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the great thing about procrastinating is that u had look at everything else but what ur suppose to do. u sit there, thinking about the past, staring at everyone studying and wondering why u don't have that motivation then slowly build up that already tall stack of excuses.

then u start finding stuff to do so u had look JUST AS BUSY.. but obviously you aren't!

ok. so it's not u, just me. it's annoying though, when u have an assignment, and ur trying to finish it. it's always the last week or 2, and my head goes lalala.... and i had do anything but focus. and i be dragging my brain around going STOP!!!!!

so it was one of these times i talked to a tard. perhaps it's sad too that she is a friend of mine. i am fairly broke, it being the beginning of the month and dad is late on allowance again. and she needed some stuff from me, requiring me to either go to her physically, mail it to her somehow, or she comes get it from me or pay me the postage fees. after all, she wants it doesn't she? like i don't really need that damn book. but, er, i am broke, book is heavy, postage = $$$$ out of the window.

and she's like "man, can't u just send it to me? i mean it's just postage.. u can pay me to mail it back to urself later..." i mean wtf. what's wrong with you...

then she went on.."well since i couldn't get you earlier, i kinda went to your friend and asked if she could lend me hers until i get u to send me urs. i mean i still want to have my own book to hold. hers is so tacky, all outdated and stuff."
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wow. first up, let it be known, i don't like people who are my friends, who know my other friends, to borrow shit from each other BECAUSE, if anything goes wrong it is MY FAULT. because YOU don't know THEM and THEY don't know YOU. my friends are my friends, get your own. get to know them, beyond all this borrowing shit. get to know them personally, that they know they can TRUST you, rather than "if panda trusts her, she must be ok." no it's not ok, it's never ok if u don't know that person other than thru ME!

secondly, if you BORROWED something from someone who doesn't know you but out of the sheer kindness of their hearts, then fucking appreciate it. you can say all you want, that you do, but calling it tacky and outdated. man, you don't even have the book, who are you to judge...

thirdly, as with people with annoys me ingame, the same applies to real life. i am not here to be your bitch. you want something, come get it. you need it badly enough, gimme money to post it. the book was, after all, for your benefit. if u don't see the need to gimme money for it, then i don't see the need that u have for the book.

remember, i OWN the book, ur the borrower.

last but not least, if ur damn well better off than me, please don't stinge. i know how many branded shit u have in ur wardobe, in ur bag, on ur desk. this book, in singapore anyways, is definitely cheaper than how much i got it for. i don't get how u can spend thousands on bags and dresses, and books that will get u to earn thousands for those bags and stuff, isn't worth buying.

i mean, hey, u even had a bag in 3 different colours. ffs. go buy the damn book, u nut.

when i kindly pointed out that to her though, albeit in a nicer manner, she was like, "oh i only need it for another 3 weeks more, exams next week nia."

am i the only one to see what's wrong here? i mean, she survived the entire sem without the text, and for just this one week she needs a text, which if i had mailed back would have taken the exact same time she would have taken to start preparing for her exams.

how did she get through this semester?

so there i was sitting, just waiting for her to say "ok i am guna send u money..." when she said "actually hor, it's ok. i think i will just use her book, she don't need it anyways i think. are you sure u can't send it here? i mean postage only, sure u have money one right?"


"eh, why sound so fierce, borrow book only, don't get all fussy about it."

omg. ur telling me!

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