Creation of da tard blog

heh. notice the huge new button to ur right bottom? that's right. i finally got annoyed enough to start off a tardblog.

for everything i do, i have a reason, and if i can, so the pictures are linked to it as well. for this seperate blog, the case remains the same. checkout the layout.

sadly though, the codings are a little off, so had to make jake do something about it. and since i dont like tagboards (its like this mini chatroom when u already have a comments area.. urmmmm), i took it and replaced it with archives for now. in that sense, its still semi under construction, but that's another place to rant about idiots that appear infront of me on a daily basis. more like a record.

blatantly speaking, most people like to view others who are mentally handicap as the only ones who are capable of doing stupid things, saying stupid stuff and so on. it is but a special effect to a person.

what these "normal" people do though, can be so shockingly dumb, you won't believe it. and that's where my tardblog goes. specially for the obnoxious idiots of the society.

enjoy this birth :D for the lazy people, i shall just link u right here http://turtlepowah.blogspot.com

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