i just saw one too many dance shows and its making me itch all over...

despite the fact that u know, i havent quite danced for a while now, and my stock of mtv has been cut due to me staying on campus for the last few years, i try to go clubbing like once a year or something, but there's this huge urge to go "ooof ooofff ooffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" in the middle of the dance floor.

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you know how it is, u get on the dance floor and its all just you and the music, and nothing else. it's just, flooowwwww with the music and yay.

the movies in question were basically, coyote ugly, dirty dancing 2, center stage and yer, that's pretty much it. oh i know the genre of dancing is really far apart in terms of what was being dance and so on. but i don't have any particular favourites. all these dancing are beautiful in their own ways.

and there are limits to dancing in your room. you bang into shit, you bang into glass, and the atmosphere is all wrong :( no smelly people to whack while dancing, no one doing all the "oi oi oi!!!" with the songs, makes it all wrong.

yer, the main reason for me to go clubbing is often the dancing, and nothing much else.

the dance school i went the year before is still there. i just uhm, feel shy =X yer i do feel shy sometimes! and i prefer to go with friends than going alone.

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at any rate, i think i shall do it again in the second semester, just not sure what kind of dancing i want to do and if i want to do it in such a big class =X intimidating when u see really good people and then people with great dance figures and ur just a blob at the back.

and i dont know where to go either. it's just that school near us. but i know there are other schools and so on. i should really walk around abit and look out for schools i guess.

but at the end of the day, i dont want all those lessons to go to waste, i want to perform too. and that's where i often get disappointed. in my previous dance classes, i was often set to be like, one of the main 4 dancers or something, which often makes me happy. then along the way, the teacher would relegate me to the corp. there's nothing wrong with being a corp member, but to be treated like that, main, then corp, then main, then corp, makes me pissed off.

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i would rather be a corp then to be shoved aside every single time.

i will see how ok i am next sem, with time tables and all. and also deciding which dance class to take! wish me luck!!

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