blindness and wars

just for those who are actually interested... i have updated my songlist again, took out some songs, add in some songs. go play with it if u want. just dont play it for 30 days in a row, i think i shud be fine.

other than that... to fix the blindness that andoo accidentally put me thru (more because my contacts are like 3 years old now, though they expire in 2007, according to the blister pack wrapper..), i went to visit the optometrist to have a check up that will inadvertantly give me the most precious prescription that i would need to get my new glasses or lenses, whichever i choose to go.

for those who are not familiar with whatever i am talking: unlike singapore, you can't just go in and say "ok i just want top buy new contacts supplies" or get free eye check then shop for new specs and go. optometrists here are like doctors here, must have appointment unless they aren't busy. you have to pay them to check ur eyes. and you need precriptions for contact lenses amd glasses. but mainly contacts.

i guess it's good, less eye infection possibilities for me :X i will never forget the pain my poor eyes went thru...

anyways. so i went thru the must-have eye check, which costs me 61 bux without medicare, and then promptly got told my eye sight is 275 on the right and 3.25 on the left, with minor astigmatism. most of this... does NOT TALLY!!!

wahahaha... spec's precription!!! my first too!!! so proud...

according to the freak in that shop where i bought my last set of glasses told me i was on the verge of being blind. somewhere around the 400s. the only reason why both my glasses and my contacts were 325 and 375 were because the jump in the sudden degree would destabilise me, thus he suggest i stick with those degree for another year or so or somehting.

i remember almost tumbling over the black chair when he made me wear those "glasseS" to try out. that was how bad it was. and i felt so drowsy too.

anyways, the only 2 things i can think of at this point is:

1) he was stupid, and got it all wrong. i am not all that blind.

2) my eyesight improved during the last 3 years. (opty here says its not possible.)

ok. so opty said it wasn't possible. but consider this, dad said it's possible, and it HAS been 3 years, even though she said almost 100 degrees difference is not possible, it just might be.

but. contrary to dad's theory though, much as i live around trees ponds and lakes, i haven't had the chance to really stand there at the window for 3 hrs each day to try and improve it. rather, i do spend at least 3 hours staring at computers and so on, between gaming and assignments.

so my guess on it?

that ang mo kio spec man lied to me!!!! he's in this gigantic conspiracy to make me look like the ultimate NERD!!!

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instead of a BABE!!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

needless to say though, i was very happy that my dear optometrist found this conspiracy out and told me!!! now i am slowly but surely on my way to babedom!!

but don't hold ur breath, i am too lazy to bother with my looks and such. my only concern with my eye sight was that i wanted to be a fighter pilot, a part of RSAF.

ya! up there flying those fighter jets and stuff and then possibly ramming myself to death by accident coz i am so silly. if you want to know that bad, i actually applied to it, got thru half of the application but got turned down coz my eyesight worsen so i couldn't even be allowed near the damn helicopter.


funny thing was, a long long time ago, my dad ALSO applied to rsaf and his eyesight worsen too around the time he went part way through the application process. infact, at his peak, he's like 500-600 deg on either eyes or something. so sad right? when i told him i tried for rsaf and i failed and so on, and cried so hard, he was like "eh... ur eyesight would fail one la, that's for sure. that happened to me too. it's murphy's law!"

i stared at him thru my tears. man, my old man and i have so much in common!!! he's the wrong sex that's all.

and murphy's law my ass. every time i want something, i need something, it's NEVER THERE!! NEVER AROUND!!! and when i don't need something (e.g cabs) they FLOOD my horizons. good work, murphy!!

anyways, i digress.

as it is, i am still semi blind. the opty doesnt keep stock of her contacts in shop so they are "fresh" when they come to me or something. i ordered contacts this time around coz honestly, 500 bux for specs, i rather go blind. i called up dad and told him a gorilla whacked into my face by accident and broke my glasses.

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this damn thing la! broke my glasses!!! his name is andoo!! find him and kill him!

then, before he could wonder why there was a gorilla in uni, i asked him if he could get mum and himself to the same ang mo kio shop to get me new glasses, since contacts doesn't exactly correct my astig problem.

i don't exactly want to tumble into the arms of another gorilla now would i? and i am serious, i really told my dad i bumped into a gorilla. his first reaction was "HUH!?!?" then yer, i moved straight into the next point. didn't bother to answer his huh?!?!

the only problem i see in this, asking my mum and dad to get me my new glasses, is that they will both probably get somehting they both like. which means it's guna be damn obiang (out of date), and looks like something from the 1930s. HUGE and SQUARE and probably be TINTED BROWN or something like that. infact, it would be gold rimmed too, mum being the money mind and dad liking the fact that yellow skins goes with yellow jewellery and stuff.

not that he even wore that yellow shirt i bought him for father's day ages ago.

if they get me that hideous pair of glasses, i am going to make myself perfectly blind or perfectly recovered from ever having to wear those damn things again. as its easier to go blind, hrm, maybe i shud just go blind!!!


i dread collecting that parcel now. good night!!

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