "legitimate" work, they face a high possibility of deportment, which in Malaysia's case occurred, resulting in a large amount of illegal migrants being deported AND high amount of jobs which nobody really wants to take up. then they have to start applying for foreign workers from the very same few countries they deported the illegal migrants back to.

from a few angles, it does seem funny, send them back, ask them back.

however, can you imagine the emotional roller coaster the migrants are being put thru, the amount of taxes being spent on these "legitimate" affairs deporting and bringing these workers back? perhaps, a few consultations with financial advisers and economists, or basically people with foresight might have lighten the "affair" a little. rather than spending all that retarded amount of money.

then again, all paths to hell is laid with good intentions, or so a saying i remembered went. no one is perfect. people makes mistakes. and in those mistakes... we learn i guess...

realllyyy tired now. T_T

oh yer, now regarding THAT comic.

now, there are lotsa types of people who play games.

those who obviously are into a certain genre of games, those who play for light entertainment after work/school, those who go there to have just pure fun that isnt hardcore on the brain.

and then there are those no-lifers who goes in to play but preys upon people... who happens to be the opposite sex. i am not saying that, oh, only males do that, for i know a fair few girls who joins games to pick up guys.

but then there's this guy whom i have known for a while now, who's disgusting, utter low-down and have no fucking clue what the hell he wants, what the hell the other party expects. he wants a relationship, he wants it now. he wants the other party to like him, he wants it then.

when i first knew him, it was thru another person ingame, who was his "supposed" girlfriend. few months later, the girl was no longer in view, and when i finally met him, he acted all sad and dejected, saying that they broke up and so on, and he felt really upset. so there i was all consoling him and becoming his friend and stuff.

but he wanted this "online relationship" thing, that sounds soooo... dumb. but i was like, bleah, just a game, i didn't quite care, so i just let him be, entertained him with a few hi huni, miss you, and then i am off.

Then he started getting all sicko, trying to cyber me and getting all horny on me. now what i dont get is this: we are playing a game, meaning our characters are all PIXELS. yes PIXELS. oh you be surprised at the amount of "nude" patches running around for that game. whatever actions if u want it, would be all in WORDS. even if u have the wildest imagination, u cant touch anything other than your own penis. and that's ur hand you're holding it with. HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HELP ANYTHING!?!?!?!!

ignoring him time and again, one fine day he was all excited. saying that he has a surprise present for me. it was siege day, the day when... giran was lost from DS. he didnt even care about the outcome of the siege tho he was on the alliance to defend it. he seemed bouncy about his surprise. and he thought it had please and made me feel honoured i believe, with his gift. and then he told me to get on msn.

i was having dinner at that time, and really, really honestly... i was about to throw up my dinner.

he sent me a picture of his penis, fully erect. with what looks like green felt pants.

oh lord oh lord oh lord.

what ever possessed him to think i would actually WANT TO SEE THAT?!?!!

since then i have talked to him less, but it doesn't erase memories of that. i am SCARRED really.. very very scarred. from what i heard after, apparently he does it to all female gamers he comes across and can get close with.

good god.

i wish i kept the picture though. i so wanted to post it on l2orphus forums just so that they had know his sick mind -.-.. and of course, apparently how small he was (a comment made by another female player :O)

oh my god. i am guna have nightmares now while i sleep...


Nynaeve al'Meara said...

oh my... a scarring incident.. i hope the memory doesn't haunt you the rest of your life (surfed via BE)

Zookeeper said...

POOR POOR POOR dear Panda.. next time nightmare CALL ME

Austin said...

R-O-F-L that dude is SICK