damn eating

man i wish humans dont have to eat. then i can just sit sleep, play, games, shower go out shopping blah... i mean... the time needed to cook these things plus cleaning up and such. it's just dumb.

why can't we just lie out flat and absorb sunlight for energy just like plants? we are living things after all!!! in the end.. the sun is almost useless, save vitamin something that we only get thru being sunburnt and other things.

been playing games for the last few days since i was "released". not sure if it was a good or bad thing, considering that it also happened to be the siege weekends ingame. i met more retards than was assuring. i admit though, in games like these where u practically live there, strangers are easier to piss u off than friends, coz u expect the same type of common sense as urself. when they do stupid shit, i know i get so upset.

stuff like talking like they know everything, like they have big balls. and i can actually prove them wrong. it just shits me. i play this game however i fucking please, thank you very much. don't tell me who to rezz and who not to rezz, u dont own my game, i don't tell you what to do.

what i can't believe is the nerve of my friend, oh yer a friend, telling me exactly what to do in a game i BOUGHT and pay for monthly fees, what to do in a game. then threatening to kill me in a damn game just coz, ooo i don't do as he pleases. hi, silly, notice how many times u killed me wartagged or nai. how much i care. none. i treat u as a friend with respect, do it as such.

funny thing is, he doesn't find out certain facts. set isnt lars, and vice versa.

oh wells. whatever he say is correct.... it's a guy after all. a guy is ALWAYS right. gg. like all good friends, they all annoy. i shall just sit in my corner and mumble to myself.

i don't know what to do this holidays. dad seemed to have sent me extra cash to like, go melbourne or something. but its not like a damn lot. i need a break in a hidey hole tho, maybe outback alone? hehe, then i be eaten by kangaroos!

funny thing abt kanga's and koalas. last few days i been talking to a few people. they all seem to be asking me the same thing. "have u seen a kanga yet?" "how's playing with koalas?" "possums are cute huh, are they cuddly?"

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hi... these are wildlife you're talking about. do i look like i am about to go get myself mauled by them for ur entertainment pleasure?

no. that's right.

zoos are zoos. most of them are commercial, if not all. tame animals in there does not often equate tame animals outside. if i am to go out now and grab a possum like my ex neighbour did last year, i might lose half a face. not quite sure if its worth it at that point then... eh?

so for all you hippies out there, yes animals are cute, we ought to help conserve their numbers, they are a huge part of our lives.

that doesn't mean i am guna risk my life to hold them in my arms for your pleasure.

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