well. seeing how lag worthy today was, i gave up and tried to tumble around in the house, in an effort to work off my frustrations. i was trying to study too, but my hyperactive mind refuses to work cohesively with me seeing that i have nothing much to distract it, other than music and more old animes that i have already watched before.

i even did a bloody handstand while trying to read AND listen to music at the same time. it didn't quite work. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us so firstly i started trying to play cs amidst the lag.

this was the result...

yer like... hi, 259 ping, wtf were u thinking? or rather... 259 mins to go hrmmm not a fair bit of time i want to spend on that. so i ran off in the general direction of the living room, fairly upset as u can understand, coz i couldn't really distract myself much enough to study properly. (for the poor few people who doesn't know me, i have to be very distracted to be able to study well.) so i started tumbling in the general space of the bed in the living room (the sofa wannabe).


yer that's the general mess for the person who asked for it. like i mention in my audblog earlier, YAY! he cleaned up abit. i don't know why he hasn't pack away his clothes though. but then again, considering how much of a hazard his room is (hazard as in a general one, not just a fire hazard) i guess he would want some spare clothes that isn't guna get burnt! he cleaned the bins though!!! what a sweetoe... but other than that, yes i am the pink stick figure who was doing that handstand wannabe there when linxy left for sym's bday.

then i realised, er, yer i was suppose to meet rosie and andoo for dinner. or try and study and dinner. lag sux shit. so i rollerbladed over in these killer blades. literally.


for some odd reason, either my feet got fatter or the shoes shrunk, but yer, they were pretty tight. and havent been blading for so long, i kinda didn't have much balance. as u can guess, i made lotsa disastrous falls all the way to uni, finally deciding (wisely) since i don't exactly know a non-road path to bruce, i may as well just walk there from the traffics. my bones ache so bad Image Hosted by ImageShack.us . the fluffy thing to the right, btw, is my ugg boots. they are warm, but they are fairly dirty Image Hosted by ImageShack.us a result of it being white and me trying to act cute. and inadvertantly walked over a pile of possum poo. eugh.

at any rate, i reached andoo's and rose's place and resulted in me watching them try out aoe parties in this area at the ancient battlegrounds. what's funny was reading the chinese farmers' communicating with each other. they are just so used to thinking that anyone who speaks chinese must be one of them that they just shout or use trade chat to tell everyone of "them" that so and so is red and they are trying to clear red at this place and so on and so forth.

if i had a chance, and if this was on kain and not on hindemith, i would have asked a few good friends and farmed the fuck outta them. i won't ever forget what great loot the SM farmer group drops. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us sadly, being a healer, i can't really farm them by myself. oh wells. who cares. just a game.

now comes the interesting part of the night. after macca's, and a few bit, rosie wanted to do some studying and let me played abit on her, which i don't mind it's a new character anyways. and i stsrted accusing andoo of being gh3y. so he turned over and tried to knee me in the face, but ended up smashing my 150bux stupid old rotting, moulding glasses. WHICH WAS FINE WITH ME.. hehe, it's old and twisted anyways. who the hell needs glasses!! i shall be blind!! but for the next few minutes i proceeded to tell everyone i could that he tried to kill me/ deface me/ blind me.... and he felt so bad. awww Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

don't worry, i feel bad too that i am semi blind now.

now i'm home, blind and broken bones and all... i shall attempt to finish patching my cs so i can annoy my ex clannies online!! muahahha... the return of the annoying elmo song!!!

not to mention the meows...

the moos...

oooerr i am getting excited.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

sidenote: oops yer, that's my fhm. WHOLLY BOUGHT AND OWNED BY ME!! just wanted to see the top 100 hottest girls. such a disappointment. wth, bec cartwright. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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