cursed ibook

this is retarded. i have been going to the apple center to get my new ibook since my last laptop died. and in the end all i have been getting from the retarded atm card i have got is that ooo fuck you, i am not letting u pass this transaction.

for the second time since i have been trying to buy that retarded laptop, my transaction has been declined, both out of the small withdrawal limit of my eftpos card (1k a day). i actually called them up to make it bigger, which they claimed they did but today again i found out that "oo sorry it looks like it wasn't done properly" DUH! you think!?!?!

you know how embarassing it is to go to a shop and then "ooo you have been declined. ur card is retarded" yes i know!!! then u got this goddamn queue behind u. everyone looks at you like some kind of paedophalic offender being put on execeution gallows.

the only good thing was, it was after class but before an apparently large 5 pm lecture, so since everyone was being made late by me, they stare at me furiously and left, thus allowing me time to talk to the apple center guy and ask more about stuff regarding the ibook.

no, i know wtf i am buying. but due to my grand excitement, geez i forgot wth it does only that it does some shit that i can't fucking remember. talking like a dyslexic to the attendant as well as having the memory of a mouse does not help either. poor guy was staring at me wondering wtf i was trying to ask: "uh, do u know if the ibook has uh.... u know that THING!?!?"

ya, sif he would know wth is that thing...

considering how much shit i have been through to get this damn ibook, i am beginning to wonder if its cursed. though u must admit with me that it is gorgeous, uhm but if its so cursed, i don't know if i should get it. (note no photos because i am on a school mac. first time i am actually able to blog from chifley library ever since the woman's protest ages ago. boy do i feel proud of myself.)

what if, just what if, after i bought it, so damn car come and hit me and the laptop broke.. gg 1.5 k down the drain.

or it rains, and everything inside rusts while i walk miserably home in the rain (yes i know it comes in a box, shuddup and let me kao peh.)

better yet, i walk walk walk, then one goddamn kangaroo comes at me, punching the hell out of me then runs away with my ibook?!?!

oh yer, those stupid kangaroos.

nono, i love animals, really. but kangaroos are so stupid, i feel so sad for them. u know, a long long time ago, mouse was driving us home from manuka or something in the middle of the night. u know, those late night CS snacking thing (more like out linxy's balcony cooking) and we were at coles. so on our way back, mouse hit a kangaroo by accident. it was dark, the only lights were the same colour as those kangaroos (they shud make neon lights instead, better to spot yellow kangaroos then yellow lights.).

there were 3 kangas. 2 were smart, one was just pure unfortunate i guess. instead of like the others, jumping backwards or forwards, it hop right into the air.

that's right, INTO THE DAMN AIR!!! wth... go front or back la, why middle?

anyways, we didn't know if it died and we didn't dare check coz kangas, despite however stupid they are, also have the mentality of a guy. "wtf, u killed my mate, i am guna farken kill you!!!" yer, that's how they think.

uhm, yes, my ibook.

so yer, i am worried about the day when i actually get my ibook. someone protect me when i do go get that stupid thing. or at least someone who's credit allowance is about 2k so if i get embarassed, your turn to look stupid.

so now here i sit in the library, waiting for wadge to finish his class coz i made the mistake of calling him to dinner and he has that huge 5pm lecture/exams too. but i dont wana look like a lonely soul with no friends or life, so yer. wait for wadge, i must.

damn yoda.

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