call the... testicular surgeon!!

ahaha i saw this on postal.... then went to search for a proper link... this is too funny...

Would-be rapist loses testicle
From correspondents in LimaMay 14, 2005
From: Reuters

A PERUVIAN woman sank her teeth into the testicles of a man who broke into her property to steal cattle and tried to rape her, leaving doctors no option but to lop one off, police and officials said today."It looked like a dog bite. The man arrived with his right testicle dead and hanging by a thread ... there was nothing to do but cut it off," said Hugo Jaime, a surgeon in the regional hospital in Huanuco, in the Andes, northeast of Lima.

The incident happened in a remote village when Hermogenes Meza and 10 men tried to steal Elizabeth Coz's cattle.

Ms Coz was not arrested because she acted out of self-defence, police said. The men ran away when Ms Coz and relatives started stoning them.

i remember, a long long long time ago, some woman in new york i think, was almost raped. she reached down and did the only thing she could, being on the floor, and "broke it".

i know i know, it cant be broken technically speaking. but it was "broken" as in the capillaries and such or something... the blood stuff. by the time the police came, that guy's cock was spluttering blood.

ok i know it's painful, and it didn't quite happen in the most exciting or comedic of times. rapists shud be screwed with an exhaust pipe, or made to hump them. but that isn't my point here.

it's "ouch" >.> (and after that, lotsa laughing ahahahaaha)

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