housemates and cranky cameras


a while ago, i mention the pros and cons of living on campus vs off campus. today though, looking at the dishes left in the sink, and at the bin, i wish i was living on my own or back on campus or something anyways.

having house mates is in itself a sort of.. uncomfortable obligation to do certain things, like keeping ur volume down late at night keeping the area clean etc. but when ur house mate is also your friend u tend to keep quiet about some things more too, because u just don't see why u should make any noise about it.

but since the beginning of moving in till now, all linxy has ever did was carry out rubbish once. although he said he had carry it out a 2nd package, 4 days between saying he would do it till i eventually took it out coz it stank up the kitchen. the only way he avoided it was by closing the doors. but keeping it away from sight does not make it gone forever.

using the dishwasher does not mean that u have done the dishes. it merely means that there was a great load that u obviously helped piled on but didn't bother to help unpile till things started looking hefty. sure i don't have to wash for him. but dirty dishes takes up space. dirty dishes means less dishes that can be used and when they pile up eventually u still have to wash them so u can use them.

clothes rack are meant for drying clothes. not to hang clothes on them forever and ever and be forgotten till u need those clothes again. WARDROBES though are meant for that.

picking on when i will be washing the dishes or cleaning up stuff, clearing up rubbish when you have done nothing much yourself other than come home from work, l2, go sleep, l2, go work, l2, go sleep, l2, isn't fair to me.

what should i do? talk to him? i don't know. i tried talking once didn't quite work when he's like "panda, i did this and this and this ok..." and well. yer. u did only these. =/

so while i was whining at the unwashed dishes, i was also groaning over what i should do with my cranky camera. perhaps, i thought, it's time to change it. i mean, it's gone insipid on me, grainy pictures, retarded colour, isn't that a hint to change it? but no... i went out to the shops and had a look at the prices and it's dumb. most shops have very bare minimum of cameras on display. and most on display are just olympus, canon and sony. 3 brands, barely minimums of the more "choicer" kinds of cameras and that's it.

choicier in their pov coz they cost more.

i don't even know what camera i want anymore anyways. at the same time i am tempted to get canon, i have seen so much of it at work from my friends. on the other hand i want to get another sony, coz my dad bought this last memory stick and i kinda don't wana sell it away to get myself a sd card.

not that sony's cameras sux. they just no longer are worth the price tag.

i am also not a very big techie. just a simple camera with optical zoom so i can zoom in on that cute neighbour across.

anyone has any suggestions? or list down what camera you use? :D

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