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Man trying to retrieve shoe hit by train
By Tracy Sua March 26, 2005
The Straits Times

A MAN who went down to an MRT track to retrieve his shoe died after he was hit by a train at Buona Vista station yesterday.

Mr Azman Mahfodz, 37, died a few minutes after the east-bound train ploughed into him at 12.57pm, dragging him several metres at the station packed with holiday crowds.

He was on his way to Geylang to buy wedding decorations for his customary marriage to Madam Rozanah Salleh, 40, who tried desperately to help him onto the platform.

Train service was stalled for almost an hour yesterday by the freak accident.

Just before the tragedy, the couple, who registered their marriage in February and were due to wed on April 9, were some way behind the yellow line beyond which passengers are not to stand, recalled Madam Rozanah, speaking in Malay.

'A lot of people were nearer to the track than us.'

She did not remember exactly what happened next, but somehow Mr Azman, a general worker in a transport company, slipped and his shoe flew on to the track, the housewife said last night, eyes red and swollen from crying.

'I told him, 'Your shoe is over there.'

He said he would go down to the track for it.'

They could not see a train approaching at the overground station, and she told him to be quick.
'He went down to get the shoe. Everyone else acted as if nothing was happening,' she said at her Ghim Moh HDB two-room rental flat.

When he had difficulty climbing up, she went to help pull him up.

He was partly on the platform when she saw the train coming, and she was thrown back by the impact, she recalled.

His head and legs were bleeding profusely, and when she asked him if he recognised her, 'he tried to answer, but he could not'.

'Then I asked him to recite whatever prayers he could remember. I sat down, started crying and fainted.'

Police arrived within 10 minutes. When she came to, they told her her fiance had died.

SMRT said eastbound trains were turned around at Jurong East and Queenstown stations and buses were used to ferry passengers from Clementi Station to Queenstown Station.

The station is monitored by closed circuit TV, but the incident was not recorded, said SMRT. It is looking into the reason. People should ask station staff for help in retrieving items dropped on tracks, it added.

Eyewitness can call Clementi Police Division Headquarters on 6774-0000.

Holding back tears, Madam Rozanah said her fiance, who had four children from his first marriage, was 'nice and responsible', and got along with the six children and five grandchildren from her first marriage.

They had just sent out the wedding invitations, she revealed.

Then, as she showed the happy pictures they had taken together recently, she fell into deep silence.

I honestly have only 1 feeling for it. i mean, i'm sorry you lost your husband to be. however, let's look at singapore mrt stations. firstly there are warnings every where, "DO NOT GO DOWN TO TRACKS. CALL OFFICERS (or whatever) IF U NEED ASSISTANCE."

secondly, from memory, there's 2-4 or so amount of HUGE PLASMA tv/signboards, telling you when the trains come in, usually listing the soonest one first, then a 2nd one behind.

thirdly, by now, after we had mrt for so long, most of us know that mrt runs on electricity. jumping on tracks is a nono, u get fried.

so. i only have one feeling for it. WHY THE HELL DID HE JUMPED IN TO GET HIS SHOE?!?!! while reading through it, i am constantly reminded of the Darwin Awards and it's existence. without the actions of such people, the awards wouldn't have been able to exist, to CONTINUE.

each year, we have strange people dying from their own silliness, their own folly. if it's not trying to be superman in a car rolling off a cliff, it's from actions like that above. a shoe, let me repeat, cannot be worth more than one's life, the grief that you're gonna put your family through, the scars you put on people who viewed whatever happened nor the sheer fact that lots of people other than yourself that would be blamed for what happened.

when truly, it was your choice to hop down and go "yes ! my shoe is worth the trouble of jumping into a spot that is about 1.6 m deep. and i might die in abt 2 mins if the train comes chugging along! if not i might get electrocuted anyways!!!"

truly, i am amazed at them.

on the same topic of singaporeans and... people...

i have been on blog spot for about 3 years or so. slightly more or slightly less, i really can't remember. most of the time i had just hop on and blog, then get annoyed with whatever i wrote and start a new blog and so on.

recently i have taken to actually clicking on the blogs they have put up, like "latest updates" etc etc, where blogs of people who have recently updated are put up. i realised that more and more singaporeans have taken to blogging, it's almost like a mania. at least 1-2 out of the 10 listed there that when i look, are singaporeans.

while some obviously just started their blogs, others have it for about 6 months to a year.

seems like something happened while i wasnt caring :o or in town.

the annoying part of it all is, their postings are SOOO annoying. i am not trying to be a snob here, but half of them don't even write in any semblance of english.


you = euu
so cute! = shoo'x kewwt
i love you! = eeiiii wurbbbsss eeeuuuu`!!! (with all those astrophes and shit.)

and if you think l33t sp34k is bad, try a mix of those cutsie wannabes above and l33t sp34k. u will wana cry.

taken off diorangel's profile on blogskins (http://www.blogskins.com/me.php?userid=171209)

Hi i`m a n3wbiie at bl0gskiins.
eu sh0`x shwe3t.
c0mm3ntt 0n mii3 t3mpl4t3s kaeZ??tIs iShHh muh firSst skiin 0f miie bl0g.
if eu dUnch lYkk muh skiin or w0rtev4, g3t l0sst.

omg my eyes my eyes!!!! T_T and it's not just in blogskins, it's everywhere i look on their blogs. i had run thru looking for good reads, and i be hit with walls and walls of singaporean preteen cutsie l33tsp34k.

it makes me wana cry...

and what with tiny -10 size fonts in totally unreadable colours?!?!! or fonts!?!?!

i wonder if they even look at their blogs. some, obviously don't. u had find them double or triple posting.

and if you think that only girls do it, OH HO! you're so wrong. i found a guy yesterday, age 15 or something, with some cutsie bunny white back ground AND WHITE TEXT. if you want it to be personal or something, do what i used to do, write them down in text documents and seal them forever away in yahoo briefcase.

or password your blog or something, can't remember if we have that or what.

people just SCARES ME with the stuff they do sometimes. and they ask me why i dont hang out at crowded places -.-"

easter sunday tomorrow everyone!!!! be nice, attend church, and remember to thank your priests for being there for your confessions and everything !! :D (well then again, i am pretty close to most of my priests :o )

*sends eggs out in packets..*

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honk said...

where's my egg!! must be chocolate okay. or fried the way my aunt does it. lol. that man.. and woman... sigh. stupid. and someone on the platform should have called securitY!!!!!.