who let this tard out

after playing for a bit and getting ready to go to school, i was just checking through my msn msgs for anything important before leaving and going to school.

Remember about a month or more ago, i mention this idiot who tried to cyber me often in lineage 2, and who sent me a picture of his greying penis? since then, more people have started talking to other people about his penis picts and also various things had happened ingame.

He was part of the alliance under his old clan. but midway through, apparently he tried to cyber with an clan member's wife, or tried to send his penis pict, or both. of course the entire clan had a tiff and he left, probably assuming that like in the past, whenever he detag, they would want him back anyways, like he's so important.

so he was almost booted from the clan, he left the clan instead, but appealed to join a rival clan so that "he could take it out on his old clan". on his application page to that new clan, he says, "i have always respected you as enemies and now we should work as allies" or something along that line. read: butt licking.

up till then, i thought, oh, just another boy working through his raging pubescent hormones. no big deal. however, his actions proves more than that. he is so sick in the head he doesn't see what he had done as a PROBLEM, that he must take revenge on his ex clan, instead of feeling exactly like the ass that he is.

anyways, by then lotsa people have heard from me as to the type of ass he is, as well as from various sources. because he has done this to so many people, the source isn't necessarily me anymore. thing is, girls should not be exposed to such visual abuse just because they are a rare breed in gaming. thus i feel necessary to tell people about such a tool.

in case you also haven't notice, he is also fair entertainment at how much of a fool he is.

after the last post on him, he gave me a curt "thanks, see you around" and proceeded to remove me from his friendlist ingame and blocked me. not a bad loss...

then he joined a friend's alliance.

i told another friend who told another friend lalaalala.... and far as i know he probably got the boot from the clan. at any rate, he's now abit of the server's laughing stock.

when i opened my msn tab just now, this is what i saw from him...

[07:47] SiL3nT: thanks for ruining my fun in Lineage II
[07:47] SiL3nT: i really apreciate it

ahem. excuse me dear sir, when u first started talking to me, u never mentioned anything about confidentiality.

secondly, when u first breached the lines of normality, i could have reported you and got you banned for sexual harassment, but i didn't. don't tell me ncsoft don't care, because it has been done before.

thirdly, if your idea of fun in a game is trying to fuck someone thru cables and networks, i would suggest u get your head check over. see, i can get porn, because u can see the action happening, it stimulates ur head a little.

i dont get cyber nor sending ur picture off to neverland. because right on this side of the monitor, i can be a dribbling 90 years old with a balding pubic region for all you know. the pictures that i sent you could be googled online anywhere, randomly. if you guys didn't know by now, u can google stuff like dscn001 or something and then u had churn up someone's private picture.

so to go thru that point more accurately, your idea of fun is to fuck someone u can't see, who might be a 90 years old dribbling old man, with balding pubics trying to get a hardon with little boys, i.e YOU. good work matt.

on the other hand though, if that's also your idea of fun, u are also the idiot that turns girls off playing because instead of just having casual fun, they have to learn how to handle dorks like you amidst all the learning of the game. guys with no life who tries to fuck their electrical appliances.

and you wonder why no girl wana get in your pants.

last but not least,

dear matt. if anyone's at fault for feeling like an idiot in this game, it is but your own. i did not ask for the pict of ur greying penis that wasn't washed since the beginning of time. i did not asked to be grossed out while having my dinner, neither did i seek to tell people intentionally at first what u did.

but i had to let it out of my mind because u gross me out that bad. whenever you couldn't find anyone to cyber u had come to me, with ur *caresses* and *kisses* and *strokings* that irks me, because 1) i am busy healing in a party 2) i am not interested 3) ur disgusting.

if you quit the game, i would honestly not care, because you suck as a player, you suck as a person and u need help. let it be known ur also the FIRST person i can safely say that because you contributed absoutlutely nothing into the l2 world on kain, other than set female cautions up high. you have done absoutlutely nothing for anyone, other than giving people attention, pretending to be nice to them so that they could satisfy your needs when u need them.

this is not to say other people did not, but u extended that into the female boundaries of satisfying your penis, and that makes u the fucktard that you are.

for those reading this, i am sorry if i gross you out, but i feel that at some stage, i have to let this out. if anyone need to comment on how i shouldn't bring this here, remember, my blog, my space, my entirety to do whatever i want on my blog, and this include making fun of anyone's assets as i wish.

goodbye matt, remember to wash ur penis every now and then so that it stops greying.

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