who let this tard out part 2

just so u guys know, just coz my blog is set such that you only see a few posts on the first page, does not mean that ur comments go un-noticed, or that that particular post is forgotten.

each and everyone of my post were made coz something happened and thus i post. it is not likely that i would forget them. and comments by the way, have been set such that i am alerted via email when i receive them. i am quite dedicated to my friends, i'm afraid.

commenting on a post that is no longer on first page does not mean that u can hide ur existence or the fact that u have actually read something and called me names or try and start some shit... all on my blog.

hey matt, butthurt about the truth? Just coz i don't tell you to shut it, doesn't mean i was "enjoying" it. just coz you get an erection, doesn't mean i do. the fact remains, u didn't even realise people don't like it, and it wasn't just me alone. letting u cyber to urself with no replies, u don't seem to get it. it took lobo and shmo to get u to not only get the idea but to finally stfu.

[14:55] §î£³ñ† - dinner: im sorry honey :(
[14:55] *** Auto-response sent to §î£³ñ† - dinner: I am currently away from the computer.[14:55] ~(*)aNg3 dReAmS(*)~: huh?
[14:55] §î£³ñ† - dinner: im sorry hun :'(
[14:56] ~(*)aNg3 dReAmS(*)~: o.o" wassup
[14:56] §î£³ñ† - dinner: your friend came and talked to me
[14:57] ~(*)aNg3 dReAmS(*)~: o.o oo
[14:57] ~(*)aNg3 dReAmS(*)~: ok
[14:57] §î£³ñ† - dinner: i understand if your mad at me and dont want to talk to me ever again, but im sorry sweetie :(
[14:57] ~(*)aNg3 dReAmS(*)~: heh
[14:57] §î£³ñ† - dinner: im a bad guy
[14:58] §î£³ñ† - dinner: and im sorry if i make you feel uncomfortable
[14:59] §î£³ñ† - dinner: i love you hun and im sorry
[14:59] §î£³ñ† - dinner: i really am :(

moments later... when people started pm-ing him to get a life and stop harassing me...

[15:03] §î£³ñ† - dinner: fine now im getting made fun of
[15:03] *** Auto-response sent to §î£³ñ† - dinner: I am currently away from the computer.[15:03] §î£³ñ† - dinner: this is great

as per norm... ignoring him doesn't seem to get it through to his head....

[15:07] *** Auto-response sent to §î£³ñ† - dinner: I am currently away from the computer.[15:14] §î£³ñ† - dinner: im sorry
Session Close (§î£³ñ† - dinner): Wed Jan 19 15:18:37 2005

Session Start (
pigshitz@hotmail.com:§î£³ñ† - dinner): Wed Jan 19 15:20:18 2005
[15:20] §î£³ñ† - dinner: night honey im going to bed :(
[15:20] *** Auto-response sent to §î£³ñ† - dinner: I am currently away from the computer.[15:20] §î£³ñ† - dinner: sweet dreams and im sorry
Session Close (§î£³ñ† - dinner): Wed Jan 19 15:48:07 2005

Session Start (
pigshitz@hotmail.com:§î£³ñ†): Thu Jan 20 00:59:11 2005
[00:59] §î£³ñ†: good morning honey
Session Close (§î£³ñ†): Thu Jan 20 03:23:17 2005

Session Start (
pigshitz@hotmail.com:§î£³ñ†): Thu Jan 20 03:26:58 2005
[03:26] §î£³ñ†: you are my shining (*) star honey, i love you :)
Session Close (§î£³ñ†): Thu Jan 20 03:52:40

just coz u can't get laid u real life doesn't mean u haunt girls in a pixelised environment. life don't work that way.

subsequently, he sent me an email, stating he was sorry, but i should have told him to stop or something along that line and that whatever was said was said in jest. i have since deleted that email dated jan 20th.

of coz, when he left the alliance coz he left his clan and etc etc, he first blocked me then took me off friendlist like it mattered to me. losers normally try and just restart their lives in game. this one, is not only a sore loser, he was also a retarded loser who thinks his actions matters to the very people who are disgusted by him.

and VT your wife stacey hasent only done it with me good luck in life.

well, who are u to say what she has or has not done? u seen her at work? u know her personally? wait a minute. aren't u the guy who claims to "love" someone and want to get laid with someone, OVER THE NET? people whom u haven't even seen nor talk much to? so how much does ur words weigh? nothing?

real life isn't kain, nor holds the type of drama like kain. u can hide behind ur monitor, u can't hide the fact that u have a greying penis or that u don't have the balls to admit that u tried to lay half the female population on kain that u know of.

or that when no clans want you, u go lick the balls of the very people u tried to pk and declare as faggots/zerg/no balls (oh the irony... got to love alliance chat.).

Quote "I have always respected you guys as enemies, and now i want to fight alongside you guys as allies" *puke* my ass, go lick more fa ass. it's a game ffs. ur making it sound like... the corporate world *shudders* which incidentally, if u have been found sexually harassing ur colleagues, ur likely to get the boot anyways, and rejected by others companies, because ur a shame and a pain in the ass.

incidentally, he left alliance and clan and attempted to join the "enemies" coz, obvious to everyone la, he tried to get the girls in alliance to cyber him...

profile of Sil3nt: big e-ego, small penis.
length of e-penis: 8=================================================D
actual length of penis:8D

according to him, he's so great he would die for his clan, he would pk for his clan. when he does pk though, he goes "omg my e-balls is so big" to himself while he announces to everyone what he did.

according to him, his clan didn't appreciate what he ever did for his clan and that people made his life miserable.

according to him, females who play pc games should be subjugated to his virtual fantasies, coz he's too poor to pay for more bandwidth to dl actual porn. and if they don't, they are "stupid bitch(es)".

grow some balls matt. get a real relationship, and actually feel something for her that's not from the pants. when stuff are being talked about that u know u did, face it like the man that u said u r, instead of running away coz ur embarassed.

i mean, man, everyone knows that u cyber girls ingame, not just coz i told them abt u. if u can do it, why be shy abt it? coz u can't get it up irl?

and why post a comment after it leaves the first page?

the truth, always hurts. u can hide all u want, but the truth is within u, not in the air around u.

finally realised why his name turned up as chinese on my screen... set mine to chinese traditional viewing. to see the way he tried to prettify his nick on msn, change ur western code or whatever code to unicode.. comes up some swishy thing...

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