early morning walks

for the 2nd day in a row, i woke up at 5 am with nary an idea why am i up at such a retarded hour. so after washing up, brushing teeth and what not, as well as reading some bbc news and so on and so forth (whatever normal people do in the mornings, i am sure i don't need to tell you that i pee-ed and so on), i walked out of the house at about 6.30 am, perfectly happy and with camera in tow, hoping to capture some great sun rise effects.

sadly, my camera decided to be a bitch. so most of the photos turned out darker and grainier than ever, making it look more like a sunset than a sun rise, and that i have been abusing it with photoshop. for those who know me, i know shit about photoshop, thus i have to leave these picts as they are. :( but they are still beautiful and i have set them up for everyone :D

when i first started out there were so much mists around, that it was all so very fairy tale like. there were some cars out and about already, but wasn't enough to spoil everything for me. soon i started singing by myself to my songs (yer... well... it's music!!! what u think?) and here was where my camera started being a bitch telling me i have no batt and then gives me shitty quality photos, even though i have like brand new batt in it.


well i started heading towards the city to get batteries for it, thinking the batteries might have been faulty. then i came across the footie field. it was omg.. so awesome. some of the mists were barely settling in, so there was like this arc hanging in mid air worth of water droplets.


and some retarded ducks that i feel like frying. i never forgave them for chasing me all the way home from class one day in my first year. STUPID DUCKS!!!!


from the field though, the city looks so mysterious, surreal...


and of course, the usual "artistic flair" of some vandals. honestly, some of them can be so gorgeous, but yer, illegal according to the government. sydney has one of the best graffiti works i have ever seen.


and... the occassional air con buses!!! i still don't know why they like to have that version of green. then again, i don't know why their fire engines are yellow.


after that walk to town, to find my camera working again, i got mad at it and stopped for breakfast at Pancake Parlour. Nothing new about what i had, though i took pictures of my eggs benedict and hot chocolate that turned out so fuzzy it looks horrible, so i didn't load it :( but they were awesome!!! especially the marshmallows!!!

anyways, my destination for today was lake burley griffin anyways, not the woods near my home. so i started heading there after breakfast. now, most universities like to set up gardens and stuff on campus. but because my uni is just infront of the botanical gardens here plus various other factors, its virtually like going to school in a jungle. when i took these picts, i was like, damn, it looks like our classes are up in treehouses and not in cabins!!!



this apparently is the Australian Academy of Science.


on closer inspection, i wonder if they are secret romantics. look at the lay out, old architecture housing, flowers everywhere, looks more like a spot for proposal than for science =X. can you imagine, one of those geeky people going there with their girlfriend, talking about scientific stuff and then "erm, would u marry me? so i can make full use of our xx and xy chromosomes?" wwaaaaaaa...... (i also noticed its ian potter house, is he related to harry potter!?!?!?!)


when i first saw this sign after i first arrived, i wondered how many people actually drove the wrong way... scary....


and then i hit lake burley griffin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i took a lot of picts from various different angle, which u can see the old and new parliament house, abit of the museum and etc. it's soooo beautiful, but this damn camera made everything so much darker. stupid camera!! *stomps on camera* rarrrrr




i found some ugly looking birds, who had the audacity to look angrily at me and stopped bathing when i whipped out my camera. so, sadly, no picts of female birds taking a bath, just angry ugly buggers staring back at me...


city looks like a dream away from here... sigh... stay away u stupid buildings!!!!


got home and decided that the new skittles packaging is a little too modernistic...


i wonder how the packaging of skittles are any different the world over? can u imagine them in cans... in small snuff boxes.. mmm skittles... i love them sssoooo much muahhaaha....

but i rather have this if i could =X jake's cute cute doggie... T_T so sweettt


jake's been saying australia is really gorgeous. i must admit it is, quiet, laid back, and like a corner away from the rest of the world. but the main cities of aussie isn't much different from the other cities in the world. smokey, grimey, smelly, full of emotionless looking people and so on.

then again... when u have met someone like this for a waiter


i can't exactly call it an emotionless place =X

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