most people go to uni, to be in uni, to study.

in the case of some, they have a past time that often overtakes the better side of their brains.... aka the one that does the thinking, and does something else altogether that soon takes up all their time.

i am talking about people who comes to uni and spend like 80% of their time deciding if the people who goes to uni dresses well or looks hot. someone was whining to me the other day, how the faculty she was in have no hot boys in it. and i just stared. i mean, is that what it's all about?

then she proceeds on to explain.. "it makes uni more interesting! motivates me to come to class!"

"do u actually listen in class then?"

"not really, but i am there! that's what matters!"


today i chance upon a blog, while procrastinating, of a guy whining about the fashion taste of people in NUS as well as that there are not good looking girls in the engineering faculty. excuse me abit, but uh, that's not the point of going to uni.

besides, when ur in uni, with the amount of workload, i am not quite sure where the time comes when u can actually go out and do proper shopping so that u will always look insync with fashion or look great without getting boring.

most days, when i wake up, i am just in a hurry to get to class and wear something that's appropriate and get the fuck out. i don't bother to check "oh my hair is out of place" or "a pink earring would do nice"... i didnt even bother to pack nice clothes from singapore to wear here. because by mid year i be mostly beneath coats anyways.

to be honest, ask yourself as a uni student, are u more interested in reaching the class on time and have ur normal classes, or be on time, immaculately dressed to the nines, but not be noticed anyways?

yer. what u wear to class doesnt make a hell of a difference in a lecture hall of 300. ur just one of the birdies there. what would make a difference is u walk up to a girl and tell her she's hot. she would 1) slap you, 2) yell pervert, 3) ignores you 4) gets real scared or 5)thinks ur retarded.

in that one in a gazillion chance, the cream of the intelligent crop of the people in singapore decides to gush all over u and go "oh really? oh, you look good too!! shall we date?", you should make ur self a grave, hop into it and die.

yer really. coz u know why? she was just being sarcastic and u hoped too much. therefore ur hopeless and should just go to hell.

oops... assignment and lunch time!!!!

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