school is stressing me out. i hate exams/assignments period because it makes me feel like i am forced to write something out Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
. i like writing stuff out, churning them at an impossible speed with an impossible length.

but i also like to do it when my mind feels like it, not when someone wants me to do it. i have taken to sleeping even more abnormal hours now, because i feel i work better at night than when the sun does shine.

the sun distracts me, annoys me and eats at me. i wish classes are at night too, but if everything goes all the way different from what they are now, the silence of the night would be broken, and then it be the same as it is now: where i hear inane sounds at the quietest time of the day.

when i went to church yesterday, i approached the priest to do something i have been forgetting for a whole year now to do, every single sunday that i often forget: to bless my "new" rosaries. these rosaries aren't all that new now that it's been a year, but when i bought them (they were a pair, but i didn't bless the other, just the one i am going to use), i spent like 200 on them. both of them were bought with various meanings in mine, one for understanding of love and life, and the other for innocence and love (so i am a die-hard romantic, even in religion, so what?).

the first was bought for my then boyfriend, who had a pretty tough time with relationships. but with his possessive-ness, and scary approaches, i am not surprised. being his girlfriend was stressful, because he doesn't want me to do anything that i like, and he has all these insecurities that i stood thru with him. eventually, it was all his broken promises that drove me away. so thus the rosary remained with me, still un-blessed in case i do see anyone who quite rightly deserves it.

the unique thing about these rosaries though, is how they are made. they are actual miniature flowers (i have no picts of them atm because they wont show up well with my stupid camera taking skills) you can view some of them here http://www.ourroserosary.com/ and http://www.roserosary.com/index1.html, although there are really 2 main online shops that sell them. i just can't remember from which did i buy mine from =X but they have excellent services from both of them, willing to answer questions that u may have and form opinions in case u are in 2 minds about what to get.

anyways, yes, i got the priest to bless the ones i intend to use for myself then i offered to do readings once i am more settled into the church. being new and all, i am still pretty shy. hehehe... but, horrors of horrors, he told me to audition by standing at the reading corner and speak thru the mic, with the mic fully on and so on.

considering how the mass has just ended and everyone was flooding out, some stopped to wonder if i was some kind of crazed prankster reading another reading at that point. i hurried through the words like i normally wouldn't, a little scared from the attention.

yer i can read slowly, with short passages. full on presentations requiring me to stand there for more than 30 mins will drive me mad.

walking home though, i was fairly happy and relaxed. going to church is like going home i guess, just feel so happy and at ease. it was coming home and facing the assignments that thoroughly riled me up abit Image Hosted by ImageShack.us.

you won't believe the amount of procrastinating that i did. from reading blogs, to reading news, i dug up so many things to read, that eventually my assignment was severely digressed and i had to backtrack and delete some stuff so that i could actually stay on the topic, because i was actually typing what i was reading (reading on the side and typing is not exactly what one should be doing but oh wells, i like it Image Hosted by ImageShack.us).
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

one of the more interesting things that i found were people who did photo blogs on their road trips. while some put them up with good reasons (let my friend see la, my family needs them la... my mother will kill me if she didn't know where i am la... the works...) others are beyond comprehension. they weren't even exactly road trips.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i am not going to link them here, because i don't know them nor their purpose of putting them up on the www. they were basically pictures of children in compromising poses, bad taste of clothes, revealing or not, but definitely children.

if those were what a person considers as road trips, and u actually find some kind of pleasure in it, i would suggest u check out a psychologist.

all in all, i finished my assignment, managed to read like tonnes of stuff amidst it, AND PRODUCED SOMETHING NOT SO MANGLED BY MY THOUGHTS!!! wweeeeeee.... Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
and i managed to watch naruto 133.. or was it 135 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us ?? at any rate, it was awesome!! for those who don't know, it's an anime, and this last episode i was watching had the major fight between sasuke and naruto set in motion. there's 3 mini parts to this fight, mainly the parts when its just naruto and sasuke fighting without much special powers to them, then moving on to naruto getting serious a little... then almost dying, the kyuubi in him got round to starting up this huge bunch of chakra...

well go watch it, i am not about to say anything Image Hosted by ImageShack.us for those who haven't watch anime before, it's like watching cartoons but better Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

and then there was bleach, which isn't much still at the moment in my opinion. the next episode of bleach might have more fighting scenes and tells more of the story, i hope. most of the more serious animes normally has some kind of story lines at least, that i am interested in.

wahahaha, so many things to distract me!!! and tsubasa chronicles seems to be getting better!!! so... ahem, will my anime provider please hurry up and send me more animes already!!! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

and recently i have been having very very strange dreams. it's pretty much similar stuff, where there is a world war thing going on, and then i magically summon kittens out to save the world!! sadly though, these aren't the cartoony types i get in my game, but rather the real ones (which are twice as cute anyways!!), and they go pawing and scratching at people with guns and they win!!!

maybe.. just maybe.. we are going to be silently dominated by cats!!

the world, as according to panda Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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