someone suggested to me that i should start a tardblog based on the people i see everyday, for the simple pure fact that i meet at least one retarded soul every single day of my life. be it in game or otherwise, i can't seem to escape them.

the sad part is, some of them are my friends, though others are pure strangers (i don't know what to make of it... be happy?), and most of these retarded people also happens to be the very same few people who gives me this "holier than thou" attitude.

i will give u a faint idea what happens in game, for example, just today. now most people who play games normally would have a fair idea that mages USES magic to fend off monsters, evil, the opposition. or at least they attempt to. few people would use their magic books or staffs to bat monsters to death, if they have the ability to cast spells on them.

put it this way. magic uses up mana, something not related to your health bar. if u can magic the monster to death quickly, without touching your health bar so that you're not in anyway near danger, would you? i would. most of the time, in most games i know anyways, magic damages more than weapons hitting at mob would, especially when it's mage weapons vs mobs.

now armour wise, most mages wear ROBES. cloth stuff. not metal, not even chains, but ROBES. u wouldn't want to be hit in those because u have barely any defense with robes. it's like me poking u with a knife while ur wearing t shirt, vs me using that same knife if ur using a metal plate as a shirt.

today, this dude walked up to my character just before i decided to have a short break, asking for help. to cut the long story short, i decided to help him in his quest that he needed to do to change his profession in game. he said he was too weak to kill the aggro mobs. i was like, ok fine... although i see him in top non-grade stuff for mages, meaning that mobs around his level or less should be killed within 3-4 shots at the most with magic.

so i toddled along, killing any aggro mobs i see, with my kitten or my own magic (i was on my summoner then) when i turned around and saw his health dropping. so i was like, wtf!?!? he had attacked something. i didnt say anything much though, coz he could be a complete newbie to the game, and thought that was aggro. altho, something strange i couldn't get out of my head.. he was batting the mob to death... but i casted the last shot.. so it didnt bother me.

so came the part of the quest where he had to do it himself. if i touch his mobs, he won't get the quest item. firstly, he used a lvl 15 version of wind magic on it. brough it about 1/3 health down... and batted it from 2/3 health all the way down. in my panic, i didnt bother healing him. i kept typing it out "dude, use magic, use magic to kill" and he just conveniently ignored me, saying "my friend says the mob is somewhere here".

finally i got mad. he kept hitting the line where he's about to die, and i wasn't about to spam spirit shots trying to heal him with my crappy heals.

he didnt even noticed when i said good bye. or that the mob he was hitting were the right mobs.

a few months ago, i was helping someone lvl in a newbie area too, when i met someone similar to that, whom i shall name Stupidman. this guy, is even more hilarious than the last. he was geared in top non-grade too...

first thing he did was run out, tried to whack a mob to death and DIED. came out, repeat. by the third time, i was fairly.. not amused. so i asked, "are you new to the game? do u need help?" and he went "oh no, i know this game very well thank you. i just need to kill these things"

i was like, er.... so i stopped again and asked "but you're a mage (they look different), so why are u batting them to death instead of using windstrike.."

him" oh coz i deal more damage that way.."

trying to offer him anymore advise later resulted in an argument from him, then he went "look i know what i am doing ok? go read up on this game and tell me more."

me:"er hi, ur the one who just died 16 times in a row now, while i am still here, and perhaps in ur last 16 deaths lvlled twice too."

he moved to the other side of the island and promptly put me on ignore.

tell me. how does people who chooses to be mages ALSO choose NOT to use magic to kill!?!?!

it makes me cry.

anyways, back to real life, on friday i went to check on my laptop because i got fedup. for people who have been reading from the start, you know how i sent in my laptop for repairs more than a month ago, possibly even 2... the last time i talked to him, he said the parts were arriving the next monday that i was talking to him from, and that everything should be fixed by then. he would call me to pick it up.

well. no calls so far, so i got annoyed and thought maybe they had forgotten but fixed it.

but when i arrived at the shop. not only had they forgotten who i am, or my laptop, they had also NOT fixed it. and then he said "oh.. the company i called, they didn't call me back. i was so frustrated. so anyways after 3 weeks i changed companies, they are supposed to arrive next week."

they expected me to believe that after all this time, and leave my laptop in their care. so i asked him, "look. i left it in your care for more than a month now. from your wife who keeps saying you guys were too busy, but the parts are arriving next week, to you too who said all that. but no one, NO ONE, bother telling me anything. a simple call to say if its done or not. how do you expect me to trust you?"

and he had this slightly abashed look (thank god), and said "oh you know, it was holidays, we were busy taking the kids out and so on, i had no time..."

"you do realise that holidays were just the last 2 weeks right? my laptop has been here for ages..."

he muttered something about understanding me and so on, but i guess at this point, it's really hard to trust that they had do anything about it. so yer, my laptop is home, it isn't fixed, it's not spoilt like hell, but i just wana know if everything's ok. so since they are sssoooo unreliable, they can go fuck themselves.


stupid companies preying on us poor students :(

why... do i meet fucktards every single day?

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